Arweave Weekly Highlights Week 7

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Arweave Data From Last Week:

The main net has completed a total of 139,076,415 transactions, with a weekly storage achievement of 884.32 GB!

This week's storage cost is 0.858 AR/GiB, with an increase of 553 on-chain addresses!

PermaDAO distributed a total of 132.56 $AR (equivalent to 1596.69 USDC) as contribution incentives last week!

Weekly News Summary

🔥 The transaction volume of Arweave ecosystem exceeds 3 billion!

🔥 Arweave officially launches AO ⁦⁦⁦@aoTheComputer and plans to launch the testnet on February 27th.

🔥 Forward Research releases Universal Data License v0.2 version!

🧵 KYVE introduces supervysor v2 to simplify the synchronization process of the chain.

🧵 Koii Network announces an airdrop for users contributing to the testnet.

🧵 FairProtocol's image model introduces a new image orientation selection feature and a new text model called Mixtral 8x7B.

🧵 ArConnect adds a feature to add contact lists and also supports ArNS!

🧵 Koii Network announces their nodes exceed 15,000.

🧵 RedStone provides price feeds for $ETHx on Silo Finance.

🧵 KYVE announces a partnership with Lava Network, enhancing the efficiency of both node operators.

🧵 RedStone announces support for Blast and modular blockchain Fraxtal.

🧵 Releap Protocol collaborates with Pyth Network and announces having received tokens allocated by Pyth.

🧵 Koii Network partners with UpRock to facilitate UpRock users in earning rewards.

🧵 KYVE integrates WalletConnect, enabling users to easily connect to KYVE Web applications.

Network & Project Updates

1. The transaction volume of Arweave ecosystem exceeds 3 billion

  • It took 1868 days for the transaction volume to increase from 1 to 10 billion; 153 days from 10 to 20 billion; and only 55 days from 20 to 30 billion.


2. Arweave officially launches AO ⁦⁦⁦@aoTheComputer and plans to launch the testnet on February 27th

  • AO is a distributed, decentralized computing environment based on Arweave.

  • It allows any number of parallel processes to coordinate their work in an open, trustless system through message passing.

  • AO can provide nearly limitless computational performance while ensuring minimal trust and verifiability between different systems.


3. Forward Research releases Universal Data License v0.2 version

  • UDL v0.2 introduces the "AI" tag, allowing creators to authorize their works for use in generative AI, while providing the option for creators to explicitly opt in or opt out of AI use cases.

  • Another new feature in v0.2 is "pay-per-access," where creators can profit based on users' content views.

  • Additionally, AI licenses can be traded as atomic assets on Arweave.


4. Irys announces to support upload fees to Irys using USDC on both Polygon and Ethereum.


5. KYVE launches supervysor v2, aiming to simplify the chain synchronization process and ensure higher efficiency for KYVE validators

  • Version 2 optimizes the pruning mechanism and ensures that protocol validators do not need to process any additional data.

  • Version 2 also optimizes configurations, enhancing the protocol's scalability.

6. Koii Network announces allocating 200,000,000 tokens to eligible users as an incentive for their contributions to the testnet!


7. FairProtocol's image model introduces a new image orientation selection feature


8. ArConnect adds a feature to add contact lists and also supports ArNS

  • Additionally, ArConnect has upgraded the user experience for transfers. Users can now directly select recipients from their saved contact list on the send page, saving time and reducing the risk of errors or spelling mistakes.


9. Koii Network announces their nodes exceed 15,000


10. Alex added two new archival pools this week

  • One of them is the "Humanity Through Time Photo Archive," which stores family photos of the archive pool operators and classic photos provided by other community members.


11. Fair Protocol supports new text model Mixtral 8x7B

  • The model was created by @MistralAI, and it performs as well as or better than Llama 2 70B and GPT3.5 in most benchmark tests. It can handle multiple languages and performs excellently on coding tasks.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

1. RedStone announces a partnership with Silo Finance.

  • Silo Finance is a permissionless, isolated lending market. Silo employs isolated pools to create separate lending markets for each token asset.

  • RedStone provides price feeds for $ETHx on Silo Finance.


2. KYVE announces a partnership with Lava Network.

  • Lava is a modular RPC and indexing layer that provides scalable access to any rollup or chain.

  • KYVE can archive and verify chains that use Lava, providing trustless data tools for Lava nodes and builders.

  • Lava can offer RPC and API support for KYVE validators and builders.

  • KYVE and Lava's node operators need to operate on the same chain, allowing them to run on both protocols, maximizing the value of their node management.


3. RedStone announces support for Blast.

  • Blast is an Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins. It achieved a TVL of $1 billion within 35 days and is now preparing for mainnet launch..


4. Releap Protocol has partnered with Pyth Network and announced the acquisition of tokens allocated by Pyth.

  • The acquired Pyth tokens will enable Releap to participate in the governance of the Pyth network and vote on proposals that are most beneficial to both the Pyth and Releap communities.


5. WeaveDB announces a partnership with LearnWeb3 for the second season of the D.I. Hackathon.

  • LearnWeb3 is a free, high-quality full-stack Web 3 developer learning platform.


6. RedStone announces support for the modular blockchain Fraxtal.

  • Fraxtal is a modular blockchain supported by Frax Finance, with unique block space incentive measures.

  • The primary execution environment of Fraxtal is equivalent to an EVM rollup of the OP stack.

  • Users can now utilize the gas-optimized RedStone Core model in Fraxtal.


7. KYVE announces integration with WalletConnect, allowing users to easily connect to KYVE Web applications from anywhere.

  • Kelpr Mobile, Cosmostation Wallet, and Leap Mobile are now supported.


8. Koii Network announces a partnership with UpRock.

  • UpRock combines human expertise with AI to provide users with easy-to-use cryptographic tools and AI agents, simplifying the complexity of the Web3 economy, optimizing users' digital asset management, and offering features such as earnings and savings.

  • The collaboration with Koii enables UpRock users to automatically complete Koii's data tasks and earn money through their smartphones.


Ecosystem Education / Annual Summaries of Various Projects

1. ar.io published an article titled What is Permanent Data.

  • Characteristics of permanent data: open source, permissionless, verified, replicated (never deletable).

  • Advantages of building permanent data: open source, permissionless, and composable, no silos of data, self-sovereign data access, addressability of data.


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