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There are probably two types of people in the world: those who like Arweave and those who don't know they like Arweave yet.

This sentence is both playful and a genuine reflection of the author's inner feelings. With the ongoing wave of Web3, the importance of Arweave is becoming increasingly irreplaceable. What qualities does Arweave possess that make everyone like it? Let's dive in!

Paradigm Shift: Web3 and Decentralized Storage

Since Tim Berners-Lee invented the first web browser and server in 1990, the World Wide Web was born. Web1, as the first generation of the World Wide Web, evolved into Web2, ushering in a thriving internet ecosystem. Today, we are ushering in a completely new form of the internet - Web3. We are on the verge of a massive transformation in the new internet paradigm.

According to the perspective of "Sovereign Individual", in the future, in a software-dominated world, wealth is information, weapons are information, and land is also information. In other words: information is wealth, weapons, and land.

In this age of information explosion, data is wealth, weapons, and land, and it is one of the most important production factors of the future. Decentralized storage is emerging as a data solution for the Web3 era and is also an indispensable infrastructure for blockchain technology. Specifically, decentralized storage effectively protects data privacy, addresses the pain points of centralization, and avoids single-point failures.

Among the many solutions for decentralized storage, Arweave is particularly unique and irreplaceable. The author also believes that the qualities emitted by Arweave will be liked by everyone. Here are three reasons, which are also the three core principles upheld by the Arweave network.

Three Reasons Why Arweave Deserves to Be Liked

Reason One: Arweave Permanently Protects Human Civilization's Treasures

Among all things, civilization is the most fragile, and any highly developed civilization cannot withstand the threats it faces." - Hen Ha Ellis

Throughout human history, the carriers of information have undergone a long evolution. From the earliest cave paintings, Sumerian clay tablets, to papyrus and modern paper, and now to electronic documents and cloud storage. Humanity has done everything in its power to protect its civilization.

Compared to local electronic document storage methods, cloud storage offers better stability, scalability, and flexibility, but it remains a temporary storage solution. Eternity is the deepest desire of humanity, and Arweave has taken on the responsibility of safeguarding human civilization, ensuring stable, secure, and permanent data storage.

Arweave is called the "Web3 Library of Alexandria" because it can preserve data for over 200 years. This is thanks to Arweave's unique Blockweave data structure, the elegant SPoRA consensus mechanism, and a mature economic incentive system.

Since the Industrial Revolution, human development has grown exponentially, and after the Information Revolution, it has surged again. The amount of data created by humans in two days far exceeds that of the past several thousand years. We may be standing at the pinnacle of human history at this moment, and Arweave gives us the opportunity to permanently preserve human civilization, transcending reliance on individuals, organizations, or nations.

Reason Two: Arweave Defends Freedom of Speech

“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and expression. This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” — Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Freedom of speech is a fundamental but not absolute right, and it is a cornerstone of modern democracy. As Lin Yutang once said, freedom of speech is the right to cry out in pain. People can only challenge orthodox ideas and fear no consequences when they can breathe and express themselves freely, and this is also the driving force behind creativity.

However, in the specific experiences of the real world, the boundaries of freedom of speech seem to become ambiguous. According to the "2022 Global State of Democracy Report," the number of countries where freedom of speech and democracy has been weakened has increased fivefold over the past decade. Even the United States, known as the "beacon of democracy," has experienced situations where former President Trump's social media accounts were actively suspended.

Arweave has struck a balance between individual rights and collective responsibility. It allows users to freely store data without violating the rights of others, without fear of censorship or data tampering. At the same time, Arweave does not force anyone to store content they do not want to store.

Arweave has created a haven, free from tyranny, accommodating diverse voices. There may be noise here, but the most precious thing is - there is also the truth.

Reason Three: Arweave Ensures the Right to Know

Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past. — George Orwell

Norbert Wiener once said in his book "The Human Use of Human Beings - Cybernetics and Society": "To live effectively, one must have enough information." The right to know is not only a basic right of citizens but also a source of security in our world against information asymmetry.

According to the National Archives Act and the Freedom of Information Act, U.S. government agencies are required to establish declassification schedules based on the nature and level of secrecy of documents to ensure that certain documents are made available to the public at the appropriate time. This measure is taken to maintain information transparency and the public's right to know. However, occasionally, for security or political reasons, some documents cannot be declassified as planned or are not fully disclosed. In the real world, the right to know is provided on demand.

Fortunately, Arweave brings us hope. It ensures transparency and accessibility of information. Data is stored in Arweave by default in unencrypted form and is distributed across nodes globally. Arweave always ensures the security, permanence, and accessibility of data, allowing anyone to view this data at any time.

Arweave offers us a more open and free information world. The right to know is fully respected and protected on Arweave.


Arweave is not just a technology, it is a vision, a belief in protecting data. Arweave offers the possibility of the eternal preservation of data, provides a haven for freedom of speech, and serves as a solid foundation for the right to know. Perhaps some people have not yet realized that they like Arweave, but it is gradually changing the way we interact with data, information, and knowledge.

Arweave is the eternal light of data. In this digital age adventure, let us follow this light and create a future that is freer, wiser, and more eternal.

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