PermaDAO Weekly #64 AO Ecosystem’s first cross-chain bridge AOX| 4.20-4.26

Author: mingche @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: Xiaosong HU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Marshal Orange @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Dear PermaDAO Members:

The influence of the AO ecosystem is expanding, attracting more followers and partners. AOX, the first cross-chain bridge on AO, was launched this week, and a new liquidity incentive plan was launched; there were also novice camp activities that allowed many new comers to understand how PermaDAO rewards contributors. In addition, there are AO development courses, PermaDAO operating ideas and other good articles that lead readers to have an in-depth understanding of AO and PermaDAO from different levels. More exciting content is waiting for you to read↓

Work Overview

Last week, the total number of active contributors in PermaDAO was 95, and the work volume completed by each guild is as follows:

Last Week's Incentive Distribution Ranking for Each Guild and Group:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 144.67 $AR to the guys who contributed hard, totaling 4817.21 U.

"The world's biggest stage is even more exciting with you", let us go all out and continue to add glory to PermaDAO!

Information Express

1. everVision launches AOX, the first cross-chain bridge on AO

everVision announced the launch of AOX, the first cross-chain bridge connecting the AO ecosystem and the multi-chain ecosystem, aiming to open up the channels for multi-chain assets to enter and exit the AO network.

Twitter link: https://x.com/perma_daocn/status/1782702055075029183?s=46 ****

AOX official Twitter: https://twitter.com/aox_xyz

2. AOCRED/AR Liquidity Incentive Program – 30,000 $HALO!

Permaswap once again brings $AOCRED and $AR holders a great opportunity to earn $HALO! Come and participate!

3. Everloot#2 event is on - rich rewards are waiting for you!

Everloot has launched a 10-day treasure hunt event with simple operation and generous prizes:

  • 1 Keystone Pro 3 hardware wallet (3 lucky users will be randomly selected)

  • A 25% discount coupon from the Keystone official store (100 lucky users will be randomly selected), which can be used to purchase Keystone Pro 3.

  • All participants who complete the task will share 20,000 $HALO.

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/perma_daoCN/status/1783385273260445889

Detailed tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l44Zaw3i_IM

Last Week's Activity Recap

1. Newbie Camp Activities - Start making money in PermaDAO.

This event was planned and hosted by denzii, a core contributor in PermaDAO. He introduced the process of contributing in PermaDAO in detail, which not only allowed all novice friends to comprehensively and systematically understand PermaDAO, but also made it clear how to find a position that suits you and how to start. The path to contribution.

Replay link:

Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

2. The fourth lesson of the AO series - AO Twitter development explanation

Last week, PermaDAO jointly held an OpenSpace open class in conjunction with OpenBuild, Rebase, Denglian and other communities. How to create an AO Process, how to implement back-end logic using Lua language, how to store data into a personal Process, etc. are all covered.

Replay link:

「 AO 系列公开课 四」AO 推特开发讲解

Weekly article sharing

1. Detailed technical explanation of AO - ao+SCP+Arweave opens up another possibility of blockchain

After the arrival of AO, coupled with the ability of the SCP paradigm, Arweave has the chance to become a permanent storage and infinite computing network, and $AR continues to remain strong! The article starts from the technical details, the combination of SCP and AO, another possibility of DeFi, and the global super The future of computers and Arweave is comprehensively interpreted in five aspects.

技术详解 ao 超并行计算机

2. Understand the operating philosophy of PermaDAO

If you want to get a generous salary after working nine to five; if you no longer want to be controlled by others, you can comfortably do the things you are interested in and get the respect you deserve, come to PermaDAO! Here is a stage set up for you where "the sky is high enough for birds to fly, and the sea wide enough for fish to jump". To learn more, please see 0xmiddle’s detailed explanation of the operation of PermaDAO:

「Proof of workload」 — — 读懂 PermaDAO 的运作思想

  1. AgentFi – AI-driven narrative is about to dominate the DeFi space

DeFi has subverted traditional finance and made the market free and open. What would happen if an intelligent layer - AgentFi - was created on top of DeFi without human supervision? Article from AgentFi What does it mean? What is AgentFi? The comparison between AgentFi and DeFi is explained in three aspects.

AgentFi — — 由 AI 驱动且即将主导 DeFi 领域的叙事

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