PermaDAO Weekly #59|everPay airdrop event and content guild’s topic pool are now live|3.16-3.22

Author: wenchuan @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: peng shi @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Kyle @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Dear PermaDAO Community Members:

Since the release of AO, Arweave has continuously attracted market attention, with PermaDAO members persistently building through the bull market, maintaining their enthusiasm for building. Sam and Outprog answered questions about AO’s nearly limitless scalability and plans for this year; everPay launched an airdrop event, allowing participants to have the chance to receive AO testnet tokens while experiencing EverID. Furthermore, the DAO’s Content Guild has increased incentives to encourage creation, and the Developer Guild’s translation of the AO cookbook has also gone live. In addition, regular technical sharing events continue, and ecosystem-related research reports are closely following current affairs. Keep Building!


Last week, the total number of active contributors in PermaDAO is 69, with the following data on the amount of work done by each guild:

Ranking of guilds and groups in terms of incentive payouts and number of active contributors last week:

During the past week, PermaDAO rewarded diligent contributors with 98.37 $AR tokens, equivalent to 3,516.34 USDC. Press on with determination, contributors! We hope you can continue to strive and create more value for the community.

News Highlights

1. everPay airdrop event: 2000 $AO-CRED + 30,000 $HALO is waiting for you

everPay has recently completed an upgrade, and EverID has been tested for a while. In this airdrop event, users only need to register for EverID and complete some tasks such as transfers and social media followings to have a chance to receive 2,000 $AO-CRED tokens. It’s worth noting that $CRED is an AO testnet token, which may later be mapped to an official token. Additionally, this event also includes an airdrop reward of 30,000 $HALO. The participation method is simple, and the rewards are generous, so don’t miss out.

2. The first round of Content Guild’s topic pool has been announced, with the highest incentive being 90U per thousand words!

PermaDAO has always been encouraging community creation through the actual distribution of AR, and this time, the Content Guild has created topics tailored for members of different levels. Whether it’s your contribution experience within the DAO, your organization of AO news, or you have special understanding and research on AO and Permaswap, you can find suitable topics in this topic bank for creation. For the creations targeting this topic bank, there are extra incentives, making the remuneration reach a new height. This may be the best way to earn AR.

3. The Chinese version of “AO cookbook” translated by Developer Guild is now live!

The popularity of AO goes without saying. To help everyone better understand AO, the Developer Guild’s members have translated its tutorials into Chinese, taking you on a smooth journey through AOS.

Last Week's Activities Recap

1. Twitter Space: The Vision of AO, Everything about AO

On March 22, PermaDAO hosted a Twitter Space with Arweave founder @samecwilliams and everPay founder and early AO designer @outprog_ar to discuss a series of topics about AO. How was AO proposed? How did it evolve from a concept to an implementable architecture? What are the plans for AO this year?

2. HALO Series #8: Introduction to AO and Tutorial on Acquiring CRED tokens

PermaDAO’s premium technical sharing session—HALO Test Token Series—has now reached its eighth installment. This session was once again led by PermaDAO’s core builder, Young. Young provided an explanation surrounding the principles of AO and the installation of AOS, while also sharing how to acquire AO testnet tokens, CRED. Additionally, it was mentioned that CRED can currently be traded on Permaswap.

3. PANews x PermaDAO Series #20 - 4EVERLAND —— A Web3 Cloud Computing Platform Driven by AI+DePIN

This special issue features Claire, the Chinese community ambassador for 4EVERLAND, as the main speaker. She introduced 4EVERLAND’s current services such as Hosting, storage, and RaaS, and also explained the current application cases.

Weekly Best Reads

1. What Is the Newly Launched Virtual Power Plant Starpower Project? What Are the Key Points Worth Paying Attention To?

Starpower is a decentralized virtual power plant project that integrates Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence technologies. The goal is to connect energy devices using these technologies to achieve efficient energy management. The project relies on a token incentive mechanism, establishes partnerships, and launches NFTs to develop rapidly and is committed to promoting environmental sustainability and reducing carbon footprints. Starpower plans to further expand its business scope, including introducing new NFTs and SRC-20 assets, and enhancing device connectivity and community building.

What Is the Newly Launched Virtual Power Plant Starpower Project?

2**. Device is Private Key: EverID’s account abstraction solution**

EverID uses an email address as the account login, and through the FIDO framework protocol, it allows users to bind their accounts to devices, using the devices to perform transaction signature verification, thereby ensuring account security. In addition, EverID offers a multi-key feature that allows accounts to be bound to multiple devices, increasing the system’s fault tolerance. EverID combines the simplicity of Web2 with the security of Web3, providing users with an easy-to-use and secure account solution.

Device is Private Key: EverID’s account abstraction solution

3**. A quick guide to AO: The hyper parallel computer**

There have been many introductions to AO, but this beginner’s guide covers all the key aspects related to AO, including parallel processing, infinite computing, and modular architecture. It provides readers with a better understanding of AO, making it an excellent introduction not to be missed!

A quick guide to AO: The hyper parallel computer

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