Arweave Weekly Highlights Week 16|Autonomous Finance Arrives! Participate in Everloot #2 Event, Win Hardware Wallet

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Arweave's data from last week: The mainnet completed a total of 188,230,723 transactions, achieving 1,010 TiB of storage in a single week.

This week, the storage cost is 0.748 AR/GiB, and there has been an increase of 706 on-chain addresses.

PermaDAO distributed a total of 152.31 $AR last week (equivalent to 4282.27 USDC) as contribution incentives.

Weekly News Summary

🔥 Autonomous Finance is live!

🔥 everPay launches Everloot #2 treasure hunt event, giving away hardware wallets.

🔥 AOS now supports SQLite relational database.

🔥 Messages sent on ao testnet surpass 25 million!

🔥 PADO announces partnership with AO!

🧵 Arswap project goes live!

🧵 ReadON upgraded to REVOX!

🧵 Permaswap launches TRUNK/AR liquidity addition event.

🧵 RSS3 uses OpenBox for running dedicated physical devices for its nodes.

🧵 Glacier Network announces integration partnership with Laika AI.

🧵 "Perma Blobs Archive Service" launched by 4EVERLAND in collaboration with Arweave.

🧵 WeaveChat and Liteseed announce permanent presence on Protocol.Land.

🧵 WeaveDB officially joins hub71's tech ecosystem.

🧵 Sarcophagus offers bounty to establish Archaeologist nodes on AO!

🧵 RedStone provides data feeding services for X Layer, B² Network, Tokemak, Goku Money, and Native.

🧵 Permaswap completes over 4,000 transactions for AOCRED/AR trading pair.

🧵 Glacier Network launches website v3.0.

🧵 Major updates to AO Twitter project.

🧵 Irys announces integration with Scroll.

🧵 ArDrive supports login with MetaMask wallet.

🧵 Incubator ao Ventures to initiate phone conferences and tech workshops.

🧵 Only Arweave launches Arweave Today.

🧵 Mind Network collaborates with AIOZ Network and io.net.

🧵 4EVERLAND included in Taiko ecosystem as infrastructure.

🧵 4EVERLAND becomes AI agent provider in Optopia.

🧵 WeaveVM to launch faucet for $WVM.

🧵 Over 1800 databases deployed on WeaveDB.

🧵 Trunk project launches MEME creation activity, rewarding winners with $TRUNK.

Network & Project Updates

  1. RSS3 utilizes OpenBox for running dedicated physical devices for its nodes.

    • OpenBox is the first dedicated physical device for indexing and computing Web3 data.

    • Designed with cutting-edge technology and optimizations, OpenBox stands as the premier machine to join the RSS3 network.


  2. ReadON upgraded to REVOX!

    • REVOX is a visionary platform aimed at redefining the paradigm of decentralized application creation, introducing an innovative framework democratizing the development of agent-based smart applications.

    • REVOX becomes the essential tool for building any dApp with AI, preferred platform for sharing third-party data and logic for open integration, and universal interface connecting with Web3.


  3. "Perma Blobs Archive Service" launched by 4EVERLAND in collaboration with Arweave.

    • The Perma Blobs Archive Service includes storage and retrieval of transaction data as its core modules, realized through Arweave for data upload and retrieval.

    • With reliable long-term data storage support, developers can focus on deploying innovative Layer2 applications, driving growth in the Layer2 ecosystem.


  4. WeaveChat announces permanent presence on Protocol.Land.


  5. AOS now supports SQLite relational database.

    • AOS is the operating system on AO, allowing developers to easily code and interact with other AO processes.

    • SQLite is a relational database that enables users to organize data for efficient storage and retrieval. This unlocks the ability to build full-stack applications on top of ao with fast querying capabilities using indexers.


  6. Autonomous Finance is live!

    • Autonomous Finance is a research and development project of AI finance applications based on the AO supercomputer.

    • It has three pillars: Core Infrastructure, AgentFi, and ContentFi.

    • Its vision is to establish open-source, trustless financial infrastructure, maximizing the potential of AO's unique architecture to drive autonomous agents leading the new era of trustless finance.


  7. Sarcophagus offers bounty to establish Archaeologist nodes on AO!

    • The first successful builder will receive 3000 USDC.


  8. Messages sent on ao testnet surpass 25 million!


  9. Permaswap's AOCRED/AR trading pair has completed over 4,000 transactions, totaling 2,475,542 AOCRED.

    • The price of $AOCRED rose by approximately 370% during the period, reaching as high as $0.07.


  10. Glacier Network launches website v3.0.

    • The newly revamped website features 3D visual effects and aims to provide a more optimized online experience.


  11. Arswap project goes live!

    • Arswap, developed by Pianity team, aims to unlock DeFi on AO and collaborates with @AetherisProject.

    • Users can currently claim faucet, trade test tokens $fire and $earth.


  12. AO Twitter project undergoes major updates.

    • Testnet token AOT-Test is live.

    • Users can access TokenEco page to receive 10,000 AOT-Test tokens for tipping liked posts.


  13. Liteseed announces permanent presence on Protocol.Land.


  14. Permaswap launches TRUNK/AR liquidity addition event, sharing $HALO rewards.

    • The event runs from April 17th 12:00 (UTC) to May 2nd 12:00 (UTC), sharing 12,000 $HALO.


  15. WeaveDB announces winners of decentralized smart hackathon with LearnWeb3.

    • First place is Weave Wager, a decentralized betting platform;

    • Second place is QueriFi, a Web3 Q&A platform.

    • Third place is Wave, a decentralized, portable, ownable link hub.


  16. ArDrive supports logging in with MetaMask wallet.


  17. Incubator ao Ventures will initiate phone conferences and technical workshops.

    • Phone conference starts on April 23rd, the first technical workshop will be held on April 25th.


  18. Only Arweave launches Arweave Today.

    • Arweave Today will be responsible for pushing key content of the daily Arweave ecosystem, all content published will be uploaded to Arweave.


  19. WeaveVM is about to launch the faucet for $WVM.


  20. KYVE has almost verified all Cronos blocks and archived them to Arweave.

    • Once all verifications are completed, a complete and reliable backup of the Cronos chain can be made.


  21. Over 1800 databases have been deployed on WeaveDB.


  22. everPay launches Everloot #2 treasure hunt event, giving away hardware wallets.

    • The event runs from April 19th to April 29th, 2024.

    • Participants have the chance to win Keystone Pro 3 hardware wallets or discount coupons after completing specified tasks. The event also offers special rewards and participation prizes.


  23. Trunk project launches MEME creation activity, rewarding winners with $TRUNK.

    • The requirement is to create a MEME containing elements of $TRUNK and an elephant (even a green one) and post it on X platform.

    • The first prize winner can receive 20 $TRUNK, the second prize winner 12 $TRUNK, and the third prize winner 8 $TRUNK.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

  1. Glacier Network announces integration partnership with Laika AI.

    • Laika AI is the first Web3 AI super app with advanced on-chain data analytics capabilities. This collaboration will establish a full-stack decentralized data network.


  2. WeaveDB officially joins hub71's tech ecosystem.

    • Hub71 is a tech incubator supported by the Abu Dhabi government and Mubadala Investment Company, known for fostering innovation and supporting startups in various fields such as tech, finance, and healthcare.

    • WeaveDB is one of the first crypto startups to join Hub71.


  3. RedStone provides data oracle services for X Layer.

    • X Layer is a new ZK-supported Ethereum Layer2 network developed by @okx and built using the @0xPolygon chain development suite. It offers high security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a good choice for developers.


  4. RedStone provides data oracle services for B² Network using core (pull) and classic (push) models.

    • B² is a practical Bitcoin Layer2 network that utilizes zk-proof verified rollups on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is EVM-compatible with Ethereum and supports Bitcoin and Ethereum address accounts, providing fast and low-cost transactions.


  5. RedStone provides data oracle services for the Tokemak network.

    • Tokemak is a DeFi liquidity protocol that recently launched "Autopilot," a novel LP method that automatically manages users' ETH deployments by rebalancing between trusted DEXs and stable pools.


  6. Irys announces integration with Scroll.

    • Scroll is an Ethereum-based zkRollup project that uses zkEVM technology as a Layer 2 solution, aiming to address Ethereum's current congestion issues. This collaboration enables users to pay storage fees using ETH on Scroll and upload data to Arweave through Irys.


  7. RedStone uses the classic model to provide data oracle services for the Goku Money network.

    • Goku Money is a decentralized stablecoin protocol that allows zero-interest borrowing using collateral assets like $wETH, $USDC, $USDT, $TIA, etc. Loans are paid in $GAI (a stablecoin pegged to the dollar) and have a required minimum collateral ratio.


  8. RedStone uses the core model to provide data oracle services for the Native network.

    • Native is the liquidity hub of DeFi. Through a unified layer, it offers capital-efficient liquidity across blockchains and applications built on it (including Liquid Stake and Restake protocols).


  9. PADO announces partnership with AO!

    • PADO is a decentralized computing network based on zkFHE, combining ZK and FHE algorithms to achieve privacy-friendly computing integrity, providing verifiable confidential computing for blockchains, breaking the current privacy limitations of blockchain applications. PADO has built a decentralized computing marketplace based on the AO super parallel computing architecture, providing trusted and confidential computing capabilities based on zkFHE technology while using Arweave blockchain as a privacy data storage layer.


  10. Mind Network announces collaboration with AIOZ Network to provide DePIN storage solutions.

  11. 4EVERLAND announces its integration into the Taiko ecosystem as infrastructure.

    • Taiko is a fully open-source, permissionless, Ethereum-like ZK-Rollup. With 4EVERLAND, the Taiko ecosystem will be able to economically and easily enhance its projects' capabilities using decentralized storage.


  12. 4EVERLAND announces its status as an AI agent provider in Optopia.

    • Optopia is an L2 blockchain designed for AI applications, aiming to set standards for AI applications and explore various AI use cases.


  13. Mind Network collaborates with io.net to enhance advanced AI security and efficiency.

    • This collaboration is expected to reduce the operational costs of AI computing, making cutting-edge AI technology more accessible, and providing financial relief and development opportunities for both startups and established entities.


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