Face-to-Face Interview Arweave Ecosystem Project - RedStone

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Author:Xiaosong HU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

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Face-to-Face Interview Arweave Ecosystem Project - RedStone

Dear Web3 ecosystem partners, the past week can almost be described as "crazy". With the news of whether BlackRock Bitcoin Spot ETF will be approved by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), the market sentiment is also fluctuating back and forth in a crazy manner~ However, Arweave’s OG projects are still immersed in work, and Token’s performance has reacted relatively well compared to the market’s average. This once again shows that the developers of the entire Arweave ecosystem are a group of pure geeks and are not affected by the so-called "currency circle" emotions.

Why do we conduct face-to-face interviews about Arweave’s projects? I think there are still many people (even Web3 natives) who are very unfamiliar with the term Arweave. Even if they have heard of “Arweave”, they only know that they are doing some storage thing. In fact, this ecosystem has gathered a large number of excellent developers, most of whom are based in Europe and the United States. It is obviously different from the so-called "currency circle" and "Ponzi". We also hope to try our best to show and introduce the real status of the Arweave Ecosystem, which PermaDAO strikes one by one. We also draw from our personal experiences to offer insights and reference cases for those eager to fully understand Web3.

With the release of the face-to-face interview series over the past three weeks, more and more companies in the Arweave ecosystem have begun to pay attention to PermaDAO. The protagonist of this issue, we welcome the original project Arweave project: RedStone. At the same time, I am also honored to meet the founder of RedStone, Jakub, who is also the CEO and the Founder of Warp Contracts, conducted this exclusive interview.

About RedStone

The DeFi ecosystem has exploded in size in 2021, with various news portals reporting on new protocols. Whether financial data can actually "feed prices" is actually the basis of projects for decentralized products (such as synthetic assets or insurance). However, the true potential of Web 3.0 is still limited by the lack of more diverse data types. This is where RedStone Oracles can make a difference, with their unique approach of storing non-standard data on Arweave and delivering it to all EVM-compatible chains.

RedStone (middle layer): RedStone is an oracle that provides frequently updated, reliable, and diverse data sources for DApps and smart contracts on multiple L1 and L2. RedStone is also an Oracle solution on Arweave. At the same time, RedStone aims to become the Chainlink of Web3: uploading the verified data to Arweave, where anyone can verify the accuracy. RedStone is utilizing SmartWeave - Arweave’s off-chain computing standard. When using Oracle, users can directly read the data on the storage blockchain, and the data will be authenticated by RedStone's economic mechanism.

The following is the content of the interview:

Part I: Regarding RedStone Project

Q1: Hello Jakub! I'm glad that you can accept our interview today. Could you please introduce to everyone the background of the establishment of the RedStone project and how it was established?

A: Certainly, RedStone was born from a genuine need. Before its inception, I was frequently taking part in hackathons, driven by my interest in blockchains. Every time I wanted to develop a new kind of dApp, I faced hurdles due to inadequate Oracle data. Whether it was the absence of specific asset feeds, as was often the case during Defi’s early days, or infrequent feed updates, these challenges often halted innovative concepts.  That's what motivated me to create RedStone: to provide frequently updated, reliable, and diverse data feeds for dApps and smart contracts, enabling developers to innovate without middleware constraints


(Data source: RedStone’s official website homepage)

Q2: Why would you want to name the project “Redstone”?

A: If you've spent time playing the 2010s classic, Minecraft, the reference is clear. In Minecraft, the RedStone block is foundational for building various mechanisms. Similarly, RedStone Oracles serve as the essential middleware to fuel a range of DeFi applications.

Q3: What are some significant milestones in the history of RedStone?

Some of the key milestones for RedStone Oracles include:

  • Introducing three distinct oracle models: core, classic, and X, across 25+ chains.

  • Safeguarding over $100m in TVL through the RedStone Oracles network.

  • Cultivating a dynamic community of RedStone Oracles enthusiasts.

Q4: What is the future vision and plan for RedStone?

Our vision for RedStone is straightforward: We aim for RedStone Oracles to rise as a leading oracle provider, standing toe-to-toe with ChainLink by leveraging our unique value proposition.

Q5: Is there a specific timeline currently in place, and what additional resources are needed for its implementation?

We have set specific internal goals to move us closer to our overarching vision. While we choose not to disclose them here, rest assured we have a dedicated team of top industry specialists who are consistently elevating the RedStone brand month by month.

Q6: How many full-time staff members are currently working at RedStone, and what are the ways for others to get involved? How do you incentivize participation?

At present, we have a team of 22 full-time employees dedicated to our two primary products: RedStone Oracles and Warp Contracts.

Alongside this, we're actively managing the RedStone Community and have recently introduced the RedStone Expedition. This program, powered by RedStone Gems—a fully on-chain points system, is designed to reward and incentivize our community.

For more details, check out:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1714295401430614188|twgr^9e680d887be4a2438c3564d91942d56614b164fe|twcon^s1_&ref_url=

Q7: Have you ever thought about building a community or a DAO ?

Yes, we already have 4k Miners on the RedStone Discord!

Part II: Regarding Jakub

Q8: Could you please share your educational background and professional experience?

CEO and Founder of RedStone - startup building the next generation of Blockchain Oracles and a new implementation of data-driven smart contracts built on top of the Arweave data storage chain called Warp Contracts. Software engineer with 13 years experience in FinTech, including 6 years in blockchain; CTO of Alice, blockchain impact investment platform. Leading Etheroscope project - Ethereum analytics platform funded by UK Gov. Winner of ethLondon, NYBW, ethOnline hackathons. Former smart contracts auditor (Zeppelin Solutions) and freelance blockchain architect.

(Photo: Jakub RedStone CEO and Founder)

Q9: How did you become familiar with Arweave, and how did you join RedStone?

I stumbled upon Arweave while seeking a cost-effective alternative to Ethereum storage. Later, I took part in the inaugural Open Web Foundry—a program for enthusiasts of the Arweave ecosystem. This experience led to the start of RedStone Oracles.

Q10: In such a bear market environment, what advice do you have for those who want to enter web3?

If you're a builder, chase a compelling idea you truly believe in. For casual investors, craft an investment thesis around protocols with a distinct value proposition.

Q11: Are you under a lot of pressure in life and work right now? Have you ever regretted it?

Finding a work-life balance is challenging, especially in a startup environment. Nonetheless, I strive to maintain a balance between my personal life and my role at RedStone. I've never regretted embarking on the RedStone journey.

Part III: Regarding PermaDAO and everVision

Q12: How did you come to know about everVision?

Our journey with RedStone and Warp Contracts naturally led us to collaborate with the EverVision team. EverVision’s work has been foundational for the Arweave Ecosystem.

Similarly, PermaDAO's community-driven efforts have been instrumental, shaping the landscape of Arweave.

Q13: How do you perceive the team and business development of everVision?

Our relationship with EverVision's BD team is great. From the Warp Contracts perspective, we frequently join forces with EF on various marketing initiatives.

Q14: In your view, how should PermaDAO and RedStone collaborate in the future?

I see significant potential for collaboration between PermaDAO and RedStone. Our goal is to empower PermaDAO builders with Warp Contracts to develop innovative solutions. Additionally, translating Warp Academy into multiple languages can help us extend Warp Contracts' presence to new regions.

Q15: If we invited you to come to PermaDAO on board, would you be interested in participating?

Absolutely, we're keen on supporting PermaDAO's initiatives.

Q16: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say to the audience?

Just a quick note: if you're interested, do check out our RedStone Expedition and consider joining our RedStone and Warp Discord communities. We'd love to have you on board!


I'd always heard of RedStone when I first delved into the Arweave ecosystem, but it wasn't until this interview opportunity that I truly connected with it. Thanks to our guest for making it possible. Here, thank you again to Permaweb News for your matchmaking. I recognize in you the qualities that many in the Arweave ecosystem share: tolerance, growth, and authenticity. It's these very traits that draw together a group of passionate individuals, all working towards the grand vision of Web3!

After the interview, we also introduced PermaDAO's collaboration tools to RedStone, and invited RedStone to board the ship to experience it and get incentives for their contributions. At the same time, we also look forward to PermaDAO being able to provide high-quality services to more core Arweave projects. Welcome all ecological bosses to contact us~~~

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