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Abstract: If you're passionate about exploring the Web3 space and challenging uncharted territory, PermaDAO will provide you with an innovative and inspiring work platform. You will collaborate with a community of like-minded individuals who share the same enthusiasm for Web3 and the Arweave ecosystem, creating a new chapter in the future of Arweave ecosystem. Join us!

Author: 0xmiddle @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: Peng Shi @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Kyle @ Contributor of PermaDAO

PermaDAO welcomes like-minded, experienced Web3 researchers to join our team! Amid the industry's growing trends, we firmly believe that profound research capabilities are crucial for the thriving development of the Arweave ecosystem.

If you're passionate about delving deeper into the Web3 space and eager to challenge uncharted territory, then this is your moment to soar. PermaDAO provides a platform full of innovation and inspiration, where you can collaborate with a community of friends who share your passion for Web3 and Arweave, creating a new chapter in the future of Arweave. Join us!

Position Title: Special Researcher

Position Highlights: Stable Remuneration + Expert Collaboration + Unlimited Advancement Opportunities + Airdrop

Position requirements:

  • Complete special tasks: Produce a minimum of two research papers per month, each with no less than 2500 words;

  • Research reports should possess universal industry reference value and be selected by mainstream blockchain media (Foresight, Chain Catcher, Odaily, etc.);

  • Research topics should be related to Arweave, Arweave Ecological Project or SCP paradigm.


  • Your own research and knowledge in the blockchain industry;

  • Basic understanding of Arweave ecology or SCP paradigm;

  • A portfolio of at least 3 research reports, with prior selection by mainstream blockchain media.

What we offer:

  • Stable Remuneration:

    Special Researcher can get two parts of remuneration - basic remuneration and special remuneration.

    Basic remuneration: 70U/thousand words per research report.

    Special remuneration: Additional 20U/thousand words (required to complete special tasks).

  • Expert Collaboration

    Creating Research report is often a longly journey, but at PermaDAO, you can invite others to collaborate.

    PermaDAO is a Web3 community with thousands of members, each guild has excellent researchers and experts in various specialized tracks. You can invite members to be your research report collaborators, and guild coordinators can help you find and recommend collaborators.

    Collaborators will provide you with a couple of services such as topic discussions, inform-ation consulting, and report editing and polishing, and share a 30% incentive from the joint remuneration.

  • Focus on Creation

    You only need to focus on content creation, while other tedious tasks such as proofreading, formatting, graphic design, translation, and multi-channel promotion will be handled by other passionate and skilled community members

  • Reputation Building and Developing

    Your articles will be published on PermaDAO's official channels and collaborative media platforms, showcasing your knowledge and perspectives to professionals and helping you build a strong industry reputation.

    PermaDAO will provide you with 'Customized Content Creation' themed events, including but not limited to curating columns, Space sharing, roundtable seminars, content remixing and dissemination, etc. Through the platform's influence, your viewpoints will be disseminated even further.

  • Deep engagement

    As your involvement with PermaDAO deepens, you will have the opportunity to become a core member of PermaDAO, engage in more affairs, and receive additional incentives. You will obtain a stable, lucrative, and autonomously flexible position in the Web3 world.

  • Exclusive Airdrop

    PermaDAO’s governance tokens will be airdropped to contributors, with more contributions resulting in more airdrops. For more information about PermaDAO’s governance model and token plan, you can check out this article:  https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/TrGR-i7powFkddgb2LChyw

Apply to become a featured author:

1/ Fill out the form below to sign up:


or scan the QR code below to fill out

Once the provided information is reviewed and approved, you will become a special researcher.

2/ You can also start from a regular author

The PermaDAO Research Group is open to all contributors, and you are free to submit your articles.

If a regular author has three consecutive original submissions selected by two or more leading blockchain media outlets, you can qualify to become a special researcher.

Qualification Reversal

If a special researcher fails to complete special tasks for two consecutive months or if three consecutive articles are not selected, their special researcher status will be revoked.

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Initiated by everVision and sponsored by Forward Research (Arweave Official), PermaDAO is a "Cobuilding Community" focus on the theme of Arweave consensus storage. All contributions from PermaDAO contributors form the bedrock of data consensus. Let's embark on a journey starting with data consensus and delve into a novel paradigm for decentralized collaboration - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)!

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