Tutorial: How to Deploy a Permaweb and Bind Permapages ARNS Access Using 4EVERLAND Hosting

Blockchain technology's innovative potential lies in its foundation of distributed ledger technology. By creating a more secure and transparent environment for the internet, it offers enhanced capabilities such as decentralisation and trustlessness. This revolutionary shift disperses information across the entirety of the network, ensuring it is not confined to any single institution or individual. Instead, every node becomes a custodian of this distributed system. This approach not only guarantees information security but also eliminates the need for trust in intermediaries.

One significant development in the field of blockchain applications is Permaweb, which plays a pivotal role in this domain. The concept of Permaweb originates from the idea of a permanent network. Leveraging the decentralised and trustless nature of blockchain technology, it provides users with an enduring solution for storing and accessing information. Through the storage of webpage data on each node of the distributed network, Permaweb ensures the perpetuity and reliability of the information contained within. Remarkably, Arweave stands at the forefront of driving decentralised storage for Web3 and introducing the Permaweb standard, further advancing the ecosystem.

Within the Arweave ecosystem, 4EVERLAND Arweave Hosting holds a crucial position as a valuable component. It streamlines the process of deploying frontend webpages on Arweave, enabling both developers and non-technical users to effortlessly manage and deploy their Permaweb projects. With this hosting solution, users gain convenient control over their projects, driving forward the accessibility and widespread adoption of Permaweb. In the following tutorial, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to deploy Permaweb using 4EVERLAND Hosting and bind Permapages ARNS for enhanced accessibility. Let's delve into the details below.

Deploying a Permaweb with 4EVERLAND Hosting

Deploying an Arweave Permaweb using 4EVERLAND Hosting is incredibly simple. The one-click visual interface allows anyone, regardless of their background, to quickly complete the deployment process. First, you'll need an 4EVERLAND account and log in to it. Once logged in, select "4EVERLAND Hosting" followed by "New Project" on the Dashboard page.

For developers, you have the option to connect your GitHub account, and 4EVERLAND will automatically sync all the repositories in your GitHub account. Simply click "Import" to complete the pull. Alternatively, you can choose the IPFS/ENS deployment on the right side, using the existing CID deployed on IPFS as the repository. For non-coders, 4EVERLAND introduces the innovative concept of a template center, where users can choose their preferred template and complete deployment with simple configuration.

More information about How 4EVERLAND Hosting Makes Permaweb Easier / Simplify Permaweb Building for Non-Coders with the 4EVERLAND Template Center.

After selecting the source of the code repository, please ensure that the deployment platform is Arweave and click "Deploy" to wait for the deployment to complete.

In the deployed project, click on "Overview" to view the returned Arweave Hash and make a note of it. Please note that at this moment, the webpage is already in an accessible state, and you can access it through * subdomain.

Binding ARNS Access to Deployed Permaweb

Permapages is a Web3 application that enables users to create and oversee their personal permanent Web3 profile and other permaweb pages. ARNS is a key feature introduced in this project, allowing the binding of Permaweb on Arweave with ARNS. Please note that ARNS is currently in its testing phase and the validity of data is not guaranteed.

You may require some ARNS test tokens to complete the following operations.

To obtain ARNS test tokens.

Visit the Permapages website, click on Dashboard and log in to your Arconnect wallet, then select ARNS.

If you don't have ARNS yet, first, you need to register one by clicking "register." Make sure you already have a certain amount of ARNS test tokens, and you also need some AR tokens to pay for gas fees. Enter the ARNS you want to register and select "Arweave Transaction" in the reference option. Copy the Arweave Hash you saved earlier in the "Arweave Transaction Id" option.

At the end, click "Register" to complete the binding. You can now access your Permaweb through * below!

About Permapages

Permapages is a Web3 app that allows users to create and manage their own permanent Web3 profile and other permaweb pages. When connecting to the application with your wallet, you can create your Web3 profile by uploading an avatar and entering in some social link information. Then you can use the editor to create content and add permapage widgets to make your profile fun and unique.

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4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help the user to make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers and applications.

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