PermaDAO Weekly #53(2.3-2.9)

Abstract: Last week PermaDAO took a presentation for a smart contract system for the test governance token HALO, and also participated in several collaborative events. In addition, PermaDAO also conducted the first round airdrop programme for the Admin Guild ...... For more exciting content, please visit the full weekly report to check yah!

Author: Lawrence @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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Dear PermaDAO Community Members:

As the new year begins, I hope all of you in the PermaDAO community are enjoying your leisure time during the holidays. Let's make the most of this downtime by reviewing last week's activities and updates! Last week, PermaDAO conducted a presentation on the smart contract system for the governance token HALO and participated in several collaborative events. Additionally, PermaDAO launched the first round of the airdrop program for the Admin Guild ...... For more exciting content, please visit the full weekly report to check yah!


Last week, the number of active contributors to PermaDAO totalled 60, with the following data on the amount of work done by each guild:

Ranking of guilds and groups in terms of incentive payouts and number of active contributors last week:

During the past week, PermaDAO rewarded diligent contributors with 275.67 $AR tokens, equivalent to 2348.37 USDC. Press on with determination, contributors!

News Highlights

1. PermaDAO Year-End Summary: What Lesson did We Learn in Operating a DAO in 2023

2023 was a year full of excitement for PermaDAO, marked not only by hosting and participating in several large-scale events but also by establishing partnerships with a wide range of communities and media outlets. Throughout the year, the PermaDAO community expanded by over five thousand users, including four hundred active contributors, and over 300,000 U of incentives were awarded.

In the new year, PermaDAO is poised to embark on a journey of on-chain governance by adopting HALO tokens. Let's see what the future holds for PermaDAO 🚀!

Last but not least, the PermaDAO complimentary items Draw is here! Simply take a moment to participate and have a chance to win an out-of-print PermaDAO T-shirt. Act fast as the quantity is limited! You might just be the lucky winner ✨!

Article Link: Annual Summary of PermaDAO

2. PermaDAO Launches Test Governance Token, On-chain Governance Journey Set to Begin!

PermaDAO's test governance token, $HALO, has been officially launched, and an airdrop 🎉 was successfully distributed to everPay certified NFT holders and PermaDAO's Admin Guild members. The airdrop was open to 38 core PermaDAO contributors, with a total of 877,864 $HALOs distributed based on their previous contributions.

While awaiting the launch of PermaDAO's official token, $PSN, $HALO will be used for Permaswap node pledge mining and PermaDAO governance voting, and can be swapped to $PSN in the future, providing PermaDAO members with the opportunity to participate in on-chain governance and influence at an early stage.

As PermaDAO continues to grow, the airdrop programme will gradually reach every guild. Therefore, for those who have not yet received airdrops, please stay active and continue to work hard to contribute, maybe the next time will be your chance to receive it 📦!


Last Week's Activities Recap

1. Test Governance Token - HALO sharing session #4

PermaDAO's internal HALO test token sharing session series has come to its fourth edition. This time, PermaDAO's core Builder, young, explains the architectural design of HALO and its smart contract and introduces in detail the airdrop programme of the Admin Guild.

Session PPT:HALO’s Smart Contract / Proposal

**Recording Link:

  1. PermaDAO Attends KNN3 Event to Discuss Emerging Trends in DeFi and Web3 AI** PermaDAO's core contributor, Builder Jomosis, represented PermaDAO at the KNN3 event - DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF DEFI & WEB3 AI INNOVATIONS - where he exchanged views on the impact of AI on DeFi, Web3 infrastructure, trading bots, and smart currencies.

Space Recording Link:

3. PANews x PermaDAO Collaboration Course Series The 16th issue of PANewsDAO x PermaDAO series “Web3 Learning Guide” - Pendle project representative GentYana will share "Explaining Pendle: The Innovative Star in the DeFi Tide" with us!

Recording Link:

Weekly Best Reads

1. RWA Seamlessly Integrates with DeFi: RedStone Introduces Eurozone Government Bond ETF Data Source to the Crypto World

RedStone is a very well-known project in the Arweave ecosystem and is also known as the link between blockchain and the real world🚃. In 2023, it launched a deep partnership with Angle, which is a big boost to the development of real-world assets in the crypto space.

Are you interested in the partnership between RedStone and Angle? This article will take you through the concepts and interrelationships of C3M ETFs, bC3M ETFs, and agEUR to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in the space in easy-to-understand terms!

Article Link:

RWA Seamlessly Integrates with DeFi: RedStone Introduces Eurozone Government Bond ETF Data Source…

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