Arweave Weekly Highlights Week 4

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Arweave's data from last week: The mainnet completed a total of 113,284,059 transactions, achieving 1 TiB of storage in a single week.

This week, the storage cost is 0.858 AR/GiB, and there has been an increase of 635 on-chain addresses.

PermaDAO distributed a total of 493.91 $AR last week (equivalent to 4381.5 USDC) as contribution incentives.

Weekly News Summary

🔥 everPay DApp Center is live!

🔥 Permaswap initiates the HALO test network and airdrops HALO test tokens.

🧵 Moss rolled out the Task Center.

🧵 MEM releases the initial version of the MEM SDK.

🧵 Koii Network surpasses 5000 nodes.

🧵 Hack The Weave hackathon registration is open.

🧵 Alex has stored over 48,000 artifacts.

🧵 4EVERLAND introduces the latest service, 4EVERLAND RaaS.

🧵 WeaveDB releases zkJSON, seamlessly connecting off-chain data and the blockchain.

🧵 Artist Hamsa is uploading an upcoming song to ArDrive.

🧵 Permaswap hints at open-sourcing the app's source code.

🧵 everPay undergoes comprehensive application performance testing, achieving 500 transactions/second (TPS).

🧵 RedStone provides Manta Network with the feed function for $wUSDM.

🧵 RedStone offers feed services for Angle's C3M ETF (Eurozone government bond ETF).

🧵 RedStone and DeltaPrime jointly celebrate their first anniversary.

🧵 Adot partners with Bayes Protocol.

🧵 Adot integrates Tonkeeper and JoyID wallets.

🧵 ReadON launches ShareON on the Ton blockchain.

🧵 ReadON collaborates with LINE NEXT to launch an official store on DOSI.

🧵 Starpower introduces 10,000 virtual STARPOWER mining machines for free.

🧵 GlacierDB's on-chain CRUD transactions reach 2,000,000.

🧵 MoveSpace and Glacier integrate AI into the BNB chain ecosystem.

🧵 KYVE archives and verifies over 11 million blocks of Axelar Network.

🧵 AR.IO testnet progresses with testing the Observation and Incentive Protocol (OIP).

Network & Project Updates

  1. Moss rolled out the Task Center.

    • Moss is a social cloud storage project launched by 4EVERLAND.

    • Users can earn points by completing daily and achievement tasks, which can be used to get benefits.


  2. MEM releases the initial version of the MEM SDK.

    • The initial MEM SDK makes it easier to read and write MEM functions in server-side or front-end code.

    • For usage examples and Next.js samples, check out the article: MEM SDK Announcement


  3. Artist Hamsa uploads an upcoming song to ArDrive.

    • Artist Hams releases 500 limited edition music NFTs titled Prophet Motive, permanently stored on Arweave using ArDrive.


  4. Koii Network surpasses 5000 nodes.

    • Koii Network is a decentralized knowledge open and infinitely interconnected network built on Arweave, featuring censorship resistance, high scalability, and extremely low gas fees.

    • Anyone with a laptop or desktop can contribute additional computing power by becoming a node, earning certain profits.


  5. Permaswap hints at open-sourcing the app's source code.

    • Permaswap, the only decentralized exchange in the current Arweave ecosystem, advocating transparency and decentralized fund management, is preparing to open-source the app's source code.


  6. everPay undergoes comprehensive application performance testing.

    • everPay's TPS can achieve 500 transactions/second.

    • everPay can withstand network pressure of 2 million transactions per hour and can upload 2.1 million transactions to Arweave within 4 hours.


  7. WeaveDB releases zkJSON, seamlessly connecting off-chain data and the blockchain.

    • zkJSON is an innovative solution bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, allowing off-chain data to be easily accessed and verified from smart contracts.

    • Implementation of zkJSON and zkDB unlocks various use cases, including decentralized data infrastructure solutions, decentralized Web2 alternatives, addressing enterprise security and privacy issues, and eliminating data silos.


  8. Permaswap launches the HALO test network and airdrops HALO test tokens to everPay NFT holders.

    • PermaDAO is a collaborative DAO within the Arweave ecosystem. Previously, a technical sharing session was held in the community to introduce HALO test tokens, providing insights into HALO tokens and how to operate router nodes.

    • Permaswap airdrops 86,206 HALO tokens to each everPay NFT holder.

    • HALO tokens serve as the test tokens for Permaswap's test network, allowing holders to stake them for running router nodes and earning rewards.


  9. Starpower introduces 10,000 virtual STARPOWER mining machines for free.

    • Starpower, a virtual power plant project in collaboration with Arweave, aims to create a sustainable environment and reduce carbon emissions.

    • Starpower will offer 10,000 virtual STARPOWER mining machines for free on Solana to supporters of the project.


  10. Hack The Weave hackathon registration is open.

    • Hack The Weave is a two-week virtual hackathon designed to create the most valuable gathering place for developers, designers, and regular users in the Arweave ecosystem, fostering projects and nurturing entrepreneurs.

    • More details will be announced in the future. Registration link: Learn More.


  11. GlacierDB's on-chain CRUD transaction volume reaches 2,000,000.

    • Glacier is a project building a composable, modular, and scalable L2 data network for large-scale Dapps. GlacierDB is a high-performance decentralized database built by Glacier.

    • GlacierDB's CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) transaction volume has reached 2,000,000.


  12. everPay DApp Center is live!

    • The everPay DApp Center Beta version was launched on January 22, 2024. It already hosts applications like ANS, ARIS, Permaswap, PermaDAO, WeWeave, Metaforo, and 4EVERLAND.


  13. KYVE archives and verifies over 11 million blocks of Axelar Network.

    • Axelar is a universal coverage network securely connecting all blockchain ecosystems, applications, assets, and users to provide interoperability for Web3.

    • KYVE provides the KSYNC tool, allowing the Axelar ecosystem to easily synchronize all blocks while minimizing time, resources, and dependence on centralized or unreliable data sources.


  14. AR.IO testnet has new progress, currently testing the Observation and Incentive Protocol (OIP).

    • AR.IO has open-sourced the gateway node software, introduced the gateway address registry, developed the ArNS application, and is now testing the Observation and Incentive Protocol—a protocol to incentivize gateway operators to join and maintain the network.


  15. 4EVERLAND introduces the latest service, 4EVERLAND RaaS.

    • 4EVERLAND RaaS is an integrated high-performance Rollup blockchain solution, providing users with a flexible, high-performance Rollup service, significantly reducing gas fees.

    • 4EVERLAND RaaS focuses on providing customized Rollup solutions for specific use cases, built using heterogeneous and modular technology stacks, and will introduce Arweave as a data availability layer, combined with the industry-standard Celestia to further reduce costs.


  16. Alex has stored over 48,000 artifacts.

    • Alex is a decentralized archive on Arweave, storing over 48,000 archive files, including various interesting thematic archive pools.


  17. ReadON launches ShareON on the Ton blockchain.

    • ShareON, launched by ReadON, is a new Telegram mini-application designed to reward users for spreading quality content.


Project Cooperation & Integration

  1. RedStone provides the feed function for $wUSDM to Manta Network.

    • USDM is an ERC20 token primarily backed by short-term US Treasury bonds, offering global investors the opportunity to share in the yield of US Treasury bonds.

    • Wrapped USDM, or wUSDM, is an income-generating stablecoin. Users can deposit USDC on Manta Pacific to obtain wUSDM for investing in US Treasury bonds and earning profits.

    • RedStone's push and pull models support $wUSDM price feeds.


  2. Adot integrates Tonkeeper Wallet and JoyID Wallet.

    • Tonkeeper is a user-friendly wallet application that supports the TON blockchain.

    • JoyID is a Web3 universal account protocol designed to lower the barrier for mass adoption, making it a wallet truly user-friendly for non-encrypted users.


  3. ReadON collaborates with LINE NEXT to launch an official store on DOSI.

    • LINE NEXT is the NFT subsidiary of the Japanese social giant Line, dedicated to developing and expanding the global NFT ecosystem.

    • DOSI is LINE NEXT's digital commerce platform. ReadON showcases Finschia-based digital art on the DOSI platform, introducing NFT artworks named "DOSI Cattos" with ReadON elements.


  4. RedStone and DeltaPrime jointly host an event, celebrating their first anniversary of collaboration.

    • DeltaPrime is a decentralized lending and investment platform in the Avalanche ecosystem.

    • Users have the opportunity to earn RSG by completing on-chain tasks within the DeltaPrime application!


  5. Adot collaborates with Bayes Protocol to explore the fusion of AI and Web3 applications.

    • Bayes Protocol is an AI-driven, scalable Web3 modular infrastructure connecting the AI world through Bitcoin nomenclature.

    • In the future, Adot and Bayes Protocol will work together to explore the integration of AI and Web3 applications, leveraging valuable data to discover new collaboration opportunities.


  6. RedStone provides a price feed service for Angle's C3M ETF (Eurozone Government Bonds ETF).

    • Angle is a decentralized stablecoin protocol. Since the V2 version, it has allocated its Euro stablecoin agEUR reserve to the bC3M ETF launched by Backed Finance, providing risk-free returns to all agEUR holders.

    • After integrating with RedStone, a daily price feed service for C3M ETF is provided at noon, ensuring its platform and users have access to the latest and reliable data.


  7. MoveSpace and Glacier collaborate to integrate AI into the BNB Chain ecosystem.

    • MoveSpace is an AI-driven Web3 business assessment and data labeling platform, utilizing the Glacier Vector database for vector data management in the BNB Chain ecosystem.


Ecological Education

  1. Only Arweave releases the "Helix Atomic Asset Upload Guide."

    • Step 1: Create an Arweave wallet and connect to Helix (the tool for uploading atomic assets).

    • Step 2: Upload files (metadata).

    • Step 3: Optionally add UDL (Universal Data License).

    • Step 4: Obtain ArDrive Turbo points to pay for storage fees and complete the upload.


  2. BazAR Knowledge Promotion: "5 Ways to Upload Atomic Assets to Arweave."

    • Use the Helix atomic asset upload tool.

    • Use Akord's Atomic NFT minting tool.

    • Use Arcadia's upload tool.

    • Use Fair to upload generated art, automatically saved as atomic assets.

    • Use Alex's upload tool.


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