PermaDAO Weekly 10 (4.7-4.13)

Dear PermaDAO community members, last week, PermaDAO and DAOrayaki's joint curation event talked about email and content creation. The long-awaited Hong Kong Night event hosted by PermaDAO has come to a successful conclusion. The in-depth discussions and exchanges among attendees on various fields of Web3 will greatly contribute to the development of various fields of Web3. PermaDAO has always been with you with professionalism, richness, and innovation.

Workload Overview

Last week, PermaDAO:

PermaDAO has distributed 267.86 $AR tokens in total to dedicated volunteers, and we encourage them to persevere!

Notable Events

  1. The Web3 Hong Kong Night event, hosted by PermaDAO, Moledao, and BuilderDAO, with special support from Asian Digital Bank and exclusive sponsorship from Tencent Cloud, successfully concluded on the evening of April 14th. The Web3 industry builders who attended the event jointly discussed the main topics in the Web3, especially in the new mode of DAO human collaboration, developers, Web3 compliance, security issues, data privacy, etc. Participants include co-organisers such as FINENACE, DMAIL, and Topia, as well as cooperative partners such as Arweave, Golden Finance, and LegalDAO.

  2. The white paper of the Eternity.AI project initiated by the builders within PermaDAO has been released, analysing the project's technical architecture, operational plan, risk control, team, project progress, etc. Details can be found in PermaDAO's Notion .

  3. The joint curation between PermaDAO and the decentralised media protocol DAOrayaki shared the topics about the email and the Arweave ecological creator economy last week, delving into the related projects of Arweave's decentralised email protocol, as well as Arweave's solutions for content creators in terms of creation methods, ownership, etc.

Translator: XiongHa @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Viya @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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