The RedStone Miners Ambassador Program Goes LIVE!

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Arweave utilizing RedStone is revolutionizing the world of web3 oracles, ensuring fast and reliable data feeds for decentralized apps (dApps) and smart contracts. Back in August, RedStone announced their RedStone Miners Ambassador Program. The Program is now LIVE!

Let’s dive in and see how you can help RedStone grow, while being an active member of their community!


What is the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is a way for the RedStone community, whether they are developers, traders, content creators, and even designers, to become a part of the RedStone movement, becoming aptly termed "Miners".

This is not your typical mining operation - aka using hardware to mine crypto.

Being a Miner is about promoting RedStone. It's about ideation, innovation, and community-building. Miners are responsible for content creation, growth strategies, technical contributions, and so much more.

They are ambassadors.

By being an ambassador, you're not just a part of the community; you're actively shaping its future. As a token of gratitude, RedStone offers numerous rewards such as:

  • Exclusive early access and giveaways

  • RedStone Gems (RSG)

  • Limited edition merchandise and NFTs

  • Future token incentives

  • Potential job opportunities

  • Social media recognition

  • And much more!

So, what's the criteria?

It's simple! RedStone is on the lookout for dynamic individuals, those ready to champion their cause, be it through content creation, community initiatives, or even programming.

How to Become a RedStone Miner?

Your journey begins by following RedStone on Twitter and joining their Discord. The program has a 5-tier structure, starting as an Ore Digger and culminating as a Mine King. Each level has its requirements and rewards. Here's a quick overview:

  1. Ore Diggers: Begin by following on social media platforms and engaging with the community.

  2. Rock Breakers: Engage more actively, fostering deeper connections within the community.

  3. Vein Masters: Reserved for those offering consistent valuable contributions.

  4. Deep Miners: Take leadership roles, manage channels, and lead discussions.

  5. Mine King: Collaborate closely with the RedStone team, having proven your dedication and leadership skills.

For a more comprehensive list, see further down.

All this can be achieved through Zealy, a platform where you complete tasks and earn points, helping you rise through the ranks. However, one crucial aspect to note is consistency. For instance, those at the Vein Master level or higher need to maintain their contributions and engagements to preserve their rank. You can't just jump in a dleave, expecting to retain your RedStone XP points.

So, are you ready to wear your miner's hat and embark on this transformative journey with RedStone?

Dive in, contribute, and together with RedStone, shape the future of Oracles! ⛏💎

As seen on the RedStone Notion page, higher ranks unlock greater rewards and benefits!

Below you can find the comprehensive list of requirements for each Miner Level as well as task that need completing, courtesy of the RedStone guide.

Requirements for each Miner Level.


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