Arweave Weekly Highlights Week 15: Community Labs launched incubator AO Ventures, everPay has more than 40,000 registered users

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Arweave data last week: The main network completed a total of 143,716,515 transactions and achieved 831.69 GiB storage within the week.

The storage fee this week is 0.748 AR/GiB, and the addresses on the chain increased by 769.

PermaDAO issued a total of 94.29 $AR last week (estimated 2858.42 USDC) as contribution incentives.

News of the week

🔥 Community Labs launched the incubator AO Ventures, and invested US$35 million in funding to promote the construction of AO applications.

🔥 The AO test network has obtained more than 13,000 users, sending more than 16 million messages.

🔥 everPay has more than 40,000 registered users!

🧵 KYVE has archived 50% of the historical data on Celestia on Arweave.

🧵 4EVERLAND announced the launch of RPC service.

🧵 ar.io releases the 9th version of the gateway, including two key feature updates for operators!

🧵 KYVE unlocks more tooling possibilities in the Osmosis ecosystem.

🧵 RedStone has cooperated with MerchantMoe and Lyve to provide price feeding services for its assets.

🧵 KYVE announces partnership with Syntropy to merge historical and real-time blockchain data.

🧵 ar.io’s public gateway is soon to be released!

🧵 Alex announced the launch of a new archive pool: "Brazil - Discussion on Freedom of Speech".

Network & project development

  1. The latest data from the AO test network is released: the total number of users exceeds 13,000 and more than 16 million messages have been sent.


  2. Community Labs has launched AO Ventures, a 10-week incubator built for AO.


  3. everPay has more than 40,000 registered users!


  4. An important event in the ar.io test network: its public gateway will be released!

    • Use the ArConnect browser extension to send tokens to ArNS name addresses;

    • Track real-time events on ArNS in the Arweave ecosystem using community-driven bots.。


  5. Alex announced the launch of a new archive pool: "Brazil - Discussion on Free Speech".


  6. KYVE announced that it has archived 50% of the historical data on Celestia on Arweave.


  7. ar.io releases the 9th version of its gateway, including two key feature updates for operators!

    • Added support for experimental Farcaster framework: supports GET and POST requests.

    • Added an experimental local ArNS parser.

    • Updates in point-to-point data retrieval, connection with external systems, debugging and end-to-end testing.


  8. everPay has coordinated with ArConnect and Keystone wallet to solve the "signature failure" problem encountered during transfers and transactions.

    • Moreover, Keystone has been upgraded to M-12.6 and Arconenct has been upgraded to 1.8.0.


  9. KYVE Testnet Proposal No. 33 has been passed, suggesting that KYVE can unlock more tool possibilities in the Osmosis ecosystem.

    • Kaon testnet expands data support for Osmosis, including archiving and validating block results and state synchronization snapshots.


  10. 4EVERLAND announced the launch of RPC service to provide developers with blockchain communication capabilities.

    • Its premium version supports digital asset payment and pay-as-you-go.


  11. Harvest begins tokenize the livestock assets through AO.


Collaboration & Integration

  1. RedStone provides price feeds for $USDT and $USDE in MerchantMoe’s vault.

    • MerchantMoe is the native DEX on Mantle, providing seamless trading, decentralized liquidity, and real yields.


  2. KYVE announces partnership with Syntropy to merge historical and real-time blockchain data.

    • Syntropy is designed to provide real-time on-chain data feeds for dApps, blockchain service tools, and beyond.

    • Specific use cases for data merging can be seen in data analysis platforms, trading bots, NFT markets, and Defi arbitrage bots.


  3. RedStone announced the integration of Lyve Finance to provide support for its $weETH market.

    • Lyve Finance is known for its lending marketplace on Ethereum and Linea, allowing users to borrow funds by leveraging collateral on interest-bearing assets (such as LST and stablecoins), which can benefit from yield enhancement or automatic compounding.


  4. Adot announced that it has joined IBIT, a one-stop intelligent cryptocurrency investment and trading platform.


Ecological Education

  1. 0rbit published a blog post:"Building Price Feed application using 0rbit".

    • This guide describes the front-end construction in detail, including wallet installation, initializing React by using TypeScript, installing dependencies and modifying the App.tsx file.


  2. Only Arweave tweeted "Arweave and The Permaweb: What's the difference?".

    • Arweave means permanent data storage, while Permaweb means permanent websites, applications, etc.

    • Permaweb is like the web, but is permanent; the data stored in Arweave are not just documents or images, but can also be used to build web applications, websites, and more.


  3. Alex published a blog post:"Explaining the working principle and importance of Alex".

    • Alex is a community archiving platform open to anyone interested in archiving or providing storage space for archives.

    • After creating an archive repository, users (contributors) interested in supporting the topic can donate AR in the form of Ardrive Turbo points to cover the cost of storage on Arweave.

    • Once storage space is provided, the operator of the library can begin uploading content, and contributors will receive sponsorship credits for a portion of the uploaded content.


  4. Akord tweeted “Introducing the tools in Akord, the digital vault.”

    • Akord vaults is a system for managing files and data on Arweave in a dynamic way.

    • To make the most of this powerful primitive of permanent story, we need a whole host of tools to manage our permanent data.

    • Akord's tools include: versioning, access control, E2E encryption, UDL licensing etc.


  5. Irys published "Provenance in the digital age".

    • Provenance is a basic yet transformative core concept proposed by Irys.

    • In the era of overflowing information, it is particularly important to distinguish between true and false. A powerful provenance mechanism can ensure the integrity of data and promote the development of trust and accountability.

    • The provenance trilemma: the challenge of ensuring data is permanent, accurate and unconstrained.

    • Irys is the only solution that ensures data is immutable, timestamped, and freely accessible.


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