Limitless Stress Test

The first stage of the Permaswap testnet was a huge success; over 4,500 users have joined. Thanks to the support of our community members! We all can’t wait to see a cross-chain DEX built on Arweave. Before we have the BETA version, there is one thing we need to do, a Limitless stress test.

Why are we organizing this stress test?

There are several factors to consider when we hold the stress test.

  • For a DEX, the asset safety of users is always the top priority. We must test whether the system will have unexpected problems in extreme cases through a highly concurrent test environment. To ensure the overall security of the system.
  • The community has given us valuable feedback, and our engineers have implemented this. Are you ready to experience/try out these new features?
  • As we all know, Permaswap is built on the real-time payment protocol everPay, which can scale massively. We want to test where the performance boundaries of this DEX are.

So before we go to the main net, we invite you to check these out.

How would you like to participate?

You can participate in the Limitless Stress Test by following these three steps.

the address which is used to add liquidity can’t swap token in Permswap website.
You can only use tAR/tUSDC and tArDrive/tAR pool.

  1. Apply for test tokens
    Please fill out the test token application form, and the activity will be started at 10:00 PM (GMT+8) on 10th November.
     We will distribute test tokens daily at 10:00 PM (GMT+8) to those who have filled out the form. Link to the form:
  2. Swap as much as you can
    Please swap any amount of tokens on the Permaswap testnet.
    This is a stress test so swap as much as you can to win rewards.
    Link to the Permaswap test site:
  3. Adding liquidity
    In addition to swapping, you also can provide liquidity to win rewards. Download the Permaswap client on Permaswap’s test site to provide liquidity.
    The client needs to be connected during the activity.

Please follow the tutorials below so you can complete all tasks.

Ethereum wallet tutorial

Arweave wallet tutorial


A total of 100 AR will be distributed.

50 AR will be distributed over the top 5 test net users with the highest swap volume during the Limitless Testnet. (1st: 20 AR / 2nd: 10 AR / 3rd: 7 AR / 4th: 5 AR/ 5th: 3 AR)

You can check your swap volume share on the Permaswap website.

50 AR will be distributed over the top 5 with the highest liquidity provide volume during the Limitless Testnet. (1st: 20 AR / 2nd: 10 AR / 3rd: 7 AR / 4th: 5 AR/ 5th: 3 AR)

You can check your liquidity provide volume share on the Permaswap Client.

After that effort

We are getting closer to the BETA version. Hoping everyone is getting ready to see a DEX like never before. Until then, we need more people to join us in this effort, so if you are interested in Permaswap, join PermaDAO and start to build with us!

More docs

Don’t want to swap manually? Use JavaScript to create trading bots for our Permaswap testnet!

Permaswap-js File

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