PermaDAO Weekly #62 | Significant Effectiveness of Liquidity Incentive Activities | 4.6-4.12

Author: mingche

Translator: Kyle

Reviewer: Marshal Orange

Dear PermaDAO Community Members:

April is the most beautiful month in the world, our PermaDAO has added brilliant colors to this wonderful season: our friends have contributed their efforts in various activities. $AOCRED in everPay is soaring! The weekly ecosystem report and activity engagement guide contain a wealth of valuable content. The weekly article sharing also provides a unique perspective on the AO and Arweave ecosystems. Come on, let's take a quick look below……


Last week, the total number of active contributors to PermaDAO is 68, with the following data on the amount of work done from each guild:

Ranking of guilds and groups in terms of incentive payouts and number of active contributors last week:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 94.29 $AR to the hardworking contributors, amounting to 2858.42 U.

Let's continue to stride forward in the world of PermaDAO while enjoying the beautiful spring, jointly creating a more colorful PermaDAO!

News Highlights

1. everPay: The quantity of $AOCRED has surged to 720,000+!

Previously, Permaswap launched an activity regarding liquidity incentives, where participants had the chance to share rewards worth a total of 15,000 $HALO! As a result, the quantity of $AOCRED soared from 50,000+ to 720,000+ in just one week! Permaswap is the TOP DEX in the ecosystem. Come on!

Twitter: PermaDAO Twitter

Participation Tutorial: How to Make Money by Providing Liquidity on Permaswap

Recap of Last Week's Activities

  1. AO Series Special Event - Recharging $AOCRED to everPay

Permadao core contributor @Xiaosong Hu organized this event to explain to friends interested in liquidity incentives how to recharge $AOCRED to everPay, making it easier for newbies to get started.

Activity Link: AO Lecture Series Special Event - Recharging AOCRED to everPay

  1. Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report Episode 47

PermaDAO has been closely monitoring the development of the ecosystem. This event was led by Permadao core contributor ziwei, who shared his interpretation of last week's events in the ecosystem, including but not limited to the listing of $TRUNK tokens, integration of ArNS, and AO's native wallet. These events all demonstrate the vigorous development and unlimited potential of the ecosystem.

Playback Link: Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report Episode 47

Weekly Article Sharing

  1. YBB Capital Interpretation: "From Storing the Past to Computing the Future: AO Super Parallel Computer"

Whether it's the rampant modular public chains or the new L1s that emphasize performance but fail to demonstrate performance advantages, their ecosystems can be said to be replicas or slight improvements of the Ethereum ecosystem, and the highly homogeneous experience has long made users lose their freshness.

The AO protocol proposed by Arweave is impressive, achieving ultra-high-performance computing on storage public chains and even achieving a quasi-Web2 experience. This seems to have a significant difference from the scaling methods and architecture designs we are familiar with. So what is AO exactly? Where does the logic supporting its performance come from?


  1. Web3 Researcher Eason's Interpretation of AO and Outlook on $AR

AO is a super parallel computer built on Arweave, supporting parallel execution of any number of processes and sharing available computing resources more efficiently. Compared to its competitors Filecoin and ICP, it has a smaller market cap, product updates, and a more efficient and scalable architecture design.

Arweave 新旗舰产品 AO 简介与 $AR 未来展望

  1. Arweave Version 17 Whitepaper Interpretation Conclusion, Bringing You Different Perspectives on Arweave.

Volume 6: What is the Storage Endowment?

The Storage Endowment has always been one of Arweave's core mechanisms, but most people are not familiar with it, leading to a lack of understanding of the ecological storage costs. The article provides a detailed introduction about Endowment~

Arweave 第 17 版白皮书解读(六):什么是存储基金 Endowment?

Volume 7: How Should the Protocol Keep Up with the Times?

The protocol is not static. After a complete explanation of the core mechanisms, the author elaborates on the evolution mechanism of Arweave from various aspects such as mechanism overview, cooperation motivation, and unified data set.

Arweave 第 17 版白皮书解读(七):协议该如何与时俱进

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