PermaDAO Weekly #24(7.14–7.20)

Dear PermaDAO community members:

Congratulations to the Arweave network for exceeding 1 billion transactions, marking another milestone in the development of Arweave! PermaDAO has also reached its own milestone: the automation of incentive issuance originated from a community idea. This week the community organised a Space discussion! Last but not least, PermaDAO MOD is recruiting, so if you are interested in signing up, let's do it now!

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Workload Overview

The work accomplished by various guilds within PermaDAO last week is as follows:

PermaDAO has distributed 520.97 $AR tokens in total to dedicated volunteers, and we encourage them to persevere!

Notable Events

1. Arweave network has exceeded 1 billion transactions

On July 20th, the total number of transactions on the Arweave network officially exceeded 1 billion, a historic achievement in the 6 years since Arweave's inception and 5 years since the launch of the main network! This is the second milestone after the Arweave network size exceeded 100 PB!

2. PermaDAO automates incentive payouts with everPay

This week's incentive payout is now officially semi-automated, with incentives now being automatically deposited into the everPay addresses of DAO members. The idea for automated checkout came from the DAO community, and in the coming half of this year PermaDAO has automated a number of things, with incentive payouts being just one of them.

Reading Link: https://t.co/w72FcOL0My

3. Arweave Asian Summer Hackathon Programme

PermaDAO & ArweaveSCP & Tintinland co-organised the Arweave Asia Summer Hackathon, which has received 68 developers signups; at the same time, the Arweave Summer Hackathon eco-mentor sharing continues, with @Db3Network's mentor and @Adot_web3's mentor bringing a full range explanations of the project, technical insights the project eco-layout, and one by one analysis.

4. Space: The application and scenarios of blockchain-based permanent evidence preservation in the present

Web rumours are one of the major dilemmas of the Internet today, and they have caused a lot of distress and even harm to people. How can we practically apply technology to solve problems in the Web3 world? PermaDAO invited @NuIlPtr, Chief Security Officer of @mindnetwork_xyz, @outprog_eth, Founder of @everVisionHQ, and @Amand_ymd, Product Manager of WeWeave, to explain the current applications and scenarios of blockchain permanent storage evidence preservation!

Recording Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC9u-6RKHZI

5. PermaDAO Community Recruiting MODs

PermaDAO is an Arweave ecosystem DAO for strangers to build. The role of the MOD is to answer questions from the community, maintain a good community atmosphere, and at the same time, the MOD can get AR rewards from the community, meet more friends, and get the latest news of the Arweave ecosystem. We hope that you will apply for it.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/perma_daoCN/status/1681138149521764352

6. Community Research Report DEPIN X ARWEAVE's Combination*: Creating a Shadow Split in the Physical World*

DePIN has long been regarded as a good paradigm for the combination of blockchain and the physical world, and its application scenarios include carbon certificates, V2X, etc. The DePIN project is a natural fit for Arweave, which itself can be regarded as a kind of DePIN project, and SCP Ventures is actively exploring the possibilities of introducing it into the Arweave ecosystem, including the uploading of assets and data to the chain. SCP Ventures is also actively exploring the possibility of introducing it into the Arweave ecosystem, including asset and data uplinking.

Report Link: https://permaweb.news/zh/scp-depin-x-arweave

Thank you to all the volunteers for your contributions to PermaDAO! We look forward to your greater involvement in the coming week, working together with the community to advance PermaDAO and cross the boundaries of technological innovation!

Translator: Irene @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Saiee @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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