PermaDAO Weekly #56 (2.24 - 3.1)

Abstract: With the arrival of the bull market, everyone became more actively involved. The official launch of the Arweave AO testnet caused AR prices to skyrocket 💥, even reaching the top of OKX's list of price increases…

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Dear PermaDAO Community Members:

Last week, the market sentiment was soaring, and Arweave attracted most of the market's attention. Contributors of PermaDAO were all enthusiastic about participating in community building. With the arrival of the bull market, everyone became more actively involved. The launch of the Arweave AO Testnet caused $AR prices to skyrocket 💥, even reaching the top of OKX's list of price increases. Meanwhile, development of the HALO governance token continued; and the annual reports of various projects in the Arweave ecosystem in 2023 are waiting for you to read! In this vibrant stage of Arweave ecosystem development, PermaDAO hopes everyone will continue to stay true to their original aspirations and contribute more to the prosperity of PermaDAO. Fighting 💪!!!


Last week, the number of active contributors to PermaDAO totalled 39, with the following data on the amount of work done by each guild:

Ranking of guilds and groups in terms of incentive payouts and number of active contributors last week:

During the past week, PermaDAO rewarded diligent contributors with 160.94 $AR tokens, equivalent to 4,717.97 USDC. Press on with determination, contributors! We hope you can continue to strive and create more value for the community~

News Highlights

1. Arweave AO Testnet Launched

Last week, the highly anticipated super-parallel computing solution AO testnet was officially launched, causing a sensation in the crypto. Several crypto leaders have highly praised this development. In addition, Permaswap, as the first cross-chain DEX in the ecosystem, announced that it will soon become part of AO. Let's follow the pace of Web3 development together👣 and take a look at the highlights of AO!

News Link:

2. Development Progress of HALO Test Token

Last week, the front-end development of PermaDAO's testnet governance token $HALO was essentially completed. Now, users can not only view their airdrop amounts but also utilize the Transfer feature. Let's look forward to its final appearance together (✧∀✧)!


Last Week's Activities Recap

1. PANews x PermaDAO Event Series #17: "The Cornerstone of Decentralized Storage - Exploring the Arweave Ecosystem"

In this series, PermaDAO researchers @0xmiddle and @Kyle, along with special guest, everPay founder and PermaDAO initiator @outprog, shared insights into the Arweave ecosystem, particularly focusing on the newly released AO testnet.

Event Video Replay:

2. Twitter Space - Will AO Become the Ethereum Killer?

The launch of the AO testnet has drawn attention to the Arweave ecosystem. AO initiator and SCP paradigm proposer @outprog, AO evangelist and ChainFeeds co-founder @Zhixiong Pan, ArweaveOasis founder @Gerry, and long-term Arweave ecosystem enthusiast @Hill from SevenX Head of Research came together to share insights into AO's capabilities, development roadmap, scalability, and comparison with Ethereum's Sharding 2.0. They also provided valuable advice for developers interested in exploring AO.

Twitter Space:

Weekly Best Reads

1. Arweave Ecosystem Report 2023

In 2023, the Arweave ecosystem made significant progress, showcasing the allure of decentralized permanent storage to enthusiasts! Various metrics of the Arweave network experienced explosive growth. For instance, in terms of transaction data, there were a total of 1,759,817,766 transactions throughout the year, a fourfold increase compared to 2022!

The Arweave ecosystem comprises 9 major chapters, including infrastructure, database and data analytics, development tools, wallets, DeFi, NFTs, SocialFi, creator economy, and Email. If any of these areas pique your interest, this report will open the doors to a new world for you!

Article Link:

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