Deposit $STAMP to everPay Now

We’re excited to announce that $STAMP token has been listed on everPay, an instant payment protocol.

What is STAMP Protocol

The STAMP Protocol is built on Arweave to let people give feedback to content creators on the Permaweb. It's like clicking a "LIKE" button on Twitter or YouTube, but all the data is stored on Arweave. The Permaweb is a collection of sites, apps, and SmartContracts built on top of the Arweave's Permaweb Services. Many interesting features can be done based on STAMP, such as content ranking and reputation systems.

$STAMP Token

$STAMP is the token associated with the protocol STAMP and is used to provide rewards for content creators and users receiving the most valued STAMPs.

One $STAMP is equivalent to 1,000,000,000,000 amps, where amps are the atomic unit of $STAMP. The maximum supply of $STAMP is 435,000, which makes it a unique and valuable addition to our platform.

How to deposit $STAMP to everPay

  • Connect your ArConnect wallet which has $STAMP token to everPay, click on Stamp ‘Deposit’

  • Enter the desired deposit amount, then click on ‘Deposit’. This will be followed by the need to enter your wallet password.

NOTE: Your deposit will require 15-block confirmations on Arweave to be confirmed.


We believe that this new addition will offer Arweave users a greater level of convenience, security, and flexibility when it comes to making instant $STAMP payments. We invite you to explore the benefits of $STAMP and experience the seamless payment transactions that everPay offers.

The Arweave ecosystem can now do more with $STAMP, such as providing liquidity on Permaswap. Looking forward to building more together.



Based on Arweave Blockchain, everFinance is building a Storage-based Consensus Paradigm: development of middleware like MySQL, transforms traditional applications into trusted applications, integrates and internet and blockchain

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