PermaDAO Weekly#63|”Harvest Month” | Earn by joining PermaDAO and ao-effect|4.13-4.19

PermaDAO Weekly#63|”Harvest Month” | Earn by joining PermaDAO and ao-effect|4.13-4.19

Author: Nature. Chen @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: Jomosis @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Kyle @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Dear PermaDAO Members:

The influence of the AO ecosystem is expanding, attracting more followers and partners. This week, AO has built its first RWA project—Harvest, and the powerful features of AO are exactly what Harvest needs. As more creators bring good articles about AO to the community, readers can gain a deeper understanding of AO from different perspectives. "Harvest Month" at PermaDAO provides a money-making strategy for both new and existing contributors. Whether contributing to PermaDAO or participating in ao-effect, you can earn rewards. Workers from different industries can leverage their skills to earn income on the platform; PermaDAO is indeed a platform with diverse inclusivity. See details below.

Work Overview

Last week, the total number of active contributors in PermaDAO was 76 people, and the work volume completed by each guild is as follows:

Last Week's Incentive Distribution Ranking for Each Guild and Group:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 152.31 AR to hard-working contributors, totaling 4282.27 U.

We hope that contributors in the community will continue to work hard and create more value for the community!

Information Express

  1. AO Ecosystem's First RWA Project - Harvest, Mobile App Coming Soon, Join Waiting List

Recently, software development company 2048k announced a collaboration with Leaf Labs to jointly establish a legal framework and build a groundbreaking project on AO called Harvest, touted as the first tokenized natural resource market. Harvest possesses land and livestock assets worth over $1.5 million and is in the process of introducing a robust legal framework, setting new standards for the security and transparent trading of its digital assets. Features such as Arweave's permanent data storage capabilities and AO's powerful scalability are exactly what Harvest needs.

AO Ecological First RWA Project — Harvest, Soon to Launch Mobile App, Join Waiting List for a…

  1. PermaDAO Collaboration, TinTinLand Launches X Space

On April 18th at 9:00 PM, TinTinLand launched an X Space themed "How to Build a Sustainable #DePIN Ecosystem Together" and invited AO & PermaDAO founder @Outprog as a guest to share insights.

PermaDAO中文🐘 on Twitter / X

  1. TRUNK/AR Liquidity Mining Event Launched

From 04/17 20:00 (UTC+8) to 05/02 20:00 (UTC+8), join the TRUNK/AR liquidity mining event and share in the generous rewards of 12,000 $HALO!

Last Week's Activity Recap

  1. PermaDAO Money-Making Strategy Sharing Series - "Making Money by Playing Games"

Have you ever heard of making money by playing games? A Java engineer with 10 years of experience found himself in such a situation. His company closed down, leaving him unemployed, and then he joined PermaDAO on a friend's recommendation. Through involvement in the full-chain game ao-effect, the author learned a new technology and, in a "semi-automatic" state, earned rewards. Below, based on real experiences, let's delve into AO and its liquidity mining to get started.

PermaDAO money-making strategy sharing series — “Gaming to Earn”

  1. Fireside Chat - Sharing Strategies for Earning Over Ten Thousand Monthly at PermaDAO

Money-making topics always pique everyone's interest. On April 17th at 9:00 PM, PermaDAO specially invited 6 active workers, buddies from different professions in real life, to share their opportunities working at PermaDAO and their ways and experiences of making money there. Additionally, there will be explanations and Q&A sessions about the highly anticipated ao-effect game, guiding everyone to unlock new ways to earn tokens.

🔗 Meeting Link: https://meeting.tencent.com/dm/G4uV8RudTXDD

Weekly Article Sharing

  1. AO Consensus and Holostate

What is the Holostate? And how is it executed? AO computers achieve consensus through the "Holostate," leveraging Arweave's immutable message log to break through traditional scalability limitations. This approach marks a significant innovation in existing systems such as proof of work and proof of stake, paving the way for a new era of efficient, scalable decentralized computing. Kevin, co-founder of the renowned music NFT platform Pianity, provides answers to frequently asked questions about AO. Read the original article below.

Consensus & Holographic State

  1. Protocol Specification for AO Computers

Translated by PermaDAO contributors Steve, Webb, and Jason Wu, the "Protocol Specification for AO Computers" includes core features of AO, an introduction to its architecture, and related work, aiming to provide readers with all the information needed to build service implementations that comply with AO standards. Read the original article below.

ao 计算机的协议规范 — — PermaDAO译版

  1. What's New in Arweave 2.7.2 Upgrade

Recently, Arweave underwent a hard fork at block height 1391330, upgrading the consensus mechanism to version 2.7.2. This upgrade introduces new features such as "collaborative mining" and "local support for mining pools," optimizes mining performance, corrects errors, and activates 5 protocol changes including "increasing the difficulty of one-chunk solution by 100 times." For the original article, please see below.

Arweave 最新 2.7.2 版本升级了什么?

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