Wealth Creation Effect Emerges! AO, the Hyper-Parallel Computer, Released for Two Months: Surge in Network Activity, AI-Powered Financial Infrastructure Leading the Comprehensive Development of the Ecosystem

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Over the past 2 months in the crypto market, MEME coins have shown remarkable performance, resembling the potential of value coins. While the public was still lamenting the absence of innovative technologies to drive this bull market, the hyper-parallel computer AO has emerged and is gradually gaining recognition in the market.

The brilliance of AO lies in the separation of computation and storage, with Arweave ensuring data security and verifiability while AO handles off-chain data computation and state generation. As a result, AO's modular architecture is highly scalable, supporting an arbitrary number of parallel processes, theoretically possessing unlimited computing resources, and supporting integration with any programming language and virtual machine. Importantly, AO makes it possible to bring AI models on-chain, particularly suitable for building autonomous AI agent financial applications.

Just as everyone rejoices in the "greenery" brought by AO, the ao Venture incubator, like a "timely rain," has revitalized the entire Arweave & AO ecosystem. Over the past two months, more than 4000 developers have joined the AO ecosystem, and new projects have emerged like mushrooms after rain. This article will comprehensively understand the recent development and potential opportunities of the AO ecosystem from dimensions such as network overview, project launches, token situations, and significant events.

AO Network Overview

Image Source: AOLink

As of May 14th, the AO testnet has been released for nearly two months (80 days) and has entered a phase of rapid growth. During this period, the total number of network messages exceeded 66 million. In the past 20 days, the average daily message volume was 2.75 million, representing a 750% increase compared to the average daily message volume in the month prior to the AO release. At the same time, developers in the AO network are also very active, with the highest number of daily active developers reaching 4580, and most of the time, there are more than 1000 active developers.

Ecological Milestones

Overview of AO Ecosystem

Image Source: everPay

New Projects

AI-Driven Autonomous Financial Infrastructure: Autonomous Finance

Due to the architecture and characteristics of AO, running LLM models on-chain has become possible. This breakthrough technology is particularly suitable for financial scenarios, leading to the emergence of Autonomous Finance.

Autonomous Finance is a self-contained financial infrastructure built on AO, aiming to introduce AI models on-chain to build entirely new AI-driven decentralized financial applications. It consists of three basic pillars: Core Infrastructure, AgentFi, and ContentFi.

  • Core Infrastructure: Utilizes on-chain machine learning algorithms and Web2 data streams to enhance transaction speed and accuracy, optimize order routing to maximize liquidity, and provide real-time liquidity protection services. Key applications include stablecoins, decentralized exchanges, derivatives, money markets, lending markets, synthetic assets, and cross-chain bridges.

  • AgentFi: AgentFi is a new DeFi primitive created by Autonomous Finance based on the AO architecture, which is an intelligent financial market combining autonomous agents, machine learning, and complete automation. Examples include asset investment management agents, self-balancing autonomous index funds, customizable self-hedging funds, yield aggregation agents, on-chain prediction agents, high-frequency trading agents, self-optimizing risk-balancing agents, and financial agent algorithm markets.

  • ContentFi: ContentFi provides valuable data resources for the Autonomous Finance ecosystem, which monetizes data stored on Arweave as composable assets of AO threads. It encourages individuals or DAO organizations to contribute data to Permaweb for profit, thereby building a liquidity data market.

The launch of Autonomous Finance is expected to completely change the landscape of traditional DeFi, formally leading Web3 finance into an era of permissionless intelligence and automation.

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AO's Third DEX: ArSwap

ArSwap, developed by the Pianity team (Arweave's ecological music NFT project), is the third DEX to go online in the AO ecosystem, following Permaswap and Bark. Currently, it has listed test tokens such as $AR, $AOCRED, $Fire, $Earth, $Water, and $Air, and users can experience trading and establishing LP pools on ArSwap by collecting from the faucet. At the same time, the team has optimized the product recently, further improving the speed of transactions.

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AO's First Cross-Chain Bridge: AOX

AOX is the first cross-chain bridge project of AO, developed by the everVision team, providing asset cross-chain services between AO network and other blockchain networks based on MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology.

Currently in the Beta stage, AOX only supports cross-chain functions between $AR on Arweave and AO networks. Meanwhile, a cross-chain incentive activity has been launched recently, encouraging users to transfer $AR from Arweave to AO through AOX. Users can earn test tokens $TAOX by completing tasks for future airdrops of official tokens.

It is reported that AOX will gradually launch cross-chain services for Ethereum, BTC, BSC, and other networks, enabling more public chains and types of assets to seamlessly enter the AO network.

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AO Native Wallet: aoWebWallet

aoWebWallet is the first native AO network wallet designed to securely manage assets on AO, supporting sending, receiving, and tracking AO network assets.

Users can directly log in by connecting with the Arconnect wallet (Arweave wallet) or by importing the wallet's .JSON file. Currently, aoWebWallet supports multiple AO assets, including $AO-CRED, $Bark, $TRUNK, $0rbit, $Fire, and $Earth.

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AO's First RWA Project: Harvest

Harvest is the first RWA project built on AO, jointly created by software development company 2048k and Leaf Labs. Unlike common bond-type RWA projects, the real assets behind Harvest are land and livestock assets, with a total value exceeding $1.5 million. Users can invest in livestock assets (such as cows) to periodically obtain income from the livestock industry.

Harvest is also about to launch its mobile app, making it convenient for users to participate anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, the project is also striving for compliance, researching how to introduce a sound legal framework to set new standards for the security and transparent trading of its digital assets.

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AO's First Metaverse, Gaming Hub and Launchpad: Permaverse

Permaverse is AO's first metaverse, Web3 game hub, and launchpad platform, designed with a fully green elephant pet named dumdum. Users can "pet" the dumdum pet every 12 hours to earn points and can earn more points by staking $AOCRED. Points can be used to vote for dumdum pet costumes and can also be exchanged for future $DUM airdrops.

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AO All-Chain Game Distribution Platform: AO GAMES

AO GAMES is a full-chain game distribution platform built on AO, which will provide Web2-level gaming experiences with low entry barriers, extremely fast transaction speeds, and low costs. Importantly, AO GAMES also supports the introduction of AI models to build Web3 games driven by AI.

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Token Situation

AO Test Token: $AOCRED

$AOCRED is the test token of the AO network, currently used for distribution to AO network builders, mainly developers. Here are the basic token details provided by AOLink:

  • Contract Address: Sa0iBLPNyJQrwpTTG-tWLQU-1QeUAJA73DdxGGiKoJc

  • Holders: 4,111

Image Source: Permaswap

$AOCRED is now listed on Permaswap with an issuance price of $0.015, reaching a peak price of $0.8 (an increase of 53 times). The current price is $0.254 (an increase of 17 times). It is important to note that the total supply of $AOCRED has not been finalized, and the actual empowerment of $AOCRED has not been disclosed by the official.

AO Ecosystem's First Memecoin: $TRUNK

$TRUNK is the first memecoin issued in the AO ecosystem, initially exchanged at 1:1 with $AOCRED. Here are the basic token details provided by AOLink:

  • Contract Address: OT9qTE2467gcozb2g8R6D6N3nQS94ENcaAIJfUzHCww

  • Total Supply: 40,000

  • Circulating Supply: 34,198

  • Holders: 163

Image Source: Permaswap

Since its launch on April 1st on Permaswap, it reached a peak price of $200. The current price of $TRUNK is $43, achieving a 250-fold increase relative to the current price of $AOCRED. Currently, users can also participate in Permaswap's TRUNK/AR liquidity incentive activities to share the $HALO bonus pool.

$AR Bridged to the AO Network: $Wrapped AR

$Wrapped AR is $AR wrapped and cross-chained to the AO network. It can currently be cross-chained with $AR assets through the AOX cross-chain bridge. $Wrapped AR tokens have not yet been made available for circulation. Here are the basic token details provided by AOLink:

  • Contract Address: xU9zFkq3X2ZQ6olwNVvr1vUWIjc3kXTWr7xKQD6dh10

  • Circulating Supply: 362

  • Holders: 1780

Significant Events

Establishment of ao Ventures Incubator, Securing $35 Million in Funding

Community Labs launched the ao Ventures incubator, securing $35 million in investment from institutions such as Faction and Distributed Global, dedicated to promoting the development of Arweave and AO. ao Ventures opened a ten-week incubation plan starting from April 23rd, open to all developers, providing technical support and guidance, with a Demo Day scheduled for June. It is reported that more than 100 projects have participated in the incubation plan, with several technical seminars and keynote speeches on Arweave and AO conducted during this period.

Launch of Autonomous Finance's Autonomous Investment Agent

Autonomous Finance introduced the first decentralized autonomous investment agent (Autonomous Investment Agent) application on AO, which can execute trades in various liquidity pools within the AO ecosystem using a Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy.

The autonomous investment agent has full autonomy. Once activated, it will operate autonomously within the AO ecosystem without the need for off-chain signals or human intervention. Users can configure the agent's parameters, including asset types for dollar-cost averaging, slippage ranges, and AMM liquidity pools through the front-end interface. After depositing funds, it can be started to run automatically, and users can modify parameters or stop running at any time.

Astro Stablecoin Protocol Testnet Launched

Astro is a stablecoin protocol on AO introduced by Community Labs, aiming to mint USDA, the native stablecoin of the Arweave ecosystem, through over-collateralization using $AR. Recently, Astro launched its testnet and introduced a faucet for the tAR token for users to test minting the stablecoin USDA.

AOS Now Supports Relational Database SQLite

AO's decentralized operating system AOS now supports SQLite. SQLite is a lightweight relational database that helps developers organize data for smooth storage and retrieval. Additionally, unlocking the ability to build full-stack applications on AO using indexers.

Migration of AR.IO to AO, Launch of Domain System and Rewards Program

AR.IO, the core gateway project of Arweave, is being migrated to the AO network. AO will bring more efficient interaction processing capabilities and support cross-chain signatures to expand ecosystem connectivity. Additionally, AR.IO introduced the ArNS domain system for the AO ecosystem, allowing users to use more concise and user-friendly names. Moreover, it recently launched the EXPerience event, allowing users to earn EXP by completing tasks on Zealy for future AR.IO project token airdrops.

Continuous Updates and Optimizations by typr (AO Twitter) Project

typr (AO Twitter), as one of the few social applications in the AO ecosystem, undergoes frequent product updates. Currently, it has 419 users and 561 posted messages. Shortly after its launch, it introduced the test token AOT-Test and integrated tokens such as $AOCRED, $TRUNK, and $Wrapped AR for platform rewards. Additionally, typr integrated Othent, allowing users to log in using a mobile browser.

Collaboration between AO and PADO to Develop Privacy Data Solutions

PADO is a decentralized computing network whose core encryption technology zkFHE combines fully homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proof algorithms, aiming to achieve user data privacy protection and verifiable confidential computing. PADO will build a trustless and verifiable confidential computing market based on AO while utilizing Arweave as the privacy data storage layer, providing comprehensive privacy protection capabilities for the AO ecosystem.

Release of V1 by 0rbit

0rbit is the first oracle project built on AO, which recently officially released version 1, making it easier and more efficient for everyone to access and use blockchain data, including LIMITLESS DATA on any AO process. This also means that 0rbit can access any type of data through AO processes. Currently, 0rbit has issued the test token $0RBT, and users can earn it by completing the bounty tasks it releases.

Weavers Launches Bounty Raid II

Weavers, the developer and content creator community of the Arweave ecosystem, recently launched the Bounty Raid II activity to encourage developers, creators, and designers to participate in the ecosystem. This bounty activity includes development and creative bounties, with a total prize pool of $10,000 and additional $WVR token rewards.

Release of New Open Source Tool elciao by WeaveVM

WeaveVM is an extensible EVM protocol on Arweave, combining Arweave's data storage capabilities with EVM compatibility to manage complex and large-scale data calculations. WeaveVM can provide support for ERC20/ERC721 tokens in the Arweave ecosystem and allow EVM contracts to access Arweave, thereby building a new EVM ecosystem.

At the same time, WeaveVM has released the open-source tool elciao, which is an EVM light client indexer designed for AO, storing EVM data permanently on Arweave, allowing AO-based dApps to easily access Ethereum historical data, and providing data verification and bridging functions. Additionally, WeaveVM will soon launch the $WVM faucet.


The past two months since the launch of the hyper-parallel computer AO have been a journey of accumulating energy. Whether it's the surge in network data volume, the steadily growing construction team, or the continuous emergence of various infrastructure or projects, it indicates that the AO ecosystem is moving towards the path of "fuzzy correctness." At the same time, the author has intuitively observed a significant increase in AO's attention, with research and content outputs from investment research institutions, media platforms, or KOLs. Additionally, it is noteworthy that the AO ecosystem has shown the emergence of a wealth effect, with early participants having already profited by over a hundredfold.

The AI track has become the darling of this bull market, with the market eagerly awaiting a usable Web3+AI application. AO's strength lies in opening up a new path, bringing AI's talents to Web3. The future is promising, and stories of Web3 and AI integration will frequently occur on AO.

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