Arweave Weekly Highlights Week 13 | Sam will announce the same important news as AO, the total number of everPay addresses exceeds 35,000

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Arweave's data from last week: The mainnet completed a total of 149,858,754 transactions, achieving 740.53 GiB of storage in a single week.

This week, the storage cost is 0.885 AR/GiB, and there has been an increase of 2,001 on-chain addresses.

PermaDAO distributed a total of 117.85 $AR last week (equivalent to 4,879.96 USDC) as contribution incentives.

Weekly News Summary

🔥 Sam said that he will release news as big as AO!

🔥 The number of messages sent by the AO test network exceeded 12 million!

🔥 everPay announced that the number of users registered for EverID exceeds 35,000!

🧵 Irys announced the merger of nodes to optimize the developer experience.

🧵 WeaveDB has integrated the CosmWasm smart contract platform into AO and released cosmwasm-ao.

🧵 Sarcophagus created 3 sarcophagi containing prizes on Polygon!

🧵 Permaswap now supports 1:1 exchange of $MAP and $MAPO.

🧵 Inscrib3 said that the Inspip platform combines BTC and Arweave technology.

🧵 Sarcophagus announced its integration with CacheLegal, the project’s first integrated product.

🧵 Adot announced a partnership with GM Network.

🧵 4EVERLAND announced a cooperation agreement with Marina.

🧵 KYVE announced the integration of Rollchians, allowing Comos chain data to be transferred to the Arweave ecosystem.

🧵 Nearly 60,000 $AOCRED has been deposited into everPay as LP.

🧵 4EVERLAND supports permanent storage of IPFS data into Arweave.

🧵 RedStone announced the integration of zkLink Nova.

Network & Project Updates

  1. Arweave founder Sam said that an event as big as AO will be released soon!

    • Sam’s tweet reads: The new Cyberspace will be built on Arweave.


  2. The AO testnet has sent 12 million messages.


  3. everPay announced that the number of users signed up for EverID exceeded 35,000.

    • Among them, more than 10,000 users have registered EverID with their email addresses.


  4. Irys announced the merger of Node 1 and Node 2.

    • This node merger optimizes the developer experience, and developers no longer need to separately manage the mainnet node balance.

    • This merger is backward compatible and you can continue to use existing URLs and SDKs.


  5. WeaveDB announced that the CosmWasm smart contract platform has been integrated into AO and released cosmwasm-ao.

    • CosmWasm is a smart contract platform built specifically for the Cosmos ecosystem that enables developers to write smart contracts and execute them using the Rust programming language.

    • cosmwasm-ao (CWAO) tool, which allows developers to easily build smart contracts using Rust on AO.


  6. Permaswap announced that nearly 60,000 $AOCRED has been deposited into everPay.


  7. Sarcophagus created 3 sarcophagi on Polygon!

    • Users who successfully open and reconstruct three sarcophagi will receive prizes!


  8. Weavers releases new bounty task, you can win 2 AR by creating [ ar.io ] meme.


  9. Permaswap now supports 1:1 exchange of $MAP and $MAPO.

    • everPay has been integrated with the MAP protocol mainnet and has enabled the deposit and withdrawal of the mainnet token $MAPO.


  10. 4EVERLAND announced support for permanently storing IPFS data in Arweave.

    • Use the CID of IPFS to transfer the data to 4EVERLAND, and then synchronize it to Arweave. You can immediately receive the hash value of Arweave and use the hash to access the data.


  11. Inscrib3 stated that the Inspip platform combines BTC and Arweave technologies.

    • inscib3 is a new BTC-focused team of developers and web3 natives to drive innovation and create use cases that drive the Bitcoin narrative forward.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

  1. Sarcophagus announces integration with CacheLegal, that is the project’s first integrated product.

    • CacheLegal is an application created specifically for legal professionals to manage their clients' sensitive files while protecting them from third-party exposure.

    • Sarcophagus is a decentralized Dead Man's Switch(DMS) application built on Ethereum and Arweave that provides data recovery or transfer services in the event that a user becomes incapacitated, dies, or cannot access their data.


  2. RedStone announced that it will provide $GHO price feed service for Gearbox Protocol.

    • $GHO is a decentralized over-collateralized stablecoin created by the Aave team with a price feed created by RedStone in July 2023.

    • Gearbox Protocol is a composable leverage protocol that integrates lending and brokerage into the same protocol.


  3. RedStone announces integration with Etherlink.

    • Etherlink is an L2 solution built on Tezos that is compatible with EVM.


  4. Adot announced cooperation with GM Network.

    • GM Network is the first gas-free modular L2 and DePIN component dedicated to generative personal AI agents built on Altlayer and Eigenlayer.


  5. RedStone announced that it will provide $ezETH price feed service on the BNB chain for Kinza Finance.

    • Kinza Finance is a decentralized lending protocol powered by Binance with a current TVL of $300 million and built-in participation incentives.


  6. 4EVERLAND announces collaboration with the Marina Protocol.

    • Marina Protocol is a global Web 3.0 education platform that provides users new to blockchain and Web 3.0 with easy-to-use content and interfaces for activities such as mining, staking, and transfers.


  7. KYVE announced the integration of Rollchians, allowing Comos chain data to be transferred to the Arweave ecosystem.

    • Through Celestia, each Cosmos chain integrating the Rollchains module will transfer all its historical data into the Arweave ecosystem in a simplified and decentralized manner through KYVE, thereby achieving scalability.


  8. RedStone announced the integration of zkLink Nova.

    • zkLink Nova is an aggregated Layer 3 zkEVM Rollup network that integrates Ethernet and its L2 into a secure, low-cost, EVM-compatible platform to simplify smart contract creation and interoperable asset trading.


Ecological Education

  1. PermaDAO Tweet - “The Future of AO — An Application Consensus Interaction System with infinite scalibility”.

    • This blog post was compiled by AO founder Sam and outprog's Space. It introduces the history, design and improvement process of AO and other details.


  2. ArDrive Tweet - "Can you store private data on the blockchain?"

    • With ArDrive, you get end-to-end encryption on Arweave, a blockchain purpose-built for storing data.


  3. Only Arweave Tweet – ‘’Provide some quick-fire concepts for those new to the Arweave ecosystem‘’.

    • Bundling: Bundle transactions and publish them to Arwevae to improve TPS;

    • Permaweb: websites built on Arweave;

    • Atomic assets: smart contracts + metadata + image data are all on Arweave.


  4. Akord Tweet – “How to get free storage on Arweave?”


  5. 0rbit Tweet - "How to use price feed on AO using 0rbit?"

    • Users need to create a bot to respond to their query for token prices, using 0rbit's ao process and the CoinGecko API to get the data.


  6. Liteseed Tweet Guide – “Quickstart with building on Arweave using Liteseed”.

    • Liteseed Network is a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) used to upload data to Arweave.


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