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Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #20: “Winston Madness” Edition

This week marks the close of the first ever auction where bids were made using Arweave’s AR token – and bidders certainly went crazy to get their hands on one of nine unique Winstons. On Monday Arweave broke 2m daily transactions, the ecosystem breaks records of raising, auctioning, downloads and followers and we’ve definitely broken a record of the amount of the new projects created in the last 3 months.

Not to mention, we’ve collected a list of everyone in the ecosystem we know of who are hiring, so if you’ve wanted to join and leave your job in web2 – this is your chance! Read below to find out what’s happened during this busy week.

I. Arweave Network

On Monday Arweave broke 2m daily unbundled transactions

After a quiet start of the year, Arweave transactions are picking up. This Monday, with 2,780,526 transactions in one day, marks it as the third busiest day of all time. It was also the third busiest week, with over 7.6m transactions total. This is not even counting data uploaded via Bundlr, which regularly exceeds 2m items daily and currently sits at almost 75m total.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

everPay’s Winston Family auction concludes with over 21,000 AR in volume

everPay’s first NFT auction was the first to bridge Arweave and Ethereum to enable bids in AR. Nine cartoon elephants went up for grabs, representing Arweave’s Winston mascot. The most expensive item, Enola, went for 126.8 AR (~$6,500). Beyond proving that the Arweave community will jump right on a Winston-themed NFT drop, everPay proved that their tool can easily facilitate bidding in AR and the bridging of assets from SmartWeave to Ethereum.

See all of the NFTs here.

Sarcophagus raises 5.4m in funding

The decentralized dead man’s switch built atop Arweave and Ethereum, Sarcophagus DAO, closed a 5.4m round of funding this week from investors such as Placeholder, Greenfield One and Arweave. Notably, this round was conducted through the DAO itself, with funding proposals and votes submitted via Aragon, and funds locked into the DAO’s multisig automatically.

Read our full report here.

RSS3 partners with ShowMe

On Thursday, RSS3 announced a partnership with ShowMe to display NFTs and POAPs on a user’s profile.

Evermore becomes a free service and plans to retire the desktop app

With 2022 being a year of them moving in a different direction, Evermore announces that it’s becoming a free for all service. The only costs you pay are to the Arweave network for uploads. The desktop client will be removed but the web based client stays and is free of charge. The support for payments will be removed but you will still have permanent download access to your files and NFTs.

Read more here.

Verto announces new UI

Verto releases a sneak peek of ArConnect’s new UI, which is more closely in key with Verto’s recent rebrand. With swap nearing completion and ArConnect being improved all the time, we’re keeping a close eye on what Verto does next!

Spheron upgrades infrastructure to deliver faster loading times for deployed apps

Spheron (ex ArGo) is testing a faster way to serve web apps to end users, soon to be rolled out to all developers using the platform. Spheron currently offers the simplest way to deploy a full application to Arweave and attach a custom domain, so performance upgrades are yet another bonus.

RedStone’s SmartWeave SDK hits weekly download ATH

RedStone announces a new weekly ATH at 5,700 downloads of their contracts SDK. The package, redstone-smartweave, is currently the most optimized way to interact with SmartWeave contracts and offers an improved testing suite and richer documentation. Read more about the SDK here.

On top of this, RedStone is collecting benchmarks to help continually optimize performance. Their whole product depends on executing SmartWeave contracts as rapidly and efficiently as possible, and this mission helps both them and the Arweave community at large.

Verto prepares state of ecosystem for January 2022

Verto releases its “State of Ecosystem” graph for January 2022. In just three months the amount of projects has almost doubled, from 34 to 63. As Arweave gets faster and easier to build on, and more developers come on board, we’re certain to see this increasing exponentially over time.

Koii breaks 20k followers

On Tuesday, Koii announced breaking 20k followers in less than a year. Koii has had a fantastic year, releasing the final atomic NFT standard, a bridge to Ethereum, a 10k drop in the form of Atomic Zombies, and more!

Job opportunities in the ecosystem

If you want to work in the ecosystem, this is the time as Akord, Bundlr Network, Darkblock.io, Spheron, Pocket Network and RSS3 are all hiring.

Arweave News is now available in 4 languages

Recently, arweave.news has been expanding and some of our articles are now available in Japanese and Russian. We are working hard on translating our most read articles and articles that perform well each week so we can reach even bigger audience. You can keep up with the latest articles on the community led Japanese Twitter and Russian Twitter accounts.

We also have created a section on our homepage for all of our Chinese content which is our most populated section in a non-English language. Like other supported languages, Chinese articles have a community lead Twitter account. You can also join our Discord community to read the articles real time.

In the near future we are planning to expand in other languages too so stay tuned!


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