Everloot #2: Treasure Hunt! KeyStone Pro 3 Top-tier Hardware Wallet

Everloot #2 Treasure Hunt is Here!

The treasures in this chest are: 3 units of Keystone Pro 3 Hardware Wallets

Keystone Pro 3 is the most powerful and latest-designed hardware wallet in the Keystone series. It supports the vast majority of mainstream blockchains and currencies. Beneath its lightweight and exquisite appearance, it incorporates three PCI security chips. Moreover, with all software and hardware codes open-source and self-destructing upon disassembly, it ensures the security of your digital assets. The 4-inch large screen provides a smartphone-like operating experience, while the fingerprint recognition feature enables quick transaction signing without the need for password input.

We will randomly select three lucky users from all participants who have completed the activity tasks. Each winner will receive one Keystone Pro 3 hardware wallet.

Meanwhile, this event also offers two participation rewards:

Special Offer Prize: We will randomly select 100 lucky users to receive a 25% discount voucher for the Keystone official store.

Note: Valid for 7 days after the draw, not combinable with other offers. Applicable storewide except for the mnemonic seed plate.

Participation Prize: All participants who complete the tasks will share a pool of 20,000 $HALO.

$HALO is the testnet token of Permaswap and PermaDAO, usable for node staking on Permaswap and governance voting on PermaDAO, with potential future mapping to mainnet tokens. Permaswap is the leading DEX in the AR/AO ecosystem, and PermaDAO is the largest co-builder community in the Arweave ecosystem.

Event Schedule:

Start Time: April 19, 2024, 14:00 (UTC)

End Time: April 29, 2024, 14:00 (UTC)

Participation Method:

Participating in the lucky draw requires completing the following simple tasks:

  • Connect EverID

  • Pay 0.01 AR

  • Follow Twitter accounts: @everPayHQ, @KeystoneWallet, @KeystoneCN

  • Like and comment on our designated tweet.

🔗 Event Link: https://app.everpay.io/everloot-02

🔗 More about PermaDAO :Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | MediumYoutube

💡 Initiated by everVision and sponsored by Forward Research (Arweave Official), PermaDAO is a "Cobuilding Community" focus on the theme of Arweave consensus storage. All contributions from PermaDAO contributors form the bedrock of data consensus. Let's embark on a journey starting with data consensus and delve into a novel paradigm for decentralized collaboration - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)!

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