DAO is the future of work. Is it feasible to earn over 10,000 RMB monthly in PermaDAO?

DAO is the future of work. Is it feasible to earn over 10,000 RMB monthly in PermaDAO?

Summary: DAO is very popular! Is it only a new organizational form in terms of concept? What does it have to do with the us? This article summarizes my personal understanding of DAO and provides a best practice path for ordinary people - PermaDAO, Income comes from contribution!

Author: Denzii @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: Denzii @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Jomosis @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Are DAOs the Future of Work?

If you are involved in the crypto community, you will be exposed to some novel and dazzling concepts and grand narratives that claim to be subversive every day. Starting in 2022, I entered the encryption industry. At that time, the most popular narrative was none other than DAO. DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a native organizational form of Web3.

a16z published an article on its official website, which believes that with the development of cryptocurrency protocols, the future of public work is not enterprises, but DAO, and the future of income is "X-to-earn".

In the future, ordinary people will probably not work for companies. Instead, people will earn income in non-traditional ways by contributing, playing games, learning new skills, creating art, curating content, and more. The traditional way of making money is "work to make money", but the future of income is "X-to-earn" - make money by playing games, making money by learning, making money by creating, making money by contributing...

This shift in the way we work may seem incredible to us, but it’s not unprecedented for this way of functioning, just as the idea of companies hiring people to work for them seemed crazy in 1800. And today that madness is DAO.

What are the advantages of DAO?

From an enterprise perspective, as mentioned above, the traditional work model is an employment relationship between enterprises and individuals. Enterprises believe that only by tying up employees can they tap out personal resources to contribute to the development of the enterprise, and individuals also need to rely on the enterprise's The platform uses personal value and time to obtain rewards. This is a strong connection.

With the development of the times, we have a vague feeling that this Web2 enterprise paradigm pays attention to the inside of the company organization and ignores the stakeholders outside the enterprise. As more and more traditional companies develop, they have many "peripheral stakeholders", such as Xiaomi's rice fans, App Store application developers, Toutiao or Tiktok creators, or DiDi drivers... these are all involved. stakeholders contribute to the company's development from outside, but it is difficult for the company to consistently align incentives with these stakeholders. Therefore, in the information age, the traditional corporate employment model is rapidly becoming obsolete as a means of resource coordination activities.

From an individual point of view, limited by the limited personal time resources, individuals tie everything to the development and future of a single enterprise. In addition to earning time rewards, most people are actually unable to share in the enterprise. With development dividends, the income model is still the lowest level of exchanging time for money. However, the resources and skills accumulated by an individual cannot be reused or expanded outside the company where they are currently employed, or because of limited strong connections, or lack of time, or simply no freedom to compound interest returns based on personal advantages. . Therefore, in a situation where we have specialized skills and limited time resources, the company is no longer suitable to help us coordinate our personal activities and obtain benefits, or it does not give individuals the freedom to choose.

With the development of blockchain technology, DAO will become the resource coordination layer of this new world, which is needed by enterprises and even more by individuals. Below we will focus on discussing our personal solutions and practices in DAO.

The main difference between a DAO and a traditional corporate organization is that a DAO is able to establish a more symbiotic relationship with its stakeholders and participants. Then let’s take a look at what roles individuals can contribute in the DAO organization?

As shown in the figure, in a DAO organization, individuals can contribute as Token Holders, Network Participants, Bounty Hunters, and Core Contributors, which will make work more demanding than the nine-to-five we are used to. Flexible, smoother and more fun. For example:

  • Token Holders: By holding the tokens of the DAO organization, you can obtain the value-added and dividends from the growth and development of the organization, as well as participate in DeFi and other passive income;

  • Network Participants: Can truly experience the specific applications or projects of the DAO organization, such as making money by playing Axie, StepN or other P2E games, or obtaining tokens or by contributing computing power through chat, social networking and mobile phones. incentive income;

  • Bounty Hunter: You can make money by completing clearly defined work at an agreed price or duration. For example, people with professional skills or expertise such as development, activities, translation, and design can provide for multiple DAOs at the same time. Services, earning money by completing specific tasks;

  • Core Contributors: Core contributors are what we usually understand today as employees - people who focus full-time on a project or organization are the creators or core contribution team of the DAO. In the future, there will be no clear distinction between working for this team and working for the company—the DAO will still have core contributors whose interests most directly align with the health of the organization.

Compared with a closed organization, the DAO is more like an open economy. The DAO will reward contributions based on the value provided by individuals, regardless of where it comes from. This means that daily behaviors of valuable contributions to the network may be converted into an opportunity to generate income. In future DAO activities, the openness of the cryptocurrency economy will allow individuals to participate in multiple DAO organizations, matching and obtaining different income streams and ownership returns.

In this new future of work, work will become more ephemeral and dynamic - switching costs between jobs will be lower, work will be broken down into more atomized units, and the entire world will be unified under a single workforce model , the opportunities will be more obvious. We will discover new opportunities based on our on-chain history, ownership and reputation, and we will be matched to contribute and "work" in places with the best comparative advantages.

My Practice

Since the future of work is DAO, what should we do as individuals?

After having a preliminary understanding of DAO, I asked three questions to explore the road to DAO.

  • Is there a way to transform myself from a currency speculator into an industry practitioner?

  • Is there a DAO organization that can really be implemented to contribute and improve myself?

  • Is there a DAO job that can provide stable income and start a personal digital nomad career?

At first, I was optimistic about the Korean project Terra Ecosystem. Among them, the Anchor project can provide an annual stablecoin income of 20%. It is estimated that you only need to invest 300,000 RMB to get a stable income of 5,000 RMB per month. This is much easier than going to work. Who I thought he would collapse in an instant.

In May 2022, I started playing StepN, a running and money-making project.Payback in thirty days, from one pair of shoes to five pairs, and then to the BSC chain shoe synthesis, and finally fell into my own constant FOMO.

Later, I returned to airdrops, thinking about competing for hundreds of thousands of airdrops like UNI and FORTH in 2021, but the airdrops have already reached a very high level, and the great uncertainty is exhausting.

These explorations did not allow me to become a practitioner, nor did I make any money. I only felt unwilling to continue to struggle in the currency circle. I found that these are not the real road to DAO, there is nothing really to do, but just like duckweed floating with the market, becoming a wandering gambler.

First contact with PermaDAO

At the end of June 2023, by chance, I saw the recruitment information of PermaDAO, so I rushed in. I originally wanted to take a look at what skills practitioners in the currency circle need to have. I accidentally saw the news that "contributions can be rewarded" and practiced it in the Promotion Guild. I read the gameplay, boarded the ship, and did the Notion tasks.Follow the cat and draw the tiger, I accumulated two records. By Friday, my wallet actually received 0.1 AR Coin.

After running through the entire contribution process, I began to understand some of the concepts and projects, such as PermaDAO, Arweave, evervision, everpay, Permaswap... As I went deeper, I discovered that PermaDAO has gathered a group of small partners to build the Arweave ecosystem. Although you are located all over the world, you can use Notion to coordinate various guilds in an orderly manner, promote the implementation of daily work, hold frequent meetings to discuss community issues and proposals, and continuously evolve the operating rules of the entire organization.

After two weeks of trying, I feel that PermaDAO can answer the three questions I asked in my exploration of the DAO road. This DAO is really doing things, not talking about currency prices, only talking about work. This strengthened my determination to regard this place as my career.

Review and achievements of contributions in DAO

Beginners can start from the Promotion Guild. I posted tasks, took screenshots, and accumulated points on WeChat, Telegram, Discord, and Twitter in a timely manner every day. Although I don’t know how many times I was kicked by various communities during this period, I still stubbornly wanted to let more people see the good articles and new updates in the community. arrive.

Later, I also took the initiative to communicate and participated in more community work. Maintained the Promotion Guild Notion backend, made Discord and Telegram mods, and also tried to write a tutorial on everpay transactions, which also started to contribute to the Content Guild.

Being at the top of the list of contributions for many consecutive weeks gives me the opportunity to become the rotating team leader of the Promotion Guild and provide some services to everyone. Participated in the experience, airdrop and testing activities of community projects, and reported product usage bugs; during this period, I also gave a live class sharing in Dayu’s Digital Tribe community, specifically introducing how to contribute to the PermaDAO community. I should have helped several friends join PermaDAO to build a camp together.

Along the way, I am very glad that I can concentrate on doing the right things in PermaDAO. I have been contributing for nine months. With the deepening of my contribution, I can now achieve a monthly income equivalent to nearly 10,000 RMB. I am not just using my time to save money. A considerable amount of $AR coins were also received in the corresponding $HALO airdrop (HALO is the governance token of PermaDAO and Permaswap). More importantly, I met a group of like-minded friends here who did not talk about currency prices but only talked about DAO friends how to build a better community have also gained a subtle understanding and understanding of the Arweave ecological project every day and every week.

In fact, I think there is a more important point. PermaDAO answered the three questions that I struggled to find at the beginning.

It is PermaDAO that has established a platform built by strangers, allowing friends who are interested and want to do things to gather together and seek common development; it has established a "salary" system that starts from boarding the ship, contributes, and gets incentives, a system that can truly The implemented and long-term implementation of the DAO contribution system gave me the opportunity to transform from a speculator who bought and speculated on coins to a practitioner in the currency circle, and truly opened up my own path to DAO contribution.

Looking back at the DAO picture above again, since the future of work is DAO, moving from the outer circle to the inner circle is the true presentation of our personal value, and it is also the future way out for our personal "work".

My feelings about contributing in PermaDAO

At this point, you may be wondering, is it really feasible to work for a DAO? Is it really possible to copy a monthly income of over 10,000? Are there any opportunities to earn more? Are DAOs suitable for everyone? I can't guarantee the accuracy, but I would like to share some personal feelings.

Clear objectives. Everyone has a purpose in everything they do. PermaDAO was born for the co-construction of the Arweave ecosystem, and we need and hope that more partners will join us to work together towards this goal. But it is not a charity, nor is it a project party that spam airdrops. Here you need to truly come here with contribution and development as your initial motivation, and then find a guild that suits your skills and level to contribute. The guild will give out the rewards you deserve every week based on your personal achievements. If you want to make quick money and plunder wool, sorry, maybe this goal is contrary to the value orientation of the community. You will find that your efforts and rewards are not consistent, and you will not continue to work here for a long time. Therefore, it is important to think clearly about your goals.

Making money is a natural outgrowth of doing the right thing. In DAO, we have to admit that the importance of profit-seeking in human nature also energizes the DAO model of future work. But only by putting things first can we ordinary people not be blinded by interests, and can we hold on to good things and let them fully demonstrate the effect of time compound interest. So only by doing the right thing, the money will naturally follow us, and only the AR coins hoarded with 5 knives will have a chance of multiplying 7 times over time.

Unexpected path gain. Seeing this picture, I suddenly realized that contributing to DAO is actually using time to hoard coins and hoard the future!


The above is my personal exploration of the DAO journey, sorting out the logic and reasons why future work will inevitably move towards the DAO model, as well as what roles individuals can participate in in the future DAO organization, and combined with my personal contribution practice in PermaDAO, to explore We have found a feasible path to DAO, and used the process and results to answer the two questions at the beginning of the article and the three questions I explored on my own DAO journey.

DAOs show emerging promise, but they are still in their early days and have a long way to go before the future of work is realized. The future of work is emerging, and it's going to take unexpected and fascinating directions. We stand at the forefront of the trend and seize the opportunities of the moment!

Finally, if you are interested in joining PermaDAO to explore the road of DAO where contributions are rewards, you can contact me (WeChat: denzii) to take you on board and start your contribution journey.

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