PermaDAO Weekly #65|Admin Guild Approved Three New Proposals|4.27-5.03

Author: Lawrence @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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Dear PermaDAO Members:

The “Labour Day” holiday gave the PermaDAO builders a moment to catch their breath amidst their busy schedules, but the spirit for building remains high. This week, the Admin Guild approved three new proposals, and there was a fireside chat within the DAO discussing how to earn money internally, where experienced members shared insights on excelling within the Operational Activities Guild. Additionally, PermaDAO, in collaboration with Arweave and Bewater, hosted a hackathon AMA event, and there are several excellent articles waiting for your reading pleasure. Scroll down swiftly to delve into the detailed content!

Work Overview

Last week, the total number of active contributors in PermaDAO was 80 people, and the work volume completed by each guild is as follows:

Last Week's Incentive Distribution Ranking for Each Guild and Group:

Guild Distributed AR Top 1 Promotion Guild 39.5 Top 2 Admin Guild 33.82 Top 3 Translation Group 10.83 Guild Contributors Top 1 Promotion Guild 38 Top 2 Admin Guild 15 Top 3 Translation Group 14

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 114.92 AR to hard-working contributors, totaling 4017.05 U.

"The world's biggest stage is even more exciting with you", let us go all out and continue to add glory to PermaDAO!

Information Express

1. PermaDAO Admin Guild Approved Three New Proposals

a) PermaDAO BD Regulation Reform

This week, after extensive deliberation among core builders, PermaDAO has initiated reforms to its Business Development (BD) regulations. The key modifications include:

  • Suspension of BD incentives within the Planning Group's Public Relations (PR) activities and the template for "Representing PermaDAO in External Events".

  • Standardization of BD incentive regulations within the Operational Activities Guild, eliminating the practice of incentivizing solely through logo placement collaborations.

For further details, please refer to the comprehensive proposal...

Proposal Link: PermaDAO BD Process Refinement Proposal

b) Meeting for Workload Proposal

This proposal primarily focuses on adjustments to the Workload spreadsheet to accommodate the diverse needs of various meeting activities:

  • Introduction of incentives for participants in meeting activities (participants must be invitees to qualify for incentives).

  • Addition of meeting types and incentive templates, allowing for alignment of meetings with related proposals, activities, and guild functions.

For more details, please review the detailed proposal...

Proposal Link: Meeting for Workload Proposal

c) “Debug Program” Optimization Proposal Secondary Deliberation

PermaDAO has introduced a “Debug Program” Review position and has defined incentive regulations for this role to rigorously standardize PermaDAO's review, disclosure, and correction processes.

Proposal Link: Review Group Open “Debug Program” Reviewer Proposal

Last Week's Activity Recap

1. PermaDAO Proposal Sharing Session

This week, PermaDAO hosted a fireside chat event discussing how to earn within the DAO. The session primarily delved into PermaDAO's developmental journey, sharing insights into the value accrual within DAOs for newcomers, and elucidating avenues for active participation within the Activities Guild.

Event Video Replay: "Fireside Chat" - Proposal Sharing Session

2. Arweave & AO X PermaDAO X BeWater AI Crypto Hackathon Telegram AMA Event

This week, PermaDAO collaborated with Arweave&AO and BeWater to host an AMA event themed "AI Crypto Hackathon." The event featured guest speakers including Sam Williams, the founder of Arweave and CEO of Forward Research, alongside Outprog, the founder of PermaDAO and everVision. Participants had the opportunity to engage directly with industry experts.

Hackathon Chatroom Link:

Weekly Article Sharing

1. What Configuration Do You Need to Build an Arweave Mining Computer?

After delving into the core mechanisms of ArweaveEco, are you intrigued by Arweave mining? This article will decode the mining requirements for you, covering steps, configurations, storage bandwidth, and more.

想攒一台 Arweave 矿机需要哪些配置?

2. Can AO do the same TPS as Solana ? — Sam:Far, far, far more

Solana is renowned for its TPS, and with the launch of AO, the Arweave ecosystem reveals significant potential. Sam, the founder of Arweave, suggests that AO will surpass Solana's TPS levels in the future. This article explores the differences between AO and Solana from the perspectives of "shared memory" and "information transmission" to help you understand better!

Can AO do the same TPS as Solana ? — Sam:Far, far, far more

3. The Impending Emergence of a New Narrative? Searching for the Stepping Stone of DeSci, Exploring the Potential Brought by Arweave and Hyper-Parallel Computer AO

With Bitcoin's ETF approval and halving event, the market gradually returns to rationality, with frequent mentions of DeSci (Decentralized Science). Are you curious about the significance of DeSci, how it breaks traditional scientific constraints, and how Arweave can propel DeSci's development? Click below, and your questions will be answered!

The Impending Emergence of a New Narrative?

4. Is AO’s Financial Ecosystem Ready to Take Off? A Quick Look at Newly Launched DeFi, Cross-Chain Bridges, and Wallet Projects

Following AO's launch, besides prominent projects like everVision and Community Labs gradually integrating AO into their products within the Arweave ecosystem, more and more developers from other ecosystems are also joining the construction of the Arweave ecosystem and AO network. This article will give you a swift overview of the latest DeFi, cross-chain bridges, and wallet projects in the AO ecosystem!

Is AO’s Financial Ecosystem Ready to Take Off?

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