Arweave Founder Clarifies the Entire Process of Irys' Betrayal!

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Arweave's founder, Sam, shared his negotiation with the Irys team on Twitter. Sam indicated that he had initiated proactive discussions with the team early on, offering collaborative solutions. He then referenced research papers on forking in his tweets.

However, the negotiations failed. The recent forking incident might be perceived as a token game orchestrated by the backers behind Irys.

Since 2020, EverVision's founder, outprog, has delved into Arweave and found that its intricacy surpasses initial impressions. It is a sophisticated and well-thought-out system. Arweave embodies both simplicity and complexity. He further emphasized that the lack of an Arweave fork in recent years underscores the depth of its theoretical foundation, which remains a formidable challenge to navigate.

During the Arweave network fork event, a notable 66,000,000 $ARIS was successfully minted via everPay last night. Within just 2 hours, everPay processed 700,000 transactions, seamlessly facilitating the first-ever minting claim for the Arweave community.

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