everVision and TBook reach strategic partnership

Recently, Web3 infrastructure provider everVision announced a partnership with TBook, a one-stop incentive platform for Web3. The two projects will work together on community incentive payments and Web3 low-threshold account integration to enhance the incentive experience for Web3 community users.

This partnership will promote the deep and organic integration of both parties' payment infrastructure and business models. The first step is to integrate everPay, a Web3 payment protocol with no TPS limit and 0 Gas fees, to provide TBook with high-frequency and low-fee payment capabilities that are currently unattainable by most Web3 applications. Based on this, we will explore a new way to apply the Web2 business model to Web3 incentives. By utilizing the high-frequency and low-rate payment scenarios to empower the Web3 incentive field, we can increase user efficiency.

Gerry, CMO of everVision, said, "We’re pleased to partner with TBook to validate a new paradigm for Web3 incentives. At a time when infrastructure of major public chains is getting better and better, we should focus more on exploring application models to attract more incremental users, rather than spinning our wheels on the original business model and attempting to utilize all kinds of new terminology to keep the original concept hype. We're glad that TBook shares our vision and willingness to truly explore the possibility of bringing a billion users to Web3."

Bin, the Tbook’s Partner, said, "everVision is a great partner for us and TBook will be a great addition to the everVision ecosystem. We will integrate TBook's one-stop Web3 incentive platform into everVision's system and public chain. Based on each other's strengths, we will also work together to develop flexible incentive models and methods for Web3 users. In addition, TBook, as an important everVision partner, will deeply serve the customers and resources in the everVision ecosystem, resulting in a truly win-win cooperation."

This partnership is a reflection of the two companies' shared values and ambitious vision of enabling the migration from Web2 to Web3 while lowering the barriers of entry for the user. Driven by these values, the two companies will work together to promote the innovation of Web3 business models in multiple areas and dimensions, and create an environment where projects can flourish and users can seamlessly enjoy the advantages of Web3.

About everVision

everVision is a technology company focused on providing the infrastructure for Web3 with the vision of sustaining 1 billion users to access the Web3 network, adopting the new storage-based consensus paradigm (SCP) to explore a new Web3 development way that improves user experience, lowering development barriers, and enhancing network performance.

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About TBook

TBook is a Web3 incentives distribution platform designed for developers, which is similar to a versatile and customizable Incentive LEGO, assisting projects in effortlessly and adaptably rewarding their core community, thereby achieving their growth objectives effectively. TBook also serves as a quantitative optimization tool that applies mathematical precision to decision-making, all aimed at enhancing token economy design. Furthermore, with the capacity to process billions of data points to power our models and simulations, TBook operates as a robust data modeling platform that can facilitate highly effective airdrop strategies.

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Based on Arweave Blockchain, everFinance is building a Storage-based Consensus Paradigm: development of middleware like MySQL, transforms traditional applications into trusted applications, integrates and internet and blockchain

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