Arweave Weekly Highlights Week 12 | Network Transaction Volume Surpasses 4 Billion, AO Testnet Messages Reach 10 Million

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Arweave's data from last week: The mainnet completed a total of 170,828,617 transactions, achieving 826.08 GiB of storage in a single week.

This week, the storage cost is 1.07 AR/GiB, and there has been an increase of 823 on-chain addresses.

PermaDAO distributed a total of 98.37 $AR last week (equivalent to 3,516.34 USDC) as contribution incentives.

Weekly News Summary

🔥 The messages sent by the AO testnet have surpassed 10 million!

🔥 Arweave's total transaction volume has surpassed 4 billion transactions.

🔥 Permaswap has launched the $AOCRED/$AR trading pair.

🧵 everPay announces collaboration with TokenPocket for mutual integration.

🧵 everPay v2.0 officially launched, followed by the launch of $AOCRED assets and the initiation of the EverID registration for the airdrop campaign.

🧵 PermaDAO's development guild has completed the Chinese version of the AO Cookbook.

🧵 PermaDAO initiates the AO-themed X Space event, with Sam and Outprog as guests.

🧵 ArDrive announces partnership with Inscrib3.

🧵 Glacier Network announces collaboration with CESS.

🧵 Glacier Network launches revolutionary product — GlacierDA.

🧵 Mask Network plans to launch a staking program.

🧵 WeaveVM is recruiting senior EVM engineers.

🧵 Irys announces upcoming node mergers to simplify developer experience.

🧵 Omni X migrates NFTs to Arweave via Irys.

🧵 0rbit releases bounty tasks to build a news aggregation bot, with a reward of 500 $0RBT.

🧵 Moss announces support for payments via everPay, and launches the everPay app center.

🧵 Adot announces partnerships with CEEX, zksMarket, ECHOOO, and Sage AI.

🧵 AlphaKEK.AI is set to land on the Arweave ecosystem.

🧵 BazAR launches AI art collection "Weavers".

🧵 KYVE has archived and verified Osmosis's 2TB historical data.

🧵 Starpower launches a mobile app and initiates "pre-mining" activities.

🧵 MEM's ERC20 cross-chain bridge smart contracts have passed security audits.

🧵 DataOS adds features to view token allocations, transaction transfers, messages, and token balances.

🧵 Arweave India community initiates Arweave India Launchpad event.

🧵 Livepeer sponsors ETHGlobal Frameworks Hackathon event.

Network & Project Updates

  1. The AO testnet has sent over 10 million messages!

    • In less than a month since its launch, the AO testnet has rapidly grown, surpassing 10 million messages sent.


  2. 0rbit has issued a bounty task to build a News Feed Bot, offering 500 $0RBT rewards.


  3. Mask Network plans to launch a staking program to reward the community and $MASK token holders.

    • By staking $MASK tokens, participants will have the opportunity to earn additional token rewards.


  4. Arweave's total transaction volume has surpassed 4 billion transactions.

    • Arweave's total transaction volume increased from 3 billion to 4 billion in just 33 days.


  5. everPay v2.0 is now officially live!


  6. BazAR has launched the artificial intelligence art collection "Weavers".

    • The author of "Weavers" is Ocular Magic, with a starting price of 0.1 $U.


  7. KYVE has archived and verified 2TB of historical data for Osmosis.

    • KYVE provides reliable and simplified datasets for Osmosis's DeFi ecosystem to support scalable development and reliable ecosystem participation.


  8. Starpower has launched a mobile app, initiating a "pre-mining" activity.

    • Starpower NFT holders can earn NOVA rewards through staking.


  9. MEM's ERC20 cross-chain bridge smart contract has passed security audits by @0xnirlin and @9LivesLabs teams.

    • MEM can cross-chain stablecoins to the AO network through cross-chain technology.


  10. DataOS has added features to view token allocation, incoming and outgoing transactions, messages, and token balances.


  11. Arweave's Indian community has launched the Arweave India Launchpad event.

    • Arweave India Launchpad is a three-month incubation event aimed at facilitating the landing of startup projects.


  12. Omni X has migrated NFTs to Arweave using Irys.

    • After migrating NFTs to Arweave, costs have decreased by 74%, and NFTs are permanently stored on-chain.


  13. Livepeer sponsors ETHGlobal Frameworks Hackathon event.

    • Livepeer will award $5000 to the best projects using Frames and Livepeer Studio.


  14. PermaDAO initiates the X Space event, inviting Arweave founder Sam and everVision founder Outprog as guests.

    • The X Space event explores the past, present, and future of AO, its mechanisms, this year's plans, and the potential for Web3 to surpass financial attributes.


  15. everPay officially launches $AOCRED assets.


  16. Permaswap lists $AOCRED/$AR trading pairs.


  17. WeaveVM is hiring a senior EVM engineer.

    • WeaveVM is a sovereign Rollup compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine, using Arweave for storage, aiming to solve EVM storage challenges.

    • Requirements include 5 years of experience, proficiency in Rust, Solidity, and Ethereum tools, familiarity with low-level EVM software architecture like geth, reth, etc. Salary ranges from $86,000 to $126,000 and offers remote work.


  18. AlphaKEK.AI is set to launch in the Arweave ecosystem.

    • AlphaKEK.AI is an advanced AI platform offering user-friendly tools and services in the crypto domain.

    • AlphaKEK AI Lab collaborates with the Arweave ecosystem, integrating its AI products into Arweave.

    • Through partnerships with everPay and Decent Land Labs, AlphaKEK AI Lab provides users with convenient channels for purchasing and trading $AIKEK tokens, and introduces the .aikek identity namespace, offering personalized identity authentication methods.

    • Following collaboration with Permaweb News, AlphaKEK plans to develop AI-based Web3 news and research tools, aiming to provide users with real-time insights into events in the Arweave ecosystem, storing data on Arweave to ensure transparency and immutability.


  19. everPay launches the EverID registration to win airdrop campaign.

    • Participants simply need to register EverID on everPay, complete a few simple tasks to participate, and can share 2000 $AO-CRED and 30,000 $HALO.


  20. PermaDAO's development guild has completed the Chinese translation of the AO Cookbook.


  21. Glacier Network has launched its revolutionary product — GlacierDA.

    • GlacierDA is the first data availability layer tailored for the artificial intelligence environment, integrating decentralized storage and data availability sampling networks, offering scalable data services, addressing the needs of blockchain and artificial intelligence applications.

    • It leverages Avalanche consensus chains and decentralized storage to redefine blockchain scalability, ensuring data availability and security. By implementing distributed validation and sampling networks, it achieves lightweight verification of block data, providing reliable data infrastructure for artificial intelligence applications, fostering collaboration between artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.


  22. Irys announces significant project progress — simplifying developer experience through node merging.

    • This change will take effect on March 27, fully backward compatible, allowing developers to continue using existing URLs and SDKs without modifying code.

    • Balances on nodes 1 and 2 will be merged into a single mainnet balance, and uploads less than 100 KiB will be free on the mainnet and testnet.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

  1. ArDrive announced a partnership with Inscrib3.

    • Inscrib3 is a platform deployed on the Bitcoin ecosystem for deploying and minting inscriptions. The collaboration simplifies user storage services, aimed at leveraging Arweave to extend Bitcoin.


  2. Moss announced support for payments through everPay and launched the everPay Dapp center.


  3. Adot announced partnerships with CEEX, zksMarket, ECHOOO, and Sage AI.

    • CEEX is a one-stop digital CEX platform;

    • zksMarket is a token project in the zkSync ecosystem;

    • Echooo is an AA wallet project in the zksync ecosystem;

    • Sage AI is a Web3 community platform utilizing artificial intelligence to create content.


  4. Glacier Network announced a collaboration with CESS to create a groundbreaking data-centric ecosystem for AI and DePIN.

    • Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage network and CDN network that supports online storage and real-time sharing of data, providing a full-stack solution for storing and retrieving high-frequency dynamic data in Web3.


  5. everPay announced a collaboration with TokenPocket for mutual integration.

    • Users can find everPay on the Token Pocket Wallet's discovery page or seamlessly log in to everPay using the Token Pocket wallet.


Ecological Education

  1. Mind Network tweet—"FHE Secured Restaking Layer: Scaling Security for AI & DePin Networks."

    • Mind Network introduces an FHE restaking layer built on the restaking framework, with the FHE solution speeding up by 20 times, bringing revolutionary changes to end-to-end encryption across the entire Internet.

    • Mind Network's FHE restaking solution collaborates with top-tier partners, consisting of three interconnected layers: the restaking layer, FHE security layer, and consensus layer, bringing more power and functionality to Web3.


  2. Astro Protocol article—"Anchoring the Future: Navigating the Crossroads of Fiat Stability and the Permaweb."

    • Stablecoins play a crucial role in the blockchain ecosystem, solving the issue of cryptocurrency price volatility by pegging to fiat currencies. They achieve stability through different mechanisms, meeting the needs of the digital economy.

    • Introducing stablecoins into the Arweave ecosystem is crucial to foster ecosystem development, providing a more stable trading medium and predictable financial planning.


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