PermaDAO money-making strategy sharing series - "Gaming to Earn”

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There is such a thing as "making money by playing games", but I never thought it would happen to me. 3 months after been involved in the cryptocurrency world, and I've earned 3 AR by playing games while also learning a new technology and gaining a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Let me tell you about this wonderful journey.

Results Showing-off

I am a Java engineer who has worked diligently for 10 years. After the company closed down and I became unemployed, a friend introduced me onboard PermaDAO, which I feel was truly fate. The first thing I encounter was with the AO testnet, because it happened to be the topic of the last lecture of the Halo public course, which was about AO and its liquidity mining. After trying out 3 small tasks to test my skills, I saw this ao-effect full-chain game competition this week. I just decided to try out the robot I had written. First, let me share the results: I checked the current price, $98.52 (4 p.m. on April 11th). I have already exchanged 5000 CRED for 3 AR. The game is still going on, and the 20,000 CREDs offered by the game organizer as a reward has not yet been distributed. So, the earnings are definitely more than just this.

2 hours last night, plus about 3 hours this morning during the day. Most of the time the robot does it automatically and I just needed to watch. Additionally, I want to complain that the competition was held according to European time. For us, it was 11 p.m., and being older, staying up late is just too tiring. So, what is the game ao-effect, and how does one make money from it? Let's delve into it.

What is ao-effect

What full-chain game?

ao-effect is a full-chain game. A full-chain game is a feature that fully utilizes the characteristics of blockchain technology and builds all its core game logic, data storage, asset management, and user interaction on the blockchain network. This means that in full-chain games, not only in-game digital assets (such as NFT) are recorded on the blockchain, but also all key information such as game rules, player actions, achievement records, game status updates, etc. are also managed and executed through smart contracts.

ao-effect game

ao-effect is a combat-type game, and of course all its key information will be recorded on Arweave. Participating players will be in a square matrix ranging from 0 to 41. Players will have health and energy points. IHaving energy allows them to attack, and defeating opponents allows them to obtain CRED tokens that the opponent recharged when participating in the game. Below is avisually stimulating interface developed by the official, making watching battles more exciting and fun. The commentator also provides enthusiastic commentary.

Our operations will be in the command window, instructing the robot's behavior through command codes. Of course, more often than not, you will use the automated processing functions you have written for the robot to let it fight for you!

Game Earnings

  1. The game has a bounty of 20,000 CRED (AO test network token). It hasn't been distributed yet, I guess it may be distributed proportionally based on the number of kills.

  2. By killing other players, you can get 1 CRED that the other player paid when entering the game. Some players will pay more CRED to participate in the competition, although the reason is unknown.

How to participate

As shown below, this is the participation method provided by the official discord channel. Connect to your own Process using AOS command line and send the corresponding commands to participate. The official also thoughtfully provided a simple robot. But simple robots are a bit silly. So I wrote it again.

my bot

Actually, the robot I wrote myself is not very complicated. Just follow the strategy of running if unable to win.

  1. After obtaining the game state, find the weakest enemy.

  2. Based on its own energy assessment, if there is a possibility of a one-hit kill, it locates the enemy and attacks.

  3. If its energy is not sufficient for a one-hit kill, it just wanders around.

  4. In addition, if it hits someone but fails to kill them, it retreats to a range of 3 squares.

I have also open sourced the robot code to github. The game is still going on. Everyone is welcome to participate.



Even though I am in my thirties, playing competitive games still ignites my personal competitiveness, especially when the bot is self-developed. In addition, I am very grateful for this platform, as it has alleviated my anxiety a bit from being unemployed. Despite being jobless, working on tasks within PermaDAO and related organizations is quite meaningful.

In the corporate world, it's just constant grind without learning new technologies for a long time. While there isn't a fixed monthly salary here, it gives me the time to explore the latest technological solutions and witness the ever-changing world. It seems to help me break free from the mechanized busyness.

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