Arweave Weekly Highlights 2024 Week 3

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Arweave’s data from last week: The mainnet completed a total of 116,103,696 transactions, achieving 948.31 GiB of storage in a single week.

This week, the storage cost is 0.858 AR/GiB, and there has been an increase of 928 on-chain addresses.

PermaDAO distributed a total of 311.53 $AR last week (equivalent to 3065.46 USDC) as contribution incentives.

Weekly News Summary

🔥 Transactions in everPay have reached 30 million!

🔥 everPay’s DApp center is about to launch, which is currently in beta testing.

🔥 KYVE has released the web app v3.

🧵 The Atomic Toolkit is now live!

🧵 Hackathon The Hack The Weave is coming!

🧵 Alex announces support for Google News API.

🧵 RedStone announces the price feed service of $MANTA.

🧵 KYVE has released its plans for 2024.

🧵 MEM Browser is now live with 112,176 transactions already.

🧵 BazAR believes Permaweb is the future of photography.

🧵 ArDrive supports independent music distribution on Arweave.

🧵 4EVERLAND deposit system now seamlessly supports everPay.

🧵 Alex has created archival pools for recent Red Sea content.

🧵 Irys supports using $ETH on Base to pay for data uploads.

Network & Project Updates

  1. Transactions in everPay have reached 30 million


2. everPay’s DApp center is about to launch, which is currently in the beta testing phase.


3. Alex announces support for the Google News API, which can now provide access to over 60,000 news sources worldwide in 22 different languages


4. RedStone announces the price feed service of $MANTA

  • Manta Network is a gateway for ZK applications, combining modular blockchain with zkEVM to create an innovative L2 smart contract platform.

  • RedStone obtains price data from multiple CEXs, including Binance, Kucoin, Mexc, and Bybit, among others.


5. BazAR believes that Permaweb is the future of photography and has released some of the latest photography portfolios

  • Pay once, and store forever.

  • License your photos how you want with UDL.

  • Composable web = more opportunities to be seen.


6. KYVE has released its plans for 2024

  • An enhanced protocol evolution: Archive & validate more blockchains, break into new ecosystems & provide trustless data solutions to more data users

  • Enriching the Data Pipeline: Take this tool to the next level and incorporate more data supports & features

  • Scaling network syncing with KSYNC: Expand KSYNC’s reach to new chains, ensuring that all validators have access to the resource.

  • Connecting KYVE-ers across the Globe: More community events, engagements, developer activities, bounties, & more


7. ArDrive supports independent music distribution on Arweave

8. 4EVERLAND deposit system now seamlessly supports @everPayHQ, simplifying the process of depositing LAND for valued users with tokens in their everPay wallets


9. Irys supports using $ETH on Base to pay for data uploads


10. The MEM explorer is now live, with 112,176 MEM transactions to date.

  • MEM now supports: Function factories, Function forks, and Upgradeable functions



11. KYVE has released web app v3, which makes it easier for users to visit trustless cross-chain data

  • From custom query playgrounds to streamlined network syncing & enhanced user paths, unlock new data bounds.

  • Discover new source pages on KYVE’s web app v3, highlighting trustless data from chains like Cosmos Hub, Axelar, Archway, Cronos, and Osmosis.

  • Developer Playground: Get a preview into your top Cosmos chain’s clearly decoded events, transactions, & blocks via the web app’s new query playground.

  • Validator Playground: Auto-generate commands for quickly synchronizing blocks, block states, and block heights with Cornos and Archway in just a few clicks.

  • Not to mention light mode, custom bull PFPs, updated menu & charts


12. Fair protocol announced that the second Discord challenge is starting on January 18th, which allows participants to have the good fortune of winning 5 AR


13. Alex announced its new archival pool: Digital content related to recent conflicts in the Red Sea is actively archived onto Arweave


14.The Hack The Weave Hackathon is HERE!


15. Only Arweave: The Atomic Toolkit has recently been released by @Envoy_1084 for Arweave use

  • It’s a new JS/TS library for developers to “craft rock-solid, spec-compliant assets on Arweave.”

  • This lowers the barrier to entry for both users and devs looking to launch tradable assets.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

  1. everPay established a new partnership with @okxweb3 @okx and successfully integrated each service.

  • Now, you can easily access everPay on the OKX APP through the Discover page.


2. RedStone reached a collaboration with Manta

  • RedStone provides price feedback for the Manta Network, and Buidler on Manta can also use the Core model.

3. RedStone announced its cooperation with Mento

  • Mento is the biggest DeFi protocol on Celo by TVL


4. ReadOn announced to team up with Polyhedra to bolster security for secure and efficient cross-chain Bitcoin and Ordinal transactions.

  • ReadOn is venturing into the BTC ecosystem with $REON


5. everPay established a new partnership with imToken

  • everPay can be easily accessed on the imToken APP through the Browser page. Additionally, when you visit http://app.everpay.io on your mobile browser, you can directly connect your imToken wallet.


6. Redstone announced a partnership with Zeeve

  • Zeeve aims to provide enterprise-grade Rollups with outstanding user experience, infrastructure, and integration tools. Zeeve is built on the OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, and Polygon CDK.


Ecological Education

  1. Forward Research: Arweave has three core principles that the protocol was engineered to fulfill.

  • Permanently secure the world’s knowledge, Ensure the right to speech in cyberspace and Guarantee the right to listen

  • Adherence to these three principles ensures that Arweave can serve its purpose of permanently preserving humanity’s most important data.


2. BazAR updated its learn pages: an overview of key permaweb concepts, helping users get started on BazAR.


3. An “Arweave In-depth” post: Arweave, Open Data, and the Social Layer: Arweave as Layer 0 for Onchain Social

  • Some social protocols are gaining increasing adoption due to their excellent user experience and community support, but how to scale them is a big challenge.

  • Arweave: scalability for onchain everything


4. Ar.io published an article Reducing the dependencies on the community gateway.

  • The release of a scalable and modular gateway source code package under an open AGPL3.0 license allows anyone to run their own ar.io gateway and contribute towards securing digital permanence.

  • It bolsters decentralization, minimizing reliance on single entities and boosting network resilience.


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