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Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #25: “Quit Your Games” Edition

The Russia/Ukraine crisis has the world talking, and archivists digging this week. Following rising tensions and a web of potential deceptions, and under the shadow of 100,000 Russian troops at the border, the Arweave ecosystem has been gathering and permanently storing documents that will help inform historians of the future.

Important work that secures our future can often be its own reward, as Arweave founder Sam Williams acknowledged this week, alongside a call to come and build innovative applications on top of Arweave.

Let’s look at everything that’s going on in the Arweave ecosystem this week.

I. Arweave Network

5 new Open Web Foundry projects revealed in the third Community Spotlight

A fresh crop of Arweave ecosystem projects are being incubated as part of the sixth installment of Open Web Foundry. Watch to see pitches from 4EVERLAND, Blinds, Uniiku, Shareweave and Ubikom.

Zach Dinan shares in-depth Arweave investment thesis

In a long Twitter thread and post on Substack, investor Zach Dinan shared the bull case for the Arweave token and protocol.

Arweave is cheaper than centralized competitors (namely AMZN) and a cleaner, better aligned pricing model for the purpose of permanent storage vs. decentralized competitors


II. Arweave Ecosystem

Hundreds of thousands of documents from the Ukraine/Russia conflict are archived on the permaweb

Following a $100k flash grant program announced by the Arweave core team, developer Andreas Pirela has built a JS tool to query NewsAPI.org and push each matching story to the permaweb.

Beyond Pirela’s work, Sam Williams confirmed that over 400,000 artifacts from the crisis have been stored on chain, and that Arweave block explorer ViewBlock has built a custom page to explore the uploads.


Joining in the archiving efforts, Bundlr has built a way to rapidly archive relevant tweets and articles:


Arweave Team announces a collaborative Polygon hackathon

Following the Bundlr and Polygon integration announcement, which enabled users and applications to pay for Arweave storage in MATIC tokens, a general web3 dApp hackathon is now underway – again combining Bundlr and Polygon:

The application shall facilitate a bridge for users in Polygon to easily store data into Arweave, packaging them into bundles using a bundler from the bundlr.network app, and dispatching them to the Arweave network.


RSS3 debuts governance, integrates Avalanche

Following its first major token sale, which saw $RSS3 tokens make it into the hands of a wide group of people, RSS3 will undergo its debut DAO governance vote, with an NFT reward for participants. The team announced today on its Notion site how the tokens have been distributed and the voting weight each token type has.

Earlier this week, RSS3 announced content and data indexing for the Avalanche C-Chain, meaning NFTs and activity from AVAX dApps will now appear in a user’s profile feed.

Pianty publishes a new round of quests with $PIA rewards

The second edition of the $PIAdventure launched this week, with new quests across the categories of Discord, social media, and content. Designed to encourage the community to get the word out widely about Pianity, the program follows the first successful round which saw over 100 people complete 500 quests and earn a combined 20,000 $PIA.

Redstone launches SonAR SmartWeave explorer rebrand

RedStone’s SonAR is a way to dig into the activity around SmartWeave contracts and PSTs. Sometimes, it can be hard to stumble upon what’s hot in the ecosystem or get analytics on contract / token activity, but SonAR labels the major Arweave ecosystem contracts to make it easy to read and discover what’s getting used, and how.

Kwil moves to publish updates on their own social network, and launches a decentralized database

Decentralized social media tool Kwil (ex. Ecclesia) has made the team’s Kwil page public, allowing users to interact with the team without the need for centralized services like Twitter. The page will also be used as a way to collect bug bounty submissions.

Just two days ago, Kwil founder Brennan Lamey announced that the custom SQL database that runs Kwil has been made general-purpose and open source. In a thread on Twitter, Lamey explained the database’s inner workings and shared a link to kwildb on npm.


ArDrive now shows file and folder count in the info panel

ArDrive has just released a much-requested feature which makes it easier to know how many files and folders are in a drive.

Solana data live on Dune Analytics

Dune users are now able to dig deep into on-chain data from Solana to build reports and dashboards. For example, an interesting dashboard has already been built comparing the NFT transaction activity across Metaplex, Solsea, Magic Eden, and other marketplaces.

Wisdom Wizards are… hinting at something

Wisdom Wizards, a decentralized leaning management solution on Arweave, has posted a teaser that hints something big could be right around the corner.


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