PermaDAO Weekly #66|Serveral Activities Bloom in AO|5.04-5.10

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Translator: Marshal Orange

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Dear PermaDAO Members:

Recently, AO ecosystem has been growing by leaps and bounds, and PermaDAO, as the largest DAO organization and the most committed evangelist of AO and Arweave in the Chinese-speaking world, has been attracting a steady stream of builders to contribute. This week, the PermaDAO builders continued to contribute value to the DAO by organizing a series of activities, including an X space on “Talking about AR, Value Investment and Mass Adoption”, a Hyper Parallel Hangzhou offline party, and a joint campaign with AOX on “Experience the AOX Cross-Chain Bridge and Split $10,000 $TAOX”, continuously stimulating the community's discussion on AO and Arweave ecosystem. Scroll down for more details!

Work Overview

Last week, the number of active contributors in PermaDAO totaled 81, and the work volume completed by each guild is as follows:

Last Week's Incentive Distribution Ranking for Each Guild and Group:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 85.69 AR to hard-working contributors, totaling 3855.26 U.

"The world's biggest stage is even more exciting with you", let us go all out and continue to add glory to PermaDAO!

Last Week's Activity Recap

1. X Space - Talking AR, Value Investing & Mass Adoption

Last Friday night at 8 pm, the X Space hosted by PermaDAO and supported by PANews was held, with special guests Eason, Pignard, and 0xmiddle, three experienced builders in the industry. The guests discussed and shared in depth on the several topics, such as “What kind of impact does the release of AO Hyperparallel Network have on the blockchain field? “, “Does value investment really exist in the cryptocurrency world?”, ”Has AO promoted mass adoption? What other projects can promote Mass Adoption?”. This event attracted wide attention from the community, and the participants said that this event was full of useful information and they gained a lot!

2. Hyper Parallel -- Arweave & AO ecosystem offline party “Hangzhou Station”

Hyper Parallel, Arweave & AO ecosystem offline party “Hangzhou Station”, is the first time that Arweave & AO ecosystem organize a series of offline party activities in China. The official org Devrel hosted a workshop so that participants could experience how to complete Quest in AO testnet and get $CRED.

Weekly Article Sharing

1. Everloot #3: Experience the AOX Cross-Chain Bridge and Split $10,000 $TAOX!

AOX is the first native cross-chain bridge for the AO ecosystem. The goal is to open up the channels for multi-chain assets to enter and exit the AO network, allowing more crypto asset holders to experience the power of AO's hyper-parallel computing. AOX has just launched its Beta phase, supporting $AR cross-chaining between Arweave mainnet and the ao testnet. Simply complete the tasks in this campaign to participate in splitting the 10,000 $TAOX Airdrop.

Link: 👉

2. Sam & Outprog: AMA: Talking About AO and Artificial Intelligence

This AMA is a part of the AI Crypto Hackathon hosted by BeWater and supported by the PermaDAO community. This article is a compilation of the AMA content, divided into the main text and the Q&A session. The main body is a conversation between the host and Sam, and the Q&A session is the questions raised by community users about AO.

AMA: AO and Artificial Intelligence

3. The Evolution of Decentralized Cloud Services: From DFINITY IC to Arweave AO

Decentralized cloud service has been considered one of the most important landing applications of blockchain. Web3+cloud service is not only a good narrative, but also easy to combine with AI narratives to further enhance the imagination. DFINITY IC has great technical challenges in achieving real-time consensus calculations in a purely asynchronous environment such as cloud services. However, Arweave AO breaks the shackles of the blockchain, and does not deal with the computation itself and consensus achievement. Instead, it adopts the economic model and lazy verification to ensure the correctness of the calculation results. It can be said to be a different approach.

去中心化云服务进化史:从 DFINITY IC 到 Arweave AO

Upcoming Events

PermaDAO & Upchain Joint Open Course | "In-depth Understanding of Bodhi”

PermaDAO, together with the Upchain community, invited Luyao, the founder of Bodhi, to share his thoughts, stories, and insights behind Bodhi for the first time at the Tencent Conference on May 15, 2024 at 8:00 p.m. Beijing time.

PermaDAO & 登链联合公开课|《深度理解 Bodhi》

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