The Social Storage Platform Moss has Successfully Launched with Seamless Integration of Arweave


We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Moss, 4EVERLAND's innovative social cloud storage platform. On January 9th, Moss was successfully launched and seamlessly integrated with Arweave.

What is Moss

Moss is a social file management and sharing platform based on Web3. It aims to provide an alternative to centralized file management, allowing users to have better control over their data while being able to share files quickly, easily, and securely. Moss utilizes decentralized storage capabilities such as IPFS/Arweave to enable users to store and manage various types of content securely. Moss also provides the MossLand sharing community, allowing creators to create their own exclusive sharing spaces and interact with their subscribers, sharing paid content in order to generate income.

Its key features include:

1. Decentralized Cloud Storage

Built on 4EVERLAND, Moss provides users with a secure, reliable, and user-friendly decentralized cloud storage solution, allowing easy to manage and storage files with various advantages. As a complete decentralized drive, it includes common functions such as file management, backup, sharing, and cross-platform access.

2. Creator-Friendly Sharing Community — Mossyland

Mossyland is not just a sharing community on Moss; it’s a unique platform dedicated to supporting and motivating creators. Content creators/sharers can turn their storage space into “Stone” and share it on Mossyland. Through Moss’s precise big data analysis and promotion mechanism, creators can push their works to audiences interested in them, gaining wider exposure and recognition.

Another unique aspect of Mossyland is its highly interactive platform, allowing users to easily search for content of interest. With Mossyland, users can accurately retrieve desired content by simply entering a creator’s unique “X” identifier or relevant keywords. This feature ensures a seamless search experience, allowing users to pinpoint and engage with the content that aligns with their interests and preferences. Additionally, each shared “Stone” on Mossyland has a chatroom, significantly strengthening the connection between creators and users through face-to-face communication.

3. Sustainable Economic Returns

On the Moss platform, a unique feature called “Stone” is provided, allowing users to selectively publish created “Stone” to the Mossyland community and gain attention. Moss introduces a high-standard economic system for each created “Stone” and is committed to enriching its model continuously.

Moss designs a stable economic structure for “Stone Keys,” ensuring controlled upward movement of the $Key’s floor price. As a creator, you can earn income from transaction fees as your “Stone Keys” are continuously traded. Meanwhile, users purchasing the creator’s “Stone Keys” can not only access the creator’s exclusive space and communicate directly but also earn profits by participating in $Keys transactions. When the price of $Keys you hold rises, selling them allows you to gain differential income, providing users with a new way of knowledge payment, allowing them to benefit while enjoying brilliant contents.

The Integration with Arweave

The integration of Arweave by Moss serves to address the secure preservation of Stone data, thereby underscoring its commitment to data permanence. The significance of Stone data is self-evident as it encompasses crucial user information and records of social interaction. Moss leverages the underlying Arweave storage provided by 4EVERLAND and fully utilizes 4EVERLAND's S3 compatibility as well as Arweave's storage solutions, effectively optimizing the Moss product. Uploading data to Arweave not only mitigates concerns such as data loss and tampering, but also ensures its permanent storage and decentralized nature, providing a more dependable option for safeguarding Stone data.

This integration update ensures that the data for each "Stone" is synchronized with Arweave in a versioned manner. Creators and users can now utilize the "Vision History" option on the "Stone" page to browse and review the update times of Stone alongside the corresponding AR Hash. Additionally, they can trace back operations through the corresponding permanent Hash.


Moving forward, the continued integration of Arweave's permanent storage with Moss will persistently address issues related to creator economics and data storage. Moss can effectively leverage Arweave to provide users with better data ownership and a more secure and stable storage experience.

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