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Bundlr Creates Ambassador Programme Following PreWeave Launch

A day after launching Preweave, a product that removes barriers to accessing decentralised technology, Bundlr, a top project in the Arweave ecosystem, has created an Ambassador Programme that will comprise a select group of individuals. The goal is to help build support from the community.

The project said members of the ambassador programme will have priority access to all its events. This includes hackathons, direct access to the Bundlr Team and a monthly reward for top members.


Ambassadors will be asked to complete jobs throughout the month. These jobs can be simple, such as helping us hype a project or announcement, or more complex such as creating an informational video about Bundlr and its technology, the project said in a statement.

“[…]Members can choose which tasks they want to complete. We ask that each member complete at least two tasks a month. At the end of each month, Ambassador of the Month will be selected. This individual will be rewarded with unique prizes.”

The programme comes a day after Bundlr launched PreWeave, a peer-to-peer distributed network layer that sits on top of Bundlr’s Network. This is a product that allows users to upload data without a wallet, upload data without paying in crypto tokens and approve data on PreWeave before moving to Bundlr.

One of the challenges non-Web3 native companies face is wallet and token management…due to internal obstacles, many companies are unable to purchase and use tokens, Bundlr said about problems Web2 companies experience in a bid to use decentralised technologies.

It said companies have also been concerned about the legal and regulatory implications of storing data on-chain.

In creating this peer-to-peer distributed network, companies will be able to have more control over the data they’re storing before preserving it permanently on-chain. This allows them to abide by the rules they’re required to follow while also allowing them to benefit from permanent, decentralised Web3 data storage.

Bundlr is responsible for processing over 90 percent of data uploaded on Arweave. It said it had processed over 200 million transactions so far.

In May, Bundlr, founded by Josh Benaron, raised $5.2 million seed round from over a dozen investors in the Web3 ecosystem.

The ambassador programme could also be a strategy by Bundlr to promote its newly-launched product, PreWeave.

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