Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #7: “Exponential Weave Growth” Edition

Another week, another record broken. The permaweb is expanding rapidly and so is the ecosystem. This week we’ve seen the total amount of data stored on the network increase faster than ever.

We’ve also seen some great teams looking to bring on new talent to help support their growth. Looking for a job in what the web3 index reports as the fastest growing space? Want to keep up with all of the exciting projects building on top of Arweave? Read on ????

I. Arweave Network

650GB of data was uploaded to the permaweb in a single day

The total size of the weave is increasing exponentially. As well a single day where 650GB was added to the permaweb, statistics from ViewBlock show a sharp spike in September.

Arweave leading the Web3.0 Index

Arweave is at the top of The Web index, with almost 5x more revenue in 30days than Filecoin.

Sam Williams on the FTX podcast

Sam Williams, the founder of Arweave was a guest again on the FTX podcast with Tristan Yver. Check it out if you are keen to know more about the future of knowledge storage.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

The ecosystem is hiring

After the massive growth of the ecosystem lately, more enthusiastic people are needed to get involved with the high potential projects being built and upgraded day after day. ArDrive is hiring and onlyarweave is looking for the first team member whowants to be a part of building earth’s greatest public library“.

If you have the drive, you can become part of the web3 revolution.

$100k giveaway from Pianity

Pianity announced an exclusive $100k giveaway this week for the Arweave community, offering $10 for each user to complete the listed steps. The steps to claim are simple, and the giveaway will run until October 1st.

Glass launches embeds and the protocol’s first film


You can now embed your Glass videos on Mirror or your own site – your permanent articles, can now have permanent videos, too.

Just use the embed code like this: https://glass.xyz/embed/<ARWEAVE_ID>

This same week, Glass announced the first film released direct-to-permaweb, monetized by Solana – Cabourg. The film is also director Orlando “Dito” Gil‘s debut, and won the Hip Hop Film Fest’s Audience Choice award in 2020.

Crypto.com lists $AR

The fourth biggest spot CEX in the world, Crypto.com, has listed $AR and enabled deposits and withdrawals. Unfortunately, according to the site’s help documentation, $AR is not available for users in the United States.

New Arweave research report

Alex Beckett has published a PDF report on Arweave, detailing the network’s technical underpinnings as well as use cases like NFTs, smart contracts and profit-sharing tokens.

AMA with ArGo CEO live on Permablog


Our AMA with Prashant, Co-founder of ArGo is now live on Permablog. Feel free to drop your questions and feedback, and earn 10 Arweave News profit-sharing tokens for each answered question.

The first Permaweb Pioneers panel launched on Twitter Spaces

Permaweb Pioneers is a podcast and live panel show hosted by Only Arweave, arweave.news, and the Arweavers community. On September 28th, the first panel, entitled “How can we bring web2-like experiences to the permaweb?” featured Verto’s Tate Berenbaum as well as Arweave gateways developer Hlöðver Sigurðsson and the creator of the bundles protocol, Josh Benaron. The recording will shortly be available on permacast.


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