PermaDAO Weekly #67|PermaDAO Held Numerous Exciting Activities, AO Wealth Creation Effect Appears |5.11-5.17

Dear PermaDAO Members:

The fragrant early summer comes with singing, and the friends work hard under the bright sunshine. This week Admin Guild passed three new proposals to make our system more sound and complete. PermaDAO jointly held the In-depth Understanding of Bodhi with Upchain. What opportunities can ordinary people seize with the emergence of AO let ordinary people capture the opportunity to make wealth. Arweave Weekly Sharing allowed participants having a comprehensive understanding of PermaDAO and Arweave. There are also many wonderful articles waiting for you to read, such as Arweave AO : The number one player in the AI era and AO, the wealth creation effect appears. Scroll down quickly to view more detailed content!

Workload overview

Last week, the number of active contributors to PermaDAO totalled 123 , and the workload data completed by each guild is as follows:

Last Week's Incentive Distribution Ranking for Each Guild and Group:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 92.95 $AR to its hard-working partners, totalling 4526.34 USD.

May in this world is bright and warm. Every hard work you do in PermaDAO shines here and sticks to it over the years. Friends, may you be like a summer flower, blooming brightly in every corner of PermaDAO.

Information Express

The PermaDAO Management Association passed 3 new proposals:

  1. Creative Group’s business review and incentive adjustment plan

This week, after discussions with many core builders, PermaDAO adjusted the incentive structure and business structure of the Creative Group. The main changes are as follows:

  • Unify PermaDAO’s image incentives

  • Adjustment of comic incentives

  • Video incentive adjustments for the Creative Group

  • Column curation, it is recommended that the topic library can carry similar functions

    The latest incentive details of the planning group

For more details, please see the detailed proposal and meeting video:

策划组业务梳理与激励调整方案 | Notion

  1. Promotion Guild’s “one-for-one” rule iteration plan

This proposal mainly discusses the "one-for-one" rule of the Promotion Guild, so as to give channel expanders a "sales tool" so that they can better negotiate cooperation channels, thereby better expanding PermaDAO's promotion channels. The main contents are as follows:

  • Design a token - BP (exclusively used for incentives and cooperation channels of the Promotion Guild)

  • Establish BP income and expenditure standard —— distribution, consumption, exchange and other detailed rules

If this rule is implemented, it will encourage PermaDAO and cooperation channels to give full play to their respective advantages, thereby achieving a win-win goal.

  1. Coordination plan of the Content Guild and the Translation Group to catch bugs

This proposal coordinates the bug-catching system of the Content Guild and the Translation Group, making the bug-catching system more detailed and reasonable to strictly regulate the review, correction and incentive work of PermaDAO. The main contents of the proposal are as follows:

  • The bug-catching systems of the Translation Group and the Content Guild are integrated and implemented in parallel.

  • The review team of the Content Guild has been unified, and the reviewers of the translation team have been brought under unified management.

For more details, please see the detailed proposal and meeting video:

内容公会与翻译组捉虫协调方案 | Notion

Last Week's Activity Recap

  1. PermaDAO & UpChain joint open class In-depth Understanding of Bodhi

Last Wednesday, PermaDAO joined UpChain community and invited the founder of Bodhi, Mr. Lu Yao (Lu Yao: a well-known developer in the crypto, whose project "Bodhi" was developed on OP and stored on Arweave) to share project technology and 1-to-1 interview format was explained, allowing more people to understand the application scenarios and future development direction of Arweave.

Event video playback:

「 PermaDAO & 登链公开课 」深度理解 Bodhi | Notion

2.「Night Talk」 What Opportunities can Ordinary People Seize with the Emergence of AO

The “Night Talk” activity was held last Thursday. Kyle, a senior researcher of the PermaDAO and Marshal Orange, a core contributor to the PermaDAO deeply explore Arweave and PermaDAO allowed many ordinary people to capture the opportunity to make wealth.

Marshal Orange Shared the ways for ordinary people to get into AO and AR:

  • Enter AR - You can get AR for free by solving puzzles and completing tasks.

  • Enter AO - Obtain cred (AO testnet Token)

Kyle mainly shared the "AO Ecological Toolset" and recent activities that you can participate in:

  • AOX: Just cross-chain

  • AR.io:Zealy points task

  • dumdum:“Pet" pets, Earn points

Event video playback:

「围炉夜话」-AO横空出世,普通人可以抓住什么机会 | Notion

  1. The 48th of Arweave Ecological Weekly Sharing

This event was mainly shared by the PermaDAO's core contributors Xiaosong, IB and senior researcher ziwei.

  • Xiaosong shared the major events of PermaDAO last week. The clear and smooth introduction allowed the participants to fully understand the work and progress of PermaDAO, which left a deep impression on people.

  • IB shared his thoughts and experiences on catching insects and invited more people to participate in the quality construction of DAO~

  • Ziwei interpreted and shared the events that happened in the ecosystem last week, including but not limited to 0rbit releasing its v1 version, AR.IO network is migrating to AO and Autonomous Finance launched the first decentralized automated investment agent on AO. These events all demonstrate the vigorous development and unlimited potential of the Arweave ecosystem.

Event video playback:

Arweave 生态周报分享第 48 期 | Notion

Weekly article sharing

  1. Arweave AO:The number one player in the AI era

Arweave launches AO and supports the introduction of large AI models into smart contracts on the blockchain, allowing it to move from the vertical decentralized storage track to the broader decentralized cloud service track, infinitely improving its development potential space, aiming to become the number one player in the AI era. If this interests you, click below!

Arweave AO:AI 时代的头号玩家

  1. Arweave market intelligence

$AR has performed well during the recent market correction, showing unusual resilience. Why is this? "Arweave Market Intelligence" provides a detailed explanation from many aspects:

Arweave 市场情报

  1. Autonomous Finance launches first AgentFi app to support autonomous agent dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy investing

DCA is the first fully decentralized and censorship-resistant AgentFi application to execute transactions on various liquidity pools within the AO ecosystem and has functional autonomy unique to the AO network. Once launched, it will be available on AO It runs autonomously on the platform without offline signals or human intervention. Users can also modify parameters or stop operation at any time. So what are its characteristics, how to use it, and more code examples are provided, please read below:

Autonomous Finance 推出了第一款 AgentFi 应用,支持自主代理美元平均成本(DCA)策略投资

  1. AO, the wealth creation effect appears

The hyper-parallel computer AO was born. Only two months after its release, network activity has surged, and various new projects in the ecosystem have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. This article will comprehensively interpret the current development status and future potential opportunities of the AO ecosystem from the aspects of network overview, project launch, token status and important events. Clearly veined and professionally but not esoterically presented, after reading it, I believe you will have a new understanding of AO.

造富效应初现!超并行计算机 AO 发布两个月:网络活跃度激增、AI 代理金融基建领衔生态全面开花

  1. Arweave decentralized oracle network 0rbit launches V1, aiming to provide access to unlimited data

0rbit is the first oracle project built on AO! It will be a key component in enabling RWA built with real-world data. Released on the same day as AO, innovation continues.

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