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RSS3 Unveils OpenAgent, The First Open-source AI Agent Framework

RSS3, an Open Information layer that makes information from permissionless data networks, including Arweave available to users to build anything from search to social and AI applications and protocols has unveiled OpenAgent, an artificial intelligence tool to help with the creation of AI models.

OpenAgent is the first open-source AI agent framework designed to democratise the creation of AI models.

The Founder of RSS3, Joshua, said OpenAgent has the vision to reduce reliance on centralised AI products and fostering the Web3 AI ecosystem which he said was more open, accessible and diversified.

“We hope Web3 AI agents can be easily built by utilizing OpenAgent and leveraging RSS3's aggregated AI-ready on-chain and cross-decentralized-network data to level the playing field for new or independent AI builders,” Joshua stated.

“With OpenAgent, customized AI agents can be created for specific needs such as analysis, prediction, content creation, and transaction automation, drastically shortening the development time of AI agents for independent builders from months to hours, leveling the AI playing field,” RSS3 stated in an announcement and further calling for everyone to join in its journey.

OpenAgent uses an advanced architecture or technology called Mixture of Experts (MoE). The MoE uses a gating network to select the best expert models for specific tasks. With the MoE, AI models can be trained to perform analytical and execution tasks.

Unlike the popular OpenAI GPT models, any large language model can be turned into on-chain AI agents with OpenAgent, which creates AI agents with precise outputs for analytical or transactional purposes on top of the usual GPT creative content styles. Some of the AI agents that can be created include natural language initiated on-chain transaction AI; on-chain arbitrage AI; smart contract analytic AI.

Henry, who is the Chief Technology Officer of RSS3 said Open-source AI models promote collaboration and transparency.

“We hope by taking another step forward in open sourcing our AI Agent Framework, we can collectively move towards a more accountable and resilient AI ecosystem in an increasingly data-driven world. OpenAgent simplify development process and reduce complexity of building Web3 AI applications,” Henry said.

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