PermaDAO Weekly #58 (3.09-3.15)

Abstract: Last week, PermaDAO was upgraded with the launch of the PermaDAO Referrer System and the launch of the topic pool mechanism for the Content Guild's News Group and Research Group……

Author: Marshal Orange @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: Marshal Orange @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: xiaosong @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Dear PermaDAO Community Members:

Last week, the Arweave ecosystem remained in high spirits, with market interest in AO continuing to rise, while PermaDAO also saw a new internal upgrade: the PermaDAO referrer system was launched, and the Content Guild's News Group and Research Group went live with the topic pool mechanism. In addition, the cooperation between everPay and Metaform, the joint activities series between PANews and PermaDAO, as well as the HALO seminar series, are ongoing. Meanwhile, there are also several detailed research reports on Arweave and AO waiting for you to read! Let's continue to work hard and contribute to the prosperity of PermaDAO. Fighting! 💪


Last week, the number of active contributors to PermaDAO totaled 65, with the following data on the amount of work done by each guild:

Ranking of guilds and groups in terms of incentive payouts and number of active contributors last week:

During the past week, PermaDAO rewarded diligent contributors with 112.29 $AR tokens, equivalent to 3,918.14 USDC. Press on with determination, contributors! We hope you can continue to strive and create more value for the community~

News Highlights

1. PermaDAO Newcomer Onboarding Receives An Upgrade

As the strongest Chinese community in the Arweave ecosystem, PermaDAO is looking forward to more excellent builders joining the community and contributing to the development of the ecosystem. PermaDAO distributed more than 300,000 U of actual incentives in 2023, and in 2024, we are looking forward to more community members shining in the community!

We have launched an incentive program to invite newcomers to join PermaDAO. Refer a friend to join PermaDAO and receive a referral incentive for reaching the contribution threshold. Invite the people your friends to contribute to the growth of the Arweave ecosystem together!

Announcement Link: PermaDAO Newcomer Onboarding Receives An Upgrade

2. PermaDAO Content Guild Launches Topic Pool Mechanism

The PermaDAO Content Guild's News Group and Research Group have officially launched the topic pool mechanism. Under the topic pool mechanism, there are additional incentives for writing specific topics in News Group and Research Group ➡ News releases are incentivized with +5U/thousand words if they write a specific topic ➡ Similarly for Research Group, the incentive for writing research articles about a specific topic is +10U/thousand words.

Announcement Link: https://x.com/perma_dao/status/1768331240925434261?s=20

3. everPay Partners with Metaform, a Web3 Forms Tool

Metaform integrates with EverID to enable the creation of forms using EverID and exclusive access for EverID users. Metaform is now live in the everPay DApp Center.

News Link: https://twitter.com/metacrm_inc/status/1767551121965637759

Last Week's Activities Recap

1. PANews x PermaDAO Series #19 - The Year in Ethereum: Review and Insights from ETHDenver2024

In this edition, PermaDAO researcher @Wei and Tako Protocol Builder @JULIE share their insights on ETHDenver2024, as well as the hot topics and major technological innovations or projects at the event.

Video Recording: https://www.notion.so/permadao/PANews-x-PermaDAO-073bdb3bb06941a8ac69d23989e71029?pvs=4

2. HALO Test Token Series Seminar #7

PermaDAO internal HALO test token series sharing meeting has been carried out to the 7th installment. This time, PermaDAO Core Builder Young and 0xmiddle conducted PermaDAO boutique technology sharing --- "HALO Series VII" on-chain governance contract deploying & DEX node mining teaching. This event shared the first on-chain governance contract code kick-off, the introduction of Permaswap node deployment, and a live demonstration of the node mining mechanism.

Video Recording: https://www.notion.so/permadao/HALO-0dd1c348250d4e468891910887790c26?pvs=4

Weekly Best Reads

1. AO —— An Unbelievable Super Parallel Computer

This article discusses the points of contention about AO and the elastic verification provided by AO. The article elaborates on how to achieve verifiability through AO and other issues, and also addresses issues such as prediction machines and resilient verification.

AO — — An Unbelievable Super Parallel Computer

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