Arweave Weekly Highlights Week 6

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Arweave's data from last week: The mainnet completed a total of 156,861,580 transactions, achieving 2.79 TiB of storage in a single week.

This week, the storage cost is 0.858 AR/GiB, and there has been an increase of 648 on-chain addresses.

PermaDAO distributed a total of 275.67 $AR last week (equivalent to 2348.37 USDC) as contribution incentives.

Weekly News Summary

🔥 Starpower launches Genesis NFT event.

🔥 PermaDAO airdrops $HALO tokens to core contributors to governance guilds.

🧵 Fair Protocol celebrates its first anniversary.

🧵 ArDrive adds functionality to hide files.

🧵 ReadON announces collaboration with Satoshi Universe.

🧵 Alex's first Poolathon pool is now online!

🧵 RSS3 unveils the 2024 roadmap.

🧵 WeaveDB unveils the 2024 roadmap.

🧵 ar.io network releases whitepaper.

🧵 PermaDAO launches New Year lottery event.

🧵 KYVE announces integration with XDEFI Wallet.

🧵 Irys announces Irys SDK support for Privy.

🧵 RedStone announces support for Gearbox V3.

🧵 Koii Network surpasses 8000 nodes.

🧵 Arweave network's TPS sees a significant increase.

🧵 Weavers community developers launch Bounty-Bot.

🧵 Akord announces partnership with Dogelon Mars.

🧵 HackMD to launch a new commenting system on February 20.

🧵 BazAR launches Ethereum gas price widget on Atomic Assets.

🧵 GlacierDB's on-chain CRUD transactions reach 3,000,000.

🧵 Adot partners with BITEET to explore BTC Layer2 and AI integration possibilities.

🧵 Sturdy launches Sturdy V2, RedStone provides price feed service for $swETH.

🧵 Silo Labs introduces new lending market, RedStone provides price feed service for $weETH.

🧵 RedStone partners with Morpho Labs to provide data feed service for $osETH and $eETH.

🧵 4EVERLAND collaborates with iZUMi Finance, Mdex, SWFT Bridge, Relation, C2.WORLD, and Adot to offer 4EVERLAND RaaS services.

Network & Project Updates

  1. ArDrive adds functionality to hide files.

    • Since data stored on Arweave cannot be deleted, ArDrive offers the ability to hide files when users no longer wish to see them.


  2. Alex's first Poolathon pool is now online!

    • The theme of this pool is primarily about the "2024 Salvadoran elections."


  3. RSS3 unveils the roadmap for 2024.

    • Launch the mainnet Alpha version in the first quarter: Introduce Alpha nodes and tokenomics, release RSS3 VSL.

    • Launch mainnet beta version by the end of April 2024: Introduce Public Good Node, introduce charity pool, and integrate VSL with Celestia.

    • Fully deploy the mainnet by the end of June 2024: Launch permissionless service nodes, establish a complete token economy, and introduce a grant focusing on open information.

    • Starting from the third quarter: Focus on enhancing nodes, building transparent social information flow algorithms, equipping modular and vertical search engines, and constructing decentralized/localized AI models.


  4. PermaDAO airdrops $HALO tokens to core contributors to management guilds.

    • Airdropped $HALO tokens to everPay NFT holders in January this year, marking the second round of $HALO token airdrops.

    • Currently, $HALO tokens can only be used for staking to run nodes and voting governance for DAO transactions.


  5. Koii Network surpasses 8000 nodes.

    • Koii Network is a decentralized knowledge open and infinite interconnection network built on Arweave, featuring censorship resistance, high scalability, extremely low gas fees, and more.

    • Anyone with a laptop or desktop can provide additional computing power and become a node, earning certain rewards.


  6. BazAR launches the atomic asset "Ethereum gas price widget."

    • This "Ethereum gas price widget" reflects prices in real time.


  7. GlacierDB's on-chain CRUD transaction volume reaches 3,000,000.

    • Glacier aims to build a composable, modular, and scalable L2 data network for large-scale Dapps. GlacierDB is a high-performance decentralized database built by Glacier.

    • GlacierDB's CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) transaction volume reaches 3,000,000.


  8. Arweave network's TPS sees a significant increase.

    • Since November 2023, the average TPS of the Arweave network has been around 200 TPS.


  9. WeaveDB announces the roadmap for 2024.

    • The roadmap includes launching the WeaveChain mainnet and FPJSON, introducing the Jots protocol and WeavePoint protocol, launching Weave Rollup, introducing the $WDB token, and more.


  10. HackMD to launch a brand new commenting system on February 20.

    • Updates and optimizations include: optimizing the side panel, enhancing comment notification feature, adding emoji functionality to comments, extending the comment character limit, and more.


  11. Fair Protocol celebrates its one-year anniversary.

    • Fair Protocol is a decentralized protocol for open-sourcing AI models, aiming to provide fair rewards to all participants to address content monetization issues.


  12. Starpower launches Genesis NFT event.

    • The event runs from 1:00 PM on February 7th to 1:00 PM on February 17th (UTC).

    • Users earn points by completing tasks and will receive exclusive rewards from Starpower.


  13. ar.io network releases a whitepaper.

    • The whitepaper is titled "Network & Token."

    • It details Arweave and permaweb, gateways and network architecture, IO tokenomics, and incentive mechanisms.


  14. Weavers community developers launch Bounty-Bot.

    • Bounty-Bot is an interactive 3D tool. Interaction link: here.


  15. PermaDAO initiates a New Year lottery event.

    • In 2023, PermaDAO grew to over 5000+ community users and had 400+ onboarded contributors to the Arweave DAO.

    • On the eve of the Chinese New Year, the community initiated a New Year lottery event, where lucky winners will receive PermaDAO-themed T-shirts.


  16. Irys announces its Irys SDK supports Privy.

    • Privy is a simple toolkit for progressive identity verification in Web3.

    • Irys uses Privy as a provider and does not limit users to embedded wallets; users can still choose to log in with any EVM-based external wallet.

    • With Privy support, users can log in using email addresses, upload files to Irys at any time, sign upload transactions with private wallets, and view photo sources generated using the Irys query package.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

  1. 4EVERLAND collaborates with iZUMi Finance, Mdex, SWFT Bridge, Relation, C2.WORLD, and Adot to provide 4EVERLAND RaaS services.

    • 4EVERLAND's Rollup Stack not only offers enhanced scalability but also diversified functionalities and support services.

    • Collaboration with these excellent projects will generate synergies, better supporting 4EVERLAND's customers and the users of its partner projects.


  2. ReadON announces collaboration with Satoshi Universe.

    • Satoshi Universe is a gaming project within the Linea ecosystem.


  3. Akord announces partnership with Dogelon Mars, bringing the power of Arweave to its community.

    • Dogelon Mars boLayer 2asts nearly 200k independent holders of ELON tokens, spans multiple blockchains, and has its unique comic series, making it one of the most robust web3 communities.

    • Through the partnership, Akord provides Dogelon Mars with permanent NFT storage, token-gated access, and minting atomic NFTs functionalities.


  4. Sturdy launches Sturdy V2, with RedStone providing price feed service for its $swETH.

    • Sturdy is a modular lending protocol that enables anyone to create a liquid money market for any token within hours. By adopting a novel two-tier architecture, Sturdy can isolate risks between funding pools without causing liquidity fragmentation.


  5. Silo Labs introduces a new lending market, with RedStone providing price feed service for its $weETH.

    • Silo Labs is a lending market on Ethereum and Arbitrum, currently with 408 $weETH deposited, 261 $weETH available for borrowing, and a market utilization rate of 6%.


  6. Adot announces partnership with BITEET to explore the possibility of combining BTC Layer2 with AI.

    • BITEET is a decentralized on-chain indexer for BTC Layer2.


  7. KYVE announces integration with XDEFI Wallet.

    • XDEFI Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports 200+ blockchains. This integration extends the accessibility of the KYVE ecosystem to XDEFI's 200k+ users.


  8. RedStone announces support for Gearbox V3.

    • Gearbox is a decentralized leverage protocol on Ethereum, allowing users to leverage across various DeFi applications.

    • RedStone provides price feed services with gas optimization and high-performance Core models.


  9. RedStone announces partnership with Morpho Labs to provide data feed service for its $osETH and $eETH.

    • Morpho Labs is a novel lending protocol on Ethereum that can match suppliers and borrowers directly, connecting to existing lending pools.


Ecological Education

  1. Forward Research releases "Principles of Alex".

    • Artifacts are uploaded to Arweave through Pools. Anyone can create a Pool for any topic/event, becoming a Pool operator.

    • Anyone can fund their favorite Pool with $AR to cover the cost of Pool operators uploading Artifacts.


  2. Kwil publishes "Introduction to Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Postgres Technology".

    • Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Postgres technology combines Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithms and the PostgreSQL database engine.

    • Byzantine fault tolerance is a distributed system technology that allows networks to operate and maintain without mutual trust. PostgreSQL is an advanced open-source relational database engine capable of storing data in structured tables.

    • Combining these two technologies can build a database system that achieves data strong consistency and fault tolerance, providing the possibility of building a trusted digital infrastructure.


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