PermaDAO Weekly #60|3.23-3.29

Author: Nature.Chen @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: 王少华 @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Tina XU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Dear PermaDAO members:

Recently, there has been a continuous increase in the popularity of AO. With the rising exposure of AO, the submission team has been actively generating content to reveal to the public the impact of AO on existing ecological projects and its future value. In order to help more people learn AO application development, PermaDAO in collaboration with Denlian and three other communities, organized the "Arweave & AO" series of open classes. The freshly released 17th edition of Arweave's white paper provides insights from different perspectives on Arweave concepts and lays the groundwork for subsequent mechanism explanations in three issues this week. The content is hard-core, and it's a must for tech enthusiasts. For detailed content, please see below.

Workload Overview

Last week, the number of active contributors to PermaDAO totaled 80**,** with the following data on the amount of work done by each guild:

Ranking of guilds and groups in terms of incentive payouts and number of active contributors last week:

Last week, PermaDAO distributed a total of 117.85 $AR to its hard-working partners, totaling 4879.96 U.

We hope that community contributors will continue their efforts and create more value for the community~

News Express

1. Launch of Arweave & AO Series of Online Courses

PermaDAO, OpenBuild, Rebase, Denglian, and Decert.me jointly organized a three-day online course on Arweave & AO! As the popularity of AO rises, more and more Web3 practitioners are turning their attention to this area. AO, with its unprecedented computing scale, will lead Web3 beyond financial attributes, exerting a huge influence on various fields including communication, gaming, and AI. However, as AO is still in its early stages and learning resources are scarce, it poses challenges for developers. This course aims to lower the information barrier for developers through online live broadcasts (with recorded videos) and WeChat group discussions. Please scan the QR code to register:

2. PermaDAO Community Benefit: Claim Your Hack.Summit() 2024 Ticket!

Hack.Summit() 2024 event will be held on April 9-10, 2024 (Tuesday to Wednesday) at the Cyber Arena in Cyberport, Hong Kong. As one of the largest developer conferences in the world, it will attract over 100,000 developers! Enter the following link below and input "PermaDAO" to receive tickets and join this Web3 event

Input "PERMADAO" to get event tickets

4. Hosted by SosoValue, Supported by PermaDAO: Research Competition Enters Voting Stage!

The research competition hosted by SosoValue and supported by PermaDAO reached the voting stage after the submission deadline on March 21st. You can click the activity link below to vote for your favorite articles ↓

Review of last week’s activities

1. Dialogue with Arweave core contributor and CEO of everVision: Discussing the future Roles of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Arweave

"There may not be a killer of anyone; Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Arweave each have their own roles in the future." Since the birth of AO, discussions about its technological development have been ongoing, with many pointing to whether AO will replace Ethereum in the future. In this week's TechFlow interview with Outprog, the Core Contributor of Arweave and CEO of everVision, Outprog discussed his career journey, decentralized storage vision, and analyzed the future roles of Arweave, Bitcoin, and Ethereum from a technical development perspective.

2. Discussion on the Future of AO by Arweave Founder Sam & everVision Founder Outprog

AO, known as the World Parallel Computer, was discussed this week by Sam and Outprog in a dialogue format, where they narrated the development history and uniqueness of AO. Through comparisons with Ethereum, Solana, and ICP, they pointed out the uniqueness of AO: AO establishes a new interaction layer on the original blockchain infrastructure, does not address the verifiability issue, or changes consensus. It has a clear division of labor with AR and can achieve multiple tasks that traditional blockchains cannot accomplish. Additionally, they elaborated on the three stages of AO's future development, expressing the vision for AO's development.

AO 计算机和 AR.IO 网关

2. Interpretation of Arweave’s 17th edition white paper, divided into three volumes to guide you through Arweave from different angles

Although Arweave 2.6 has been explained in the 17th edition of the white paper titled "Arweave: The Permanent Information Storage Protocol" officially released by Arweave on December 26, 2023, the author explained it in a more in-depth way (mathematical formulas and modeling arguments) , divided into three volumes for in-depth interpretation. The content is hard-core and requires readers' patience. Perhaps this complicated form is the best expression of the beauty of the agreement.

  • Volume 1

Arweave 第 17 版白皮书解读(一):空间与时间的穿越

  • Volume 2

Arweave 第 17 版白皮书解读(二):数据索引, 唯一副本与 VDF

  • Volume 3:

Aweave 第 17 版白皮书解读(三):SPoRes 游戏的论证

3. Decrypting the role of stablecoins in Arweave's Permaweb

Stablecoins are a necessary innovation for the blockchain ecosystem to thrive. The lack of a stable transaction medium will impose restrictions on Arweave's ability to build various products and monetize them. The value concentration of Arweave's native token AR further hinders the realization of this challenge. To do this, we want to unlock the value of AR and promote development and value exchange between Arweave and AO.

锚定未来: 在法定抵押稳定币和 Permaweb 的十字路口航行

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