Sam Williams Hints At New Protocol As Arweave Adds 1Bn Txs In 55 Days

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The founder of Arweave and CEO of Forward Research, Sam Williams has hinted at the creation of a new protocol on Arweave that will allow any number of processes to execute in parallel.

The protocol called aoThe Computer is due to be launched on February 27, 2024. Although Williams did not give explicit details, he described the protocol as a hyperparallel computer living inside Arweave and that it offers temporary storage.

Responding to specifics about the protocol, Williams said one of the things it does is to provide a unified framework and data protocol that all compute engines can build upon with Arweave as its base.

“The team has been quietly building aoTheComputer for most of the previous year. When it’s finally released, undoubtedly it will take the industry by surprise. Arweave is the global permanent hard drive of the world. ao is the CPU,” David Kong, Technical Communications at Forward Research said.

At the moment, the full details of the projects used to build this protocol are not known, but the Molecular Execution Machine (MEM) hints that it contributed to the project.

“AO will unify the ecosystem by providing an interoperable base layer for computing,” MEM, a protocol built by Decentland Labs said.

“A new era of smart contract programmability built on top of Arweave is about to start,” Warp Contract stated.

AO Computer seems to have triggered project ideas to build. Williams on February 13 disclosed that three developers in the Arweave India community had built a project on AO.

With Arweave traditionally known for permanent storage, a good selling point for AO may be its ability to allow temporary storage.

Meanwhile, Arweave Network has recorded 3 billion transactions. Williams announced the milestone on Wednesday.

It appears to be taking the Network a shorter time to achieve billions of transactions. Williams said it took 55 days for the Network to achieve its third billion transactions. It took the Network 1,868 days to reach its first billion transactions. In comparison, it took 153 days for the Network to hit its second billion transactions.

“Even cooler: Users pay literally zero fees on top of base storage costs and never will. Coolest: Endowment contributions alone make Arweave sporadically deflationary,” Williams said explaining the uniqueness of the achievement.

“These numbers are even crazier when you realise how much ground there is yet to cover in terms of industry adoption. 55 days for 1 Bn transactions… no network hiccups, no downtime, no exponentially increasing network fees. This is all on-chain data available for everyone,” Ketzal stated.

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