everPay DApp Center Launched! What can We Expect?

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The “App Market” stands out as a remarkable innovation in the IT domain, its significance akin to the invention of containers in the logistics field. With just a simple tap on our phones or computers, we can effortlessly access a limitless space filled with creativity and new capabilities. Generally built on device operating systems or browsers, the App Market has become a bridge connecting users and developers in the era of the Internet.

In the flourishing landscape of Web3 applications, service entities, including wallets, browsers, and exchanges, are dedicated to constructing application markets serving Web3 users. However, until now, traditional Web3 applications have predominantly focused on the financial services sector (various DeFis, for example), falling far behind Web2 in terms of richness. In this context, everPay, a multi-chain payment tool, has launched its own App Market — everPay DApp Center.

everPay is a decentralized multi-chain payment protocol built on Arweave. Leveraging off-chain computation and the Storage Consensus Paradigm (SCP), everPay can provide users with performance comparable to Web2. Users can transfer assets from multiple chains to everPay, enjoying payment, receipt, and swap experiences with millisecond-level speed and zero fees. For developers, building on everPay allows the development of more diverse application types, enabling low-threshold user engagement. The everPay DApp Center will serve as the distribution platform for these applications.

The Beta version of the everPay DApp Center went live on January 22, 2024 — come and experience it!

Experience it here: beta.everpay.io/dapps

If everPay is considered the Web3 version of Alipay, then the everPay DApp Center can be understood as the Google Play. By integrating various applications, everPay DApp Center significantly enriches the experience of everPay users and better connects everPay users with ecosystem projects, providing more opportunities for these projects.

With the launch of the everPay DApp Center, the first batch of applications has also been revealed. Let’s get to know them one by one:

Arweave Name Service (ANS)

This is a domain name service project in the Arweave ecosystem, comparable to Ethereum’s ENS. Unlike ENS, the ANS allows you to mint domain names ending in .ar, and once minted or purchased, the domain name permanently belongs to you without the need for renewal.

On the ANS page, you can connect your Arweave address and use assets within everPay to purchase ANS domain names. Simultaneously, ANS also distributes protocol revenue to holders of $ANS through everPay Network.


Source: ARIS Twitter

This is the first inscription project in the Arweave ecosystem, where your inscriptions will be permanently recorded on Arweave. With a total supply of 66 million, the project was released in December 2023 and was fully minted within 4 hours.

Now, users can access the ARIS application through the everPay DApp Center to transfer and trade ARIS, all without any transaction fees.


Permaswap is the first DEX in the Arweave ecosystem, built on top of everPay Network. With the empowerment of everPay, you can exchange your assets within everPay at lightning speed and with zero gas fees on Permaswap. Additionally, Permaswap uses a unique PMM mechanism, ensuring your exchange won’t be front-run, with no slippage — what you see is what you get.


PermaDAO is a co-building and incubation platform within the Arweave ecosystem, a collaborative DAO with over a thousand members.

PermaDAO currently has five major guilds: Content Guild, Development Guild, Promotion Guild, Activity Guild, and Management Guild. Here, you can leverage your expertise and earn rewards from your contributions. PermaDAO rewards are distributed to every contributor’s everPay account through everPay Network.


Have you tried a Web3 cloud drive? If not, give WeWeave a try. Here, you can upload your files, much like you do with Google Drive and OneDrive, but WeWeave will permanently store your files, ensuring they are never lost.

Source: Internet

You can pay WeWeave’s storage fees with any assets in your everPay account.


Metaforo is a tool for community creation and governance, akin to Web3’s Discord. Projects can create and manage their communities here, and users can choose to join their favorite communities through Metaforo’s plaza.

Users can connect Metaforo with an EVM wallet or an AR wallet and deposit the assets from their everPay accounts to their Metaforo accounts.


4EVERLAND is a developer tool, a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform, that integrates the underlying capabilities of various decentralized protocols and networks, including Arweave. It provides core capabilities of decentralized storage, computation, and networking for developers and Web3 projects, creating a connection layer between the underlying decentralized storage layer and the application layer.

Developers can connect their EVM wallet to 4EVERLAND and deposit the assets from their everPay accounts to their 4EVERLAND accounts.

Source: 4EVERLAND Website

The above are the first applications available in the everPay App Market. Among these applications, there are financial and non-financial ones; user service and developer tool categories. Some issue assets within the everPay ecosystem (ARIS), some provide financial services to existing assets within the everPay ecosystem (Permaswap), some applications allow users to pay fees through everPay by integrating everPay’s payment functionality (ANS, WeWeave, Metaforo, 4EVERLAND), and some distribute incentives through everPay (PermaDAO, ANS). In summary, they leverage everPay’s unique advantages in different ways to empower their products, simultaneously offering diversified services to everPay users.

In addition to the mentioned applications, everPay has already received dozens of applications from app developers and is actively coordinating the specifics of their listing. Soon, more applications will be visible in everPay DApp Center.

Furthermore, everPay is refining its development documentation, aiming to enable developers to seamlessly integrate by themselves, reduce manual integration costs, and improve the efficiency of developer onboarding.

everPay eagerly anticipates more developers and a variety of applications integrating everPay services, joining the everPay DApp Center to collectively build a better Web3 world and promote the mass adoption of Web3.

Application for listing in everPay DApp Center:


🔗 More about PermaDAO :Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium | Youtube

💡 Initiated by everVision and sponsored by Forward Research (Arweave Official), PermaDAO is a “Cobuilding Community” focused on the theme of Arweave consensus storage. All contributions from PermaDAO contributors form the bedrock of data consensus. Let’s embark on a journey starting with data consensus and delve into a novel paradigm for decentralized collaboration — Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)!

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