PermaDAO Weekly #25(7.21–7.28)

Dear PermaDAO community members:

everPay has surpassed a trading volume of 1 million in the bear market! July is truly a lucky month for the Arweave ecosystem. This week, the community held two Spaces to discuss the development of Uniswap and BTC ecosystems. The Content Guild also released a guild play guide, hoping that everyone can quickly familiarize themselves with the guild and actively contribute in their chosen direction!

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Workload Overview

The work accomplished by various guilds within PermaDAO last week is as follows:

PermaDAO has distributed 753.13 $AR tokens in total to dedicated volunteers, and we encourage them to persevere!

Notable Events

1. everPay Breaks One Million Transaction Volume

everPay's total number of transactions has surpassed one million during the bear market, marking a significant milestone since its establishment. This achievement also demonstrates that the open-source and lightweight node tool Arseeding has successfully passed stress tests, proving that Web3 tools can address the scalability issues faced by traditional internet platforms. User experience remains at the core of everPay's focus, as users do not need to understand Web3; instead, everPay strives to understand its users. Twitter link: https://twitter.com/perma_daoCN/status/1684173116501643265

2. Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon Progress

The progress of the Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon is ongoing. This week, Founder Yao from @realmetaforo (Metaforo) and CTO&Co-founder Troy from @ReadOnMe3 provided in-depth analysis of the technical architecture and product positioning of their respective products. Link to Metaforo's interpretation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe0S5nXdaD8

3. Space: Discussing the Future Development Direction of UniswapX and BTC Ecosystem

This week, PermaDAO invited @outprog_eth, @apyhunter, and @tinyxiong_eth as guests to have a comprehensive discussion on the product and technology of UniswapX. In addition, they also collaborated with LayerTwo Labs to hold a Space discussion on the future development of the BTC ecosystem.

BTC Ecosystem Space Link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1djxXlldPgXxZ UniswapX Space Link: https://twitter.com/perma_daoCN/status/1683822973793492992

4. PermaDAO Community Releases "Content Guild Play Guide"

As the content production and circulation hub of PermaDAO, the Content Guild is responsible for community content creation, display, and workload settlement, with the goal of becoming a centralized media outlet for the Arweave ecosystem. Currently, there are three groups within the guild that undertake different functions related to content: submission group, planning group, and translation group. The tasks of these guild groups are open to everyone, and day-to-day governance is managed by rotating leaders from each group. Content creators are welcome to join the guild and contribute. Guide link: https://twitter.com/perma_daoCN/status/1681138149521764352

5. Community Article "Reflections on Arweave's Total Transaction Number Exceeding 1 Billion"

PermaDAO community members reflected on the origins of Arweave's progress as its total transaction number surpassed 1 billion, while also looking towards the future. With a rich ecosystem of dApps, the Arweave network has gradually grown into a towering tree, and next, Arweave will continue to focus on reducing barriers to user participation. Article link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ly_MEPZAvECu_mTYwPGMhw

Thank you to all the volunteers for your contributions to PermaDAO! We look forward to your greater involvement in the coming week, working together with the community to advance PermaDAO and cross the boundaries of technological innovation!

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  • Translator: Saiee @ Contributor of PermaDAO

  • Reviewer: Scarlett Li @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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