Can Arweave AO's AgentFi dispel the illusion of Crypto x AI?

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Previously, the narrative of Crypto x AI has sparked lively discussions and enthusiasm in the market. However, as a huge bubble emerged, people began questioning whether this was an illusion. Despite the absence of AI-integrated and truly usable Web3 applications at present, this fusion is undoubtedly anticipated. Nevertheless, it's foreseeable that the combination of Web3 and AI technology can unleash tremendous potential in fields such as finance (DeFi), security, user experience, content creation, or governance.

Focusing on the decentralized finance sector, AI technology can assist DeFi protocols in risk assessment and management, enhancing market liquidity, and automating governance and decision-making processes, thereby improving user experience. For users, AI can not only predict asset price fluctuations but also assist in investment decisions, and most importantly, identify various potential fraudulent activities.

However, fundamentally, how AI can better integrate with blockchain is the prerequisite for all these utopian visions. The launch of the super parallel computing platform AO has created optimistic conditions for the landing of Crypto x AI applications. AO is built on Arweave, and this combination of unlimited computation and storage can support large-scale, high-performance AI models and achieve full on-chain applications. Additionally, AO officials forecasted on media platforms that the deployment of AI applications on AO marks the rise of AgentFi (AI Agent Finance).

What is AgentFi?

AgentFi is a financial service based on AI agents designed to utilize on-chain artificial intelligence agents to execute smart contracts trustlessly. In AgentFi, AI agents play crucial roles, including the following early examples:

  • DCA Agents: A customizable AI agent for regular and fixed investment in specific financial assets, helping to diversify risks and achieve asset growth over the long term.

  • Autonomous Portfolio Managers: An AI agent that automatically adjusts the weights of different assets in a portfolio based on preset rules to ensure it aligns with investors' risk preferences and investment goals.

  • Algorithmic Trading Agents: Replacing traditional financial fund managers, this AI agent utilizes techniques such as big data analysis and machine learning to autonomously execute trading strategies without permission, maximizing investment returns.

These three examples, ranging from simple to complex, provide users with a new financial service model without the need to trust third parties or human asset managers. Moreover, the potential of AgentFi extends beyond these examples. Furthermore, while some of these examples may seem like "old wine in new bottles," the greatest significance of introducing AI technology lies in the fact that humans can interact with computers through natural language, without the need to learn complex computer languages and cumbersome investment operations.

It is reported that the Arweave community is actively building AgentFi applications based on AO, which will be available to the public shortly.

Will the most outstanding investors of the future No Longer Be Human?

In the future global economy driven by artificial intelligence, AI robots will become the Warren Buffetts of this era, seemingly an irreversible trend. Human cognitive abilities will no longer limit these AI agents; they can process massive data for continuous deep learning, capture sentiments from headlines in news and social media, and even analyze the wording and tone of figures like Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in monetary policy meetings, then synthesize all complex factors to make the final investment decisions. Or, let's open our imagination; in the future, artificial intelligence is more likely to create unprecedented financial strategies.

With the landing and development of AgentFi applications, the financial market will be reshuffled, and AO will be the engine driving this revolution. Embrace artificial intelligence and AgentFi to better adapt to this ever-changing investment environment.

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