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Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #43: The ‘We Need More’ Edition

After stormy weeks it seems that, at least for a while, a more peaceful era has settled in. People seem to look more into the fundamentals of different protocols and value the networks that are truly putting the decentralisation trait to work. As a result, if you’ll search “arweave” on Twitter you will encounter a lot of accounts verifying their new wallets and a lot of newcomers exchanging ideas about Arweave. This new attention didn’t disturb the projects from their already established path: KYVE continued to expand, EverPay forging its way to the Permaswap DEX , so, building as usual.

Read more about what happened on Arweave below.

I. Arweave Network

We need more

In days of relative calm, it becomes more obvious that we need more. Arweave is not your everyday chain. Transactions are carrying exponentially more metadata than a basic blockchain. In order to navigate the block weave in detail and to have a clear image of its development, we need to create new tools on top of the primary explorer. Viewblock already does an excellent job in hoarding a lot of useful pieces of information. The data is there, we only need new products to aggregate it in meaningful ways. Web3 index is a very good example of what you can do with only the data available on Viewblock and some price data from RedStone oracles. What about creating a simple UI that will let users check what was the biggest block size in the last week or month? Little bits of information that could offer a more clear view inside the blockweave.

Arweave in comparison with the rest of the Web3 storage protocols

Fundamental Labs released one of the most extensive and in-depth analysis of the decentralised storage landscape. The 89-page paper covers the fundamentals behind the idea of decentralised storage and then dives into the mechanics of 6 different solutions, Arweave included. If you want to have a holistic view of this newly emerging phenomenon, this read is a must. By the way, the paper itself is stored on Arweave. You can check it out here. Yeap, the team that studied the whole decentralised storage landscape, among all the other protocols, chose to upload the results on Arweave.

An earthshattering-level idea was born

A moment ago a Twitter user asked the Solana co-founder if their new phone will support the Google App store. The answer was affirmative, but that’s not the news. The news is what Sam Williams, Arweave’s cofounder proposed: a decentralised app store, using Arweave for storage and with the app reputation written on-chain. A fully transparent and decentralised environment. This idea alone, if implemented correctly could represent the tilting point that will break Web2’s gatekeeping.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

USHER is alive and kicking

Since the end of Open Web Foundry#6 there were barely any news about Usher, one of the OWF#6 finalists. Usher is one of the projects with a lot of potential inside the emerging Web3. It has a clear and necessary use case: they are creating a transparent, trustless, and decentralised layer of affiliate marketing services that will hopefully curb some of the bad practices that currently plague the crypto space. Given their strong fundamentals, the apparent silence that engulfed the project in the past couple of months seemed uncanny. The “mystery” was solved pretty easily: During this period they were building stealthily and the time for Usher’s release is close.

RareCandy 3D has an actual place in Metaverese

RareCandy 3D, the NFT marketplace that was one of the OWF#6 participants, now owns a CryptoVoxel parcel and has big plans with it.

Straight out of metaverse — our new Cryptovoxels parcel in Pastel Island is online! Located at 11 Piglett Ear Place, near Forget-Me-Not Forests in Pastel (2858W,4020N), the fresh plot will be a two-story showroom for crypto art, physical NFTs, Music, and Voxel assets, such as wearables, decorations, and accessories.

Although the final build is yet to be released, you can experience an intermediate version to have a little taste of how the final showroom will look. Also, there is a treasure hunt game for those who like riddles. Enjoy your candies.

Permanotes for perma-devs

This is not the first time we are writing about Permanotes, the creation of @rakis, one of the most dedicated members of Arweave’s community. It looks like it won’t be the last time either. Quality content for developers is starting to pile up. Now they posted a full guide on how to create a Profit Sharing Token, laying down the foundation to create a community and basic tokenomics around your Arweave native project.

KYVE announces the second phase of its incentivised testnet and more

Forever onwards seems to be the undeclared motto of KYVE network. This week marked the entering of the second phase of Korellia, shifting the focus on technical improvements. We hope that the path to mainnet will be a straight one and this critical phase will pass according to schedule.

Given the fact that the second phase of Korellia is one that requires a lot more attention to technical details, one could expect that KYVE expansion has tempered a little. Wrong. They also had the time to integrate with Kusama network. Apparently, they will continue to simultaneously expand their reach and improve their testnet. In this way, when the mainnet will be operational it will be already a fully grown cross-chain entity.

EverFinance on full throttle

The NFT auction number eight just concluded for everPay. For those who were patient enough to witness how it unfolded, it was obvious that there was a literal bidding war ongoing for the last three NFTs that were still available to auction after the first day. People are starting to notice the importance of those NFTs in the context of the Permaswap DEX launch, so, they will probably become even more disputed with the passing of each new auction.

Also, they just launched a program that will let community members contribute by spreading the word about everFinance projects and Arweave as a whole. They mentioned that those who will participate will be rewarded, so if you are interested in good deeds and gaining something for yourself, this could be your time to shine.

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

The annoying thing with centralisation is that it brings its ways even when it uses a decentralised infrastructure. The tweet highlighted by the Akord Team exemplifies exactly that. Given the fact that IPFS storage is not permanent by itself, people are usually using centralised actors like Pinata to assure the existence of their stored data. Like on any Web2 interaction, things are awesome until they aren’t – you receive a blunt message which informs you that you no longer have access to your own data. The likes of experiencing this in Arweave’s ecosystem are more than unlikely. Not only because Arweave is decentralised, but the projects that are offering storage on Arweave are decentralised as well, so your keys=your data.


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