PermaDAO Weekly #27(8.5–8.11)

Dear PermaDAO community members:

This week, the community has produced multiple excellent articles, covering topics from Curve to PYUSD, providing interpretations for everyone. Meanwhile, the new feature 'EverID' by everPay has been launched on the testnet, and preparations for Arweave Day in Asia are also in full swing. We look forward to receiving your questions on the topics you care about. PermaDAO will invite project teams to address your inquiries directly. Let's Buidl ~

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Workload Overview

The work accomplished by various guilds within PermaDAO last week is as follows:

PermaDAO has distributed  764.58 $AR tokens in total to dedicated volunteers, and we encourage them to persevere !

Notable Events

1. Arweave Day in Asia is in Preparation, Collecting Questions!

PermaDAO is gearing up for Arweave Day in Asia and plans to conduct interviews with projects within the Arweave ecosystem. The results will be showcased through videos/images. We invite you to compile your questions and curiosities about Arweave or a specific project within the AR ecosystem. PermaDAO will curate and forward selected questions to respective projects, inviting them to respond.

Submission Entry:

2. Space: everPay's New Feature Showcase – Exploring EverID

EverID has officially launched on the testnet! EverID is a digital asset identity account system within the everPay network. It allows users to swiftly create everPay digital asset accounts through methods like crypto wallet addresses, email addresses, or biometric recognition. PermaDAO invites everVision's founder @outprog_eth, CMO @GerryWon, and core developer @SandyA911, to provide a detailed insight into EverID.

Space Link:

3. PermaDAO Content Guild Hosts Content Sharing Event

The Content Guild has organized Content Call vol.1, featuring discussions with the guild head, Weekly Report team leader, and Newcomers Camp representatives. They share experiences, and open discussions on various topics. Additionally, the event initiates a collaborative series, PermaDAO encourage all community members to actively participate.

Replay Video:

4. PermaDAO Newcomers Camp's Third Phase Begins

PermaDAO's Newcomers Camp continues to welcome participants. If you're curious about DAO collaboration and have some spare time, come join! Exclusive novice tasks for you.

Official Twitter Link:

5. PermaDAO Articles : Explore Curve, PYUSD, Pianity, and More

PermaDAO has released several insightful articles. How has the Curve impacted DeFi? Will digital dollars follow PYUSD? There's also an extensive research report on Web3 music platform Pianity. PermaDAO continuously provides interpretations on various aspects of the Web3 landscape to community members.

Articles Link:

Thank you to all the volunteers for their contributions to PermaDAO! We look forward to seeing all of you play a bigger role in the upcoming week, working together with the community to drive the development of PermaDAO and collectively push the boundaries of technological innovation!

Web3 is booming, and Arweave is becoming a popular infrastructure choice for developers. PermaDAO is a community where everyone can contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. It's a place to propose and tackle tasks related to Arweave, with the support and feedback of the entire community. Join PermaDAO and help shape Web3!

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Translator: wenchuan @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Viya @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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