Arweave Weekly Highlights Week 14|ArNS(Arweave Name System) integrated into AO Testnet, $TRUNK token listed on everPay and Permaswap

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Arweave Weekly Data: The mainnet has processed a total of 135,400,360 transactions, achieving 969.42 GiB of storage in a single week.

This week, the storage cost is 0.748 AR/GiB, and there has been an increase of 810 on-chain addresses.

PermaDAO distributed a total of 110.87 $AR last week (equivalent to 3,465.26 USDC) as contribution incentives.

Weekly News Highlights

🔥 Arweave Name System (ArNS) integrated into the AO testnet.

🔥 $TRUNK token officially listed on everPay and Permaswap.

🧵 Messages sent on the AO testnet surpassed 14 million!

🧵 Permaswap launches AOCRED/AR liquidity mining campaign.

🧵 PermaDAO launches AO series public lectures.

🧵 The first native AO wallet, aoWebWallet, goes live.

🧵 3D Arena Game, a full-chain game based on AO, has been released.

🧵 BetterIDEa adds its IDE repository to Protocol.Land.

🧵 Starpower pre-sale for smart plugs goes live.

🧵 Starpower announces collaboration with ALIENX to shape the future of digital assets.

🧵 RedStone provides data feeding services for $sUSDe and $USDe to Ethena Labs.

🧵 RedStone, a Gelato Network-based oracle, efficiently provides data sources for Reya.

🧵 RedStone supports Opal with liquidity staking and re-staking token price feeds.

🧵 Mask Network donates $MASK tokens to the HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab.

🧵 Kyve migrating Rollchains' historical data to Arweave.

🧵 Kyve verifying and archiving Noble's historical chain data to Arweave.

🧵 Glacier Network announces integration partnership with SPACE ID.

🧵 Adot collaborates with DCPTG to explore AI applications in Web3.

🧵 Alex explores support for AgentFi built on AO.

🧵 Moss Drive now open to everyone without invite codes.

🧵 ArDrive supports adding Creative Commons licenses when uploading data to Arweave.

Network & Project Progress

  1. The first native AO wallet goes live.

    • aoWebWallet is the first native AO wallet for securely managing AO digital assets.

    • Users can view progress and balances by importing aos.json wallet files.


  2. 3D Arena Game, based on AO, has been released.

    • Developed by active AO developer Simon, 3D Arena Game features characters, actions, and character progression entirely on-chain.


  3. PermaDAO initiates AO series public lectures.

    • Session 1: Origins and Current Status of Arweave & AO, AOS Practical Demonstration;

    • Session 2: Web3 Full-Stack Development Practical - AO Edition, Building DEX on AO;

    • Session 3: Practical Applications of AO, AO Twitter Development.


  4. Messages sent on the AO testnet have surpassed 14 million!


  5. $TRUNK token officially listed on everPay and Permaswap.

    • Users can deposit $TRUNK into everPay.

    • Permaswap has opened $TRUNK/$CRED, allowing anyone to trade.


  6. Permaswap initiates AOCRED/AR liquidity mining campaign.

    • Duration: April 3rd (UTC) - April 18th (UTC);

    • Reward Pool: 15,000 HALO;

    • Allocation Rules: Rewards will be evenly distributed over time, releasing 1000 $HALO daily. LPs providing liquidity for AOCRED/AR will share rewards based on trading volume.


  7. Starpower opens pre-sale for smart plugs.

    • Starpower's smart plugs track energy usage from virtual power plants, balance the grid, and reward owners with $STAR tokens to recognize their contribution to renewable energy.


  8. RedStone acts as an oracle for Reya by leveraging Gelato Network functionalities.

    • Reya Network's first trading-optimized modular L2 brings deep liquidity, high performance, and capital efficiency to DeFi traders and liquidity providers.

    • Gelato Network is a protocol focusing on automating Ethereum smart contracts.


  9. Mask Network announces donation of $MASK tokens to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Crypto-Fintech Lab (HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab).

    • This is the first cryptocurrency donation accepted by the HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab, to support blockchain research and education.


  10. Kyve is verifying and archiving historical chain data from Noble onto Arweave.

    • Noble is an application chain built for issuing native assets and Cosmos's limitless blockchain communication (IBC) ecosystem.


  11. BetterIDEa adds its IDE repository to Protocol.Land.

    • Protocol.Land is a decentralized code collaboration platform that addresses issues of interruptions and audits common in centralized systems.

    • BetterIDEa is a next-generation IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tailored for the AO ecosystem, providing Web3 developers with an online platform similar to Colab.


  12. Kyve is migrating the historical data of Rollchains to Arweave.

    • Each Cosmos chain integrated with Rollchains modules will have all its historical data migrated to Arweave through KYVE in a simplified, decentralized manner, achieving superior scalability.


  13. Alex is attempting to support AgentFi built on AO.

    • AI agents can be trained based on this data and link historical headlines from Alex with real-time data, enabling agents to understand developments that may affect economic behavior fully.


  14. RedStone announces support for Opal by providing a series of liquidity staking and restaking token price feeds.

    • Opal is an Ethereum protocol that facilitates the positive flywheel of Balancer ecosystem liquidity through Omnipools, allowing single asset deposits to gain exposure to multiple pools via an LP token.


  15. Ar.io's domain system ArNS has been integrated into the AO network.

    • Integration of Arweave Name System (ArNS) into AO enables easy referencing of any process, data, or owner using user-friendly ArNS names, avoiding the use of long strings of random characters for referencing.

    • ArNS names are transferable, scalable, and feature-resistant to censorship, searchable via Google and more.

    • The ArNS-AO registry accesses AOS through the ArNS blueprint, using TTL to fetch and cache the latest ownership/data pointer information, facilitating referencing process IDs, SmartWeave IDs, owners, or data pointers for any name.


  16. ArDrive supports adding Creative Commons licenses when uploading data to Arweave.

    • Creative Commons is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people develop and sustain a thriving culture of shared knowledge and creativity to address the world's most pressing challenges and create a brighter future for everyone.


  17. Moss Drive is now open to everyone without an invitation code.

    • Experience Moss Drive without the hassle of invitation codes, each user will receive their own unlimited permanent invitation code to track referrals.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

  1. Adot establishes a partnership with DCPTG to explore the application of artificial intelligence in Web3.

    • DCPTG is driven by intelligent algorithms, focusing on digital financial trading to create a trillion-dollar artificial intelligence-driven quantitative market.


  2. Starpower announces collaboration with ALIENX to shape the future of digital assets.

    • ALIENX is a high-performance blockchain driven by AI nodes, aiming to become the blockchain infrastructure for NFTs and gaming.


  3. RedStone announces collaboration with Mantle ecosystem's Ethena Labs to provide data-feeding services for its $sUSDe and $USDe.

    • Ethena is a synthetic dollar protocol built on Ethereum, providing a crypto-native solution for currencies independent of traditional banking system infrastructure, along with a globally accessible USD-denominated savings tool - "Internet Bonds".


  4. Glacier Network announces integration partnership with SPACE ID.

    • SPACE ID is a one-stop platform for discovering, registering, trading, and managing Web3 domains.


Ecosystem Education

  1. Mind Network releases "March 2024 Monthly Review".

    • The latest feature introduced: Restaking.

    • Participation in ETHDenver and ETHTaipei events.

    • Hosting 2 #Mind101 conferences, spreading knowledge about Restake, AI, and DePIN.


  2. AO official tweet publishes "AgentFi: Real Cases of Crypto x AI".

    • Agent-based finance (AgentFi) is an economic system utilizing blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to popularize and apply smart contracts.

    • AgentFi offers comprehensive smart financial services, including automated portfolio management, algorithmic trading, and intelligent financial strategy execution, realizing the trustless nature of DeFi.

    • Through AgentFi, AI-based intelligent agents will become key to global economic activities, capable of executing financial decisions and strategies fully trustlessly on the blockchain.


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