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Only a Few Days Left to Register for Permahacks

Another month, another hackathon for arweavers. This can summarize what is happening this autumn on Arweave. The hackathon led by Hansa and a bunch of the teams from the ecosystem concluded at the end of September, just to let Permahacks start. 

I mean, let's be honest, always Arweave's strong suit was its community of developers, not marketers, not "influencers", not anything of this sort. It only makes sense to double down on what we already master and try to nurture the new generation of builders. Permahacks, as I see it, represents the spearhead of an initiative that will offer the means for getting some fresh blood to pump into the permanent veins of Arweave.

Assume you have already had the time to check Permahack's Twitter page (which, by the way, we recommend you follow, because this isn't supposed to stop only after one edition). In that case, you may know that we - Permaweb.news, are one of the teams that created this initiative. Why would a media outlet be a part of a hackathon? For promoting and covering the event, of course - some of you would say, and yeah, partially, this is one of the reasons; the other reason, that becomes obvious when you'll take a look at the bounties, is that we feel there is a need for more educational video-content about Arweave-related tech. There are a lot of technologies on Arweave, but there is a drought when it comes to video tutorials on "how to", let's change that!

Now, like I said, there are only five days left for registration, so, disregarding your technical level, if you feel brave enough to weave something, now is the time to try it out. So, let's give you a clear break down of the hard facts:

Key info about Permahack:


Oct. 29th - Final application day; you can sign up here

 Oct. 30 - Nov. 10 - Permahacks duration

Where and who?

Online - everybody from everywhere is welcome. 

Total prizes?

Over 20000$ Put together by PermaDAO, Community Labs, everVision, Decent Land Labs, Forward Research and Permaweb News

Special bounties?

everVision is offering 1000$ for "Best use of Arseeding"

Decent Land Labs is offering 1000$ for "Best use of MEM"

Forward Research is offering two bounties, 1500$ for "UDL video Player Renderer" and 3500$ for "Search for the Permaweb"

And finally, Permaweb News offers 1000$ for "educational video content"

Extra gravy?

Well, you can consider yourself informed, but is this all? No, throughout the days of the hackathon, before the phase of team formation (we encourage you to register even if you are a solitary wolf; we'll find you the right match-up), there will be daily workshops (all of them will be available on the Weavers Youtube channel post-event) and mentorship sessions via Discord; believe it or not, the projects behind this hackathon are some of the best produced by this ecosystem. Actually, in the case of Forward Research, this statement is technically incorrect because their CEO, Sam Williams, being the founder of Arweave, basically produced the ecosystem itself, and not the other way around.

Anyway, enough with the semantics, you got the idea: there will be a lot of experienced guys ready to help you out. Ah, and don't get distracted by the special bounties - if you have a crazy idea that you see it implemented with Arweave's tech, don't be shy, express it and make it a reality during those days!

Instead of a casual ending - if art is your poison, check out on Bazzar a collection of PermaHacks badges.

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