AlphaKEK To Join Arweave Partners With Three Arweave Projects

AlphaKEK To Join Arweave Partners With Three Arweave Projects

Author: ArweaveB @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: Xiaosong HU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

An artificial intelligence tool platform, AlphaKEK has said it would join the Arweave ecosystem while also partnering with projects in the ecosystem including Permaweb News, everPay and Decentland Labs.

AlphaKEK said it was integrating Arweave because to leverage permanent and immutable storage for its products and to provide users with more liquidity and portable decentralised identities.

“And we’re even more excited to be partnering with them to build the next evolution of web3 media powered by AI,” Permaweb News stated.

The partnership between AlphaKEK and three projects in the Arweave ecosystem hints at how the former will contribute to the latter. AlphaKEK partnership with projects in the ecosystem will explore finance, decentralised identity, and content.

By partnering with everPay, AlphaKEK’s token $AIKEK will be listed on everPAY and Permaswap, decentralised exchange. AlphaKEK users will be able to trade easily and trade $AIKEK fast, gas-free and secure. It also said that the partnership with everPay will allow users to easily buy $AIKEK with credit cards or bank transfers through crypto with fiat purchases.

“Together, these will generate an increase in liquidity for $AIKEK and will make it easier for users to purchase tokens and get access to AlphaKEK’s leading crypto-analysis,” AlphaKEK stated.

On decentralised identities, AlphaKEK is partnering with Decentland Labs to offer users their own .aikek identity. The project stated further that .aikek names are friendly names for Ethereum wallet addresses and give users of the AlphaKEK web app an easy way to recognize the author of custom reports and be properly attributed.

This feature will be using for this. Last year, Decentland Labs partnered with Hackernoon, a content publishing platform to offer their users identities that are human readable and easy to use.

“The DIDs are purchasable with the $AIKEK token on everPay and made possible through MEM, which acts as a bridge between the Ethereum address space and Arweave storage,” the project stated.

As web2 AI companies race to develop use cases, AI companies in Web3 are also doing the same. Working with Permaweb News, AlphaKEK will be developing AI-powered web3 journalism and research. The partnership will result in the development of custom data integration to provide users with real-time insights into on-chain and social events happening across the ecosystem.

AlphaKEK and Permaweb News will innovate live AI dashboards that allow users to see the state of the ecosystem, discover new projects and see how projects have evolved over time.

“By leveraging AlphaKEK’s models, users will be able to analyze the historical sentiment regarding Arweave, aggregated from across the web3 ecosystem, and will be able to see the correlation between news, social media activity and price movement,” AlphaKEK stated.

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